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8 Best Cars under $30,000 (An ideal 2018 List) to checkout!

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If you have a budget over $25,000 and can stretch upto $30,000, you have some of the bestavailable choices which might seem overwhelming.  It is the best time in respect to the automobile industry with many new additions to the automobile lineup.

To get you started, here’s a list ofbest cars under $30,000.

These cars are not only stylish but also give you immense amount of comfort without breaking your bank.

#8 2014 Chevrolet Impala- $27,095

2014 Chevrolet Impala

If you like big cars, Chevrolet Impala is a perfect car for you. Chevrolet is one of the most popular and well-known car manufacturers in the world. Chevrolet has done everything it can with its amazing Impala.

Impala undoubtedly qualifies in the list of best cars under $30,000 because of its latest technology and big space that makes itthefinest family car.


  • Pricing: One of the biggest plusesis its economical pricing. Despite its low pricing, Impala provides best in class features as compared to most of its competitors.
  • Powerful engine: Style and good looks are not enough to be considered as a competent vehicle. But its powerful V6 engine gives Impala an edge with its powerful performance.
  • Safety: Impala has great safety features which include 6 airbags – driver airbag, side head airbag, passenger airbag, rear head airbag and a read body airbag. Apart from airbags, Impala also some other safety tools such as four-wheel disc brake, stability control, child safety locks and traction control.
  • Spacious: Impala is full-sized family sedan which can easily accommodate 5 adults. One of the key features for Impala’s success is its ample space providing extra room for the comfort of its passengers.
  • Automatic transmission: Chevrolet Impala comes with automatic transmission. Automatic transmission gives Impala an advantage over its competitors. With auto transmission, it is relatively easier to drive especially for the beginners.
  • Fuel economy: Impala is also high on fuel efficiency with 22 mpg for in city driving while 30 mpg over the highways.
  • Tech savvy: Impala comes withahost of state of the art tech gadgets which includes satellite radio, keyless access and automatic climate control.


  • Lack of cargo space: One of the biggest limitations of Chevrolet Impala is its limited cargo space. Even being a large family sedan, the vehicle has a very limited space for cargo. If you are traveling with a lot of luggage, Impala’s cargo space wouldn’t be enough.
  • Auto transmission: Chevrolet could improve its Impala with a 6-speed automatic transmission. It may stumble occasionally when driving on mountains.
  • Poor touchscreen: The touchscreen is not responsive enough as compared to most of its competitors. Also, the time lag while navigating through it can be annoying.


#7Volkswagen GTI - $ 25,595

7Volkswagen GTI

Volkswagen GTI is one the best nameplates from Volkswagen. It’s a hatchback with redesigned looks and updated features. At a very economical price, Volkswagen GTI is a true value for money. It delivers the feel of a luxury car with power-backed performance.

With its ultra-modern looks and features, Volkswagen GTI is a great buy. Volkswagen GTI is can be considered as one of the best luxury cars under $30,000.


  • Premium interiors: The feel and the look of its interiors are extraordinary. With its comfortable seats in the front, it provides for a joyful and relaxing ride every time.
  • Economical: With prices starting at $25,000, Volkswagen GTI is totally worth the money. The cars’ luxurious look and feel easily gives a tough completion even to cars priced much higher than this. The car also is packed with features such as adaptive cruise control, rear-facing cameraand blind spot monitoring.
  • Stylish exteriors: With its bold red and white color schemes, Volkswagen GTI certainly grabs all the attention. Its premium looks is one of the key attributes attached to its salability.
  • Cargo space: The car has a cargo capacity of 52.7 cubics on folding the rear seats. While the rear seats are back in shape, space comes down to 22.8 cubic feet which are still better as compared to its other competitors in its class.
  • Drive quality: The Volkswagen GTI offers a great driving experience which is smooth and yet powerful. The car is leading its way in this segment and provides fun filled joyous driving experience.
  • Powerful acceleration: With great acceleration formingamajor part of a cars’ performance, Volkswagen doesn’t disappoint you with that. With its powerful and yet easy to control acceleration, it certainly makes your driving easier.
  • Comfort: With ample space both at the front and at the back, it offers great legroom allowing you to have a comfortable journey.


  • Fuel efficiency: The vehicle with its jam-packed features falls a bit in respect of its fuel efficiency. With 25 mpg for in city traveling and 34 mpg on highways, Volkswagen GTI lags behind when compared to other vehicles inthesame
  • Touchscreen: With all the newly added features, the touch screen is little too small.
  • Styling: Even after six updates, Volkswagen GTI still resembles the one that was decades ago. It does not have anything flashy like Ford Focus ST.
  • Pricy: Volkswagen GTI is comparatively expensive as compared to many of its competitors which offer similar vehicles with similar features at much lower price.

#6FordFusion Hybrid - $25,990

FordFusion Hybrid

Ford Fusion Hybrid is a refined sedan with jaw-dropping fuel efficiency and appealing appearance. With a five-star safety rating, Ford Fusion Hybrid carries the Ford legacy of safer and powerful vehicles. Ford Fusion Hybrid now comes with a more powerful audio system than ever before. With its posh interior and excellent fuel economy, Ford Fusion is a show stopper.


  • Fuel economy: One of the prime attributes of Ford Fusion is its fuel efficiency. The vehicle has the best in class fuel efficiency with an outstanding 44 mpg for in city driving and extraordinary 41 mpg while cruising through the highways.
  • Powerful engine: With lithium battery combined with a 4-cylinder engine and electric motor, Ford Fusion manages to pump out 188 horsepower allowing it to cruise the through the slow moving traffic with ease.
  • Elegant style: With its angular headlights, Ford Fusion is an attention grabber among the rest of its competitors in its class. The car also comes with an appearance package for a sporty look with a spoiler and pair of fog lights.
  • Safety: Ford Fusion comes with a five-star safety rating which gives it an absolute advantage over its competitors.  It is well equipped with advanced safety features which include blind spot mirroring, rearview camera, lane keeping system and a parking sensor.
  • High-tech features: Ford Fusion is stuffed with high tech features which include the impressive MyFord Touch infotainment system, Sony’s thumping audio system, cruise control and a parkassist
  • Handling: You will be very impressed with the Ford Fusion’s handling capability. You will be high on confidence due to its awesome steering system.


  • Less powerful: With 2.0l engine providing 240 horsepower and 270 pound-feet torque does not give it that performance as compared to the regular Fusion. Hybrid model does have a good acceleration but is not at par with the turbocharged Fusion.
  • Lag in infotainment system: Even with the improved MyFord touch, there is room for improvement to make it more refined. It also lacks in the response time which needs to be fixed.


#52016 Honda CRV - $26,745

2016 Honda CRV

Withahost of improvements and better fuel economy due to its direct-injected four-cylinder engine and CVT, Honda CRV is a best in class compact SUV. With over 15 years into the production cycle, the car has gone through lots of improvements and now has a refined look as well as performance.


  • Efficient: Honda CRV is one the most efficient SUV in its class. With its 2.4L four-cylinder engine along with continuously variable transmission (CVT), Honda CRV gives 27 mpg for in city drive and 34 mpg on the highways.
  • Powerful engine: With an upgraded engine taken from Accord, Honda CRV provides a powerful performance with a smooth acceleration. With its new CVT transmission, the car contributes to higher fuel efficiency.
  • Refined interiors: With premium quality materials which have gone into the making of its cabin, the vehicle promises luxurious and refined cabin.
  • Smooth ride: Honda CRV with its updated suspension has given the vehicle a secure handling along with responsive steering.
  • Best SUV: If you consider the SUV currently available in the market, Honda CRV is the best among them. Honda CRV has proven its worth based on its tested results and data gathered fromthemarket on its reliability and safety.
  • Spacious: It has a spacious cabin and with overall seating capacity for five. It also has a spacious cargo space with 70.9 cubic feet. Even with all the passengers, there is still room for your gears.
  • Highly equipped: Even with the base model. Honda CRV comes fully loaded with features. It has features like backup camera, cruise control, steering wheel control, anti-theft system, keyless entry and power door locks. To make the ride even more comfortable, A/C and heating vents have been installed for rear seated passengers too.
  • Reliability: There is always no question onthereliability of Honda vehicles as so with Honda CRV. Along with reliability, Honda CRV is also known for its longevity.


  • Lacks refinement: When compared with Ford Escape, Honda CRV falls a bit on its interiors.
  • Appearance: With its competitors like Ford Escape and Mazda CX5, Honda CRV does not have that sporty and appealing appearance.
  • Low on agility: Honda CRV lacks agility as that of Mazda CX5. However with its spacious and comfortable rides, Honda CRV manages to mitigate its lack of agility.
  • Less option: Honda CRV comes with only one engine option and its towing ability is below par at 1,500 lbs.


#4Toyota Prius V - $26,675

Toyota Prius V

Toyota Prius V is a sequel to formidable Prius liftback. With its wider, longer and taller body and enhanced cargo space, Toyota Prius V is an excellent choice. It is one of the best new cars under $30,000.


  • Performance: With its hybrid powertrain the transitions are seamless fromanelectrical charge to gas and vice versa. With 4-cylinder 1.8l engine combined with battery pack and dual electric motor, the power output comes out to a reasonable 134 horsepower.
  • Handling: With its composed handling and precise steering, Toyota Prius V provides a comfortable and smooth ride over the highways and within the city limits. The car also has a strong and swift braking system.
  • Infotainment: Toyota’s Entune touchscreen interface provides smartphone connectivity throughtheapp which works seamlessly. The system controls are also easy to navigate through.
  • Interiors: With futuristic and modern design, Toyota Prius V provides many of the in cabin tech features.
  • Spacious: The front seats have enough leg room and head room which makes its comfortable for the driver and passenger seated in the front row. The rear seats also offer generous legroom even for the taller passengers. Overall Toyota Prius V is quite accommodating and with its sliding feature, it’s more comfortable too.
  • Cargo space: With almost double capacity for cargo space as compared to its other variants, Toyota Prius V offers plenty of storage compartments.
  • Safety: With the highest possible rating of good by the IIHS, Toyota Prius V has tested its metal for roof strength, side impact, head restraints and seat tests.


  • Acceleration: With underwhelming acceleration, Toyota Prius V is not a great choice for mountainous terrain. Its lackluster acceleration makes the car look conservative is passing and merging.
  • Heavy: An extra weight of 300 pounds make Toyota Prius V more burdened which makes it difficult for the drivers accelerate from a standstill or on a hilly terrain.
  • Lower highway mileage: This is one of the limitations of the Toyota Prius V that it has a lower mileage while driving over the highways as compared to its other competitors in its class.
  • Noisy: You may expect road noise while gushing through the highways at a higher speed.
  • Inferior interiors: The material used in the steering wheel may feel unpleasantly cheap. Make sure you opt for the leather wrapped wheel.


#3Nissan Rogue SL - $28,690

nissan rogue 2015

Nissan Rogue is a well-crafted and reliable vehicle. With space enough for 5 passengers, Nissan Rogue provides adequate storage space alongwith a list of features. Nissan Rogue provides upscale interiors withacomfortable ride. Nissan Rogue has been one of the bestsellers for Nissan.


  • Exceptional design: Nissan Rogue is a well-designed SUV with reliability and sturdiness. The car hasastylish appearance and with superior interiors. Its solid build and the SUV can go through any kind of roughness thanks to its frame and body.
  • Spacious: Nissan Rogue has a seating capacity for seven which is remarkable. The third row is cramped for room but does not reduce the overall cargo space. The second row is spacious and comfortable even with the third row.
  • Interiors: The dashboard of the car is very appealing and its instrument cluster gives it a luxurious look. With zero-gravity designs, the front seats are quite comfortable. The second-row seats are also comfortable and maneuverable too.
  • Suspension: Even onthefreeway with high speeds, Nissan Rogue manages to handle quite well. The car has anefficiently engineered suspension system which lets you have a very smooth ride on the highways.
  • Fuel economy: Nissan Rogue has competitive fuel efficiency with 26 mpg for city travel and 33 mpg on
  • Reliable engine: With 4-cylinder 2.5l engine, Nissan Rogue delivers 170 horsepower which is on the lower side as compared to what similar models offer. However, the vehicle has a strong acceleration and can smoothly move at high speeds even when loaded with passengers.
  • Lots of add-ons: By paying a little extra on the sticker price, you can get a family or a premium package which contains many add-on options. These packages are also quite affordable.



  • Limited driver appeal: Nissan Rogue offers a smooth ride buttheoverall experience is lackluster as described by many of the drivers.
  • Acceleration: With smaller engines, Nissan Rogue does not allow instant acceleration. When loaded with passengers and cargo, you may feel vibrationson acceleration.
  • Exterior visibility: You cannot rely on the cameras to warn you in all situations. Moving across tight spaces may pose a challenge to the driver.
  • Noise: Its roof-rack crossbars causes too much noise when gearing over 50.


#2Ford Escape SE - $25,100

ford escape se 2016

Ford Escape has been one of the favorite small crossover utility vehicles. Ford Escape flaunts not just because of its distinguished chiseled looks but also due to its comfortable seating, sharp handling, and high-tech interiors.

Based on a similar platform as Ford Focus, the car has a solid build quality and athletic looks.

  • Affordable: One of the key reasons for Escape to do well is its pricing. At this price, the car also offers you a six-speaker sound system, Ford’s MyKey System and cruise control.
  • Eco-boost engine: Ford now offers 1.6l Eco-Boost engine which gives a better performance and fuel efficiency. Even with the small engine size, the vehicle is able to push out 178 horsepower and 184-pound feet of torque, delivering a punchy performance.
  • AWD system: Ford snowy terrain, Ford’s intelligent AWD system makes it quite comfortable for the drivers.
  • Fuel economy: Ford Escape with FWD models delivers 31 mpg over open roads. It does not require premium unleaded fuel like many of its competitors, making it pocket-friendly.
  • Interiors: Escape has its foot much ahead with respect to interiors. It has a high-quality interior with user-friendly The backed are designed with a reclining function providing that extra bit of comfort for the passengers seated at the back.
  • Ford’s MyKey: With Mykey you can set a limit on the top speed of the SUV and it also has the capability to prevent you from texting while driving, making your rides safer.


  • Less spacious: Some of its competition offers more of passenger room.
  • Costly higher variant: You may need to pay more than $38,000 if you want to go for the Titanium variant which is the higher most variant which is almost $14,000 - $16,000 than the base variant.
  • Climate control: With most of its controls being user-friendly, climate control is awkwardly located in front of gear shift which leads to fumbling with buttons and might make you take your eyes off the road. It requires some time to get adjusted to it.

#12016 Mazda MX-5 Miata CLUB- $28,600

2016 Mazda MX-5 Miata CLUB

Mazda MX-5 Miata is one of the best sports cars under $30,000. With excellent improvements in it, Mazda MX-5 Miata delivers a joyful ride with its lighter models. The car delivers smooth transmission with the swift braking system.

If you are a powerful transmission with higher acceleration, Mazda MX-5 Miata CLUB is an excellent choice.


  • Superior acceleration: With its 155 horsepower along with 6000 rpm, it picks up quickly on the roads. Also, it hasanexcellent steering wheel and super smooth transmission which has an excellent respond while driving.
  • Interiors: Even with its compact nature, MX-5 provides enough room for passengers and cargo space. It also has a wireless mobile hookup and also has keyless entry system.
  • Fuel economy: The MX-5 is big on fuel economy with 27 mpg for in city driving and a reasonable 34 mpg while gushing over the highways.
  • Quite safe: Your car is well protected against any impacts with its inbuilt traction control system. Its brakes have 5-wheel ABS technology which is available in most of the sports cars. With plenty of airbags, the vehicle also has a brake assist control.
  • Affordable: It is budget sports car which has all the right features and gives you a great driving experience at an affordable price.


  • Small interiors: The car has been criticized for its lack of space for the passengers and also for the cargo.
  • Fewer features: There are few standard features which are missing and offered by its competitors in its class. Some of the key features which are not available include heated seats, drive monitoring controls, satellite radio, etc.
  • Limited color options: Mazda MX-5 Miata hasavery little offering in respect to color options. Its competitors like Subaru BRZ offer a host of different color schemes.


The world of affordable cars is getting crowded with continuous launches to the budget segment. The list above has some of the best cars under $30,000which includes some of the best and latest cars in the market globally.

All the information provided are based on the real and genuine feedbacks of the car owners and drivers. With the list of options provided, we hope it will make it easier for you to choose a perfect vehicle for your needs.

If you think we need to improve on our rankings or we need to include or exclude any vehicles, please provide us your valuable feedback in the comments section below.

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