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Best Cars for Daily Use in India (2018) for Every Price Range!

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Cars In India

There was a time when people, in general, didn’t have cars, and those who had, took it out only when the whole family moved together. But the times have changed. From the biggest businessman in the country, to its lower level of executive staff, everyone wants a car, owing to the fast paced nature of the work these days.

Not only cars are more convenient to travel, but they are also definitely safer, especially in heavy traffic conditions.Hence, the cars are also changing their use, from an occasional family outing to daily commute for work. When you use your car daily, naturally, it demands more of care and maintenance, which becomes more expensive along with the constant expenditure on fuel.

It is hard to say for any one model to be the best in the fully flourishing industry, but with the upgradation in automobile technology, today’s cars offer high fuel efficiency, easy operations and smooth drive.These are the three basic headers under which the performance of any vehicle is judged.

Here we are presenting a detailed analysis of top cars for daily use in India basing their performance on these three points. We’ll also be discussing other factors like its design, space and cost-effectiveness (both purchase and maintenance) to render them best cars for daily use. Starting from low budget cars to high end ones, we’ll help you make the ultimate car-buying decision.

Low range cars (3 to 7 L): These cars are the best choice for lower middle class to middle class demographic, especially since the expenditure for maintenance of these cars is very less. Moreover, they are fuel efficient and they are no less than other cars in terms of power, so much so that you can also commute from one city to another as and when needed.

Maruti Celerio

Maruti Celerio

Known to be the most fuel efficient car in the range of powerful engines, Celerio makes its mark as the most favourite 5 seater car in India. It is highly cost effective when it comes to the maintenance part, and its purchase on road cost is also quite less, which makes it the most affordable car which even a lower middle class person can afford.

For a small hatchback, it flaunts an impressive boot space of 235 liter. Plus, its sleek design gives it a stylish feel even with the hatchback.

Characteristic featuresValuePoints out of 5
Mileage23 to 27kmpl5
Power47 BHP @3500 RPM5
Price on roadINR 5.4 L approx4.5
Maintenance cost (per year)INR 5000 approx5
DesignFunctional looking3.5
Bootspace235 liter4
Other special featuresAutomatic gear variant available, ABS5


Maruti Swift DZire

 maruti swift dzire

What could be better than a sedan with powerful engine under INR 7L? Probably, the fact that it can be maintained at a very low cost. Swift Dzire from Maruti Suzuki is just that. It is very fuel efficient, good for daily commute and its service also doesn’t cost much to a stingy pocket.

It sports a generous look with stylish elongated headlights and a lot of boot space. The new model coming up in 2017 is expected to have even better design.

Characteristic featuresValuePoints out of 5
Mileage18 to 24 kmpl5
Price on roadINR 7 L approx5
Maintenance cost (per year)INR 8000 approx4.5
Boot space316 litre3
Other special featuresABS and EBD4


Honda Amaze


Honda Amaze

Living up to its name, Honda amaze is indeed an amazing sedan.It’s an economy vehicle, but has the quality of engine and features comparable to those of the higher class of cars.

It is not just the best car for its price, but also a lot more than this price range can afford; giving everyone a fair chance to drive in style, without being held back by the limits of their wallets.

Characteristic featuresValuePoints out of 5
Mileage15 to 23 kmpl4.5
Price on roadINR 7 L approx5
Maintenance cost (per year)INR 10000 approx4
Boot space510 litre5
Other special featuresHas the lightest engine3


Chevrolet Sail

Chevrolet Sail

Chevrolet Sail is one of the very few sedan cars that have size and shape comparable to those of the classic sedans, but are available in the mid-range budget.

Chevy vehicles boast of their robust body structures and lower maintenance costs, but sail also gives an added advantage to its users, which is of having a stylish car, without getting tangled into the endless expenses for fuel and maintenance.


Characteristic featuresValuePoints out of 5
Mileage16 to 22 kmpl4
Power77bhp@ 4000rpm4
Price on roadINR 8 L approx4.5
Maintenance cost (per year)Avails offer of paying for service for 6 years at once, INR 22000 approx5
Boot space370 litre3
Other special featuresStrong single frame cabin4


Medium range cars (7.1 to 12 L)


Maruti Suzuki Vitara Brezza

Maruti Suzuki Vitara Brezza

When this car came out in the market for the first time, the market was dominated by Ford Ecosport solely, which was then, the only compact SUV (5 seater). But the reviews of the Ecosport users weren’t as great as Ford had expected, but when Brezza came out, it stole the market and became the most favorite car of the youngsters, who wanted a sporty SUV, but not too big.

Brezza brags of a Jeep like sporty design and the best mileage among the cars of this range.

Characteristic featuresValuePoints out of 5
Mileage17 to 24 kmpl5
Power89 bhp @ 4,000 rpm4
Price on roadINR 9 L approx5
Maintenance cost (per service)INR 7500 approx4.5
Boot space328 litre3
Other special featuressub-compact SUV5


Honda City

Honda City

People don’t even remember when Honda City actually came out in the market, all they know is that it is the most reliable, affordable and high-performance car. And that’s how it has been holding the most preferred car position among the people who have the financial capacity to buy it.

With the minor change in design and shape, Honda City’s quality has never been compromised. It has always been the number 1car for daily use for family, for countless years, continues to be so, and we hope it will always be.

Characteristic featuresValuePoints out of 5
Mileage16 to 25 kmpl5
Power117 bhp5
Price on roadINR 13 L approx4
Maintenance cost (per service)INR 8000 approx4
DesignBold and trendy4
Boot space510 litre5
Other special featuresSturdy4


Hyundai Elite i20



With its extra-powerful high-technology engine, Hyundai Elite i20 stands out from the crowd of its competitor. What gives it another fair advantage is its stylish body and classy cabin insides.

Although not quite cheap to maintain as other cars of that range, it gives complete satisfaction to its driver by making the drive very smooth, hence, coming forth as a value for money vehicle.

Characteristic featuresValuePoints out of 5
Mileage16-20 kmpl3.5
Power83 bhp3
PriceINR 10.5 L approx4
Maintenance cost (per service)INR 12000 approx3
Boot space285 litre4.5
Other special featuresPowerful high class engine5


Maruti Suzuki Ciaz

If there is anything that can be said about this car, it will be just the single word, ‘perfect’. Perfect shape. Perfect size. Perfect style. Perfect power. Perfect space and equally perfect everything else. It is the best buy for the value of money and its maintenance is fairly cheap.

Maruti Suzuki is known to make highest mileage cars in India. The mileage Ciaz gives is excellent and it sports a high-class sedan looks.When SX4 was called off from the market, the people were disappointed, but when Ciaz was launched, it washed off all the grievances, it was even better than SX4.

Characteristic featuresValuePoints out of 5
Mileage18 to 27 kmpl5
Power91 bhp4
Price on roadINR 10.5 L approx5
Maintenance cost (per service)INR 5000 approx5
DesignLong and sleek5
Boot space510 litre5
Other special featuresValue for money5


Upper medium range (12.1 to 25 L)


Skoda Octavia

The name says it all! It has been in the market for so many years, and never has it ever let down its users even once. A higher class sedan, Octavia has an enormous boot space, impressive mileage and solid metal body. It doesn’t know dents. Although its service centres are not found everywhere in the country, and if needed, a normal mechanic can’t even repair the car, but that’s a ‘supposedly’ situation.

It’s not one of those cars which will break down in the middle of the road; it’s one of the most reliable semi-luxury cars in the market.

Characteristic featuresValuePoints out of 5
Mileage15 to 19 kmpl5
Power138 bhp @ 4000-6000 rpm5
Price on roadINR 20 L approx4.5
Maintenance cost (per service)INR 14000 approx4.5
Boot space590 litres, expandable to 1580 litres by folding back seats5
Other special featuresHigh-performing premium sedan5


Mahindra Scorpio

Fashioned by many young politicians, sports persons and adventurous personalities, Scorpio is the best choice among the SUVs. Many SUVs came and went since its launch, but it has held its place high, never defeated by any other SUV in its range.

It’s remarkable that it has such a powerful body and engine, yet a great mileage and low maintenance cost. The drive is very smooth and the interiors are as comfortable as a luxury car. Scorpio I surely No.1 in its class and its sporty look is enhanced by its designer finish, making it desirable among all the SUV lovers.


Characteristic featuresValuePoints out of 5
Mileage12 to 14 kmpl4
Power120 bhp @ 4000rpm4
Price on road14 L approx5
Maintenance cost (per service)INR 8000 approx if followed service schedule diligently5
DesignRobust SUV5
Boot space460 litre4
Other special featuresVery smooth power drive5


Toyota Corolla Altis

Seen as the luxury car of the upper middle class, Corolla is no less than any luxury car in the comfort and convenience; it just lacks, whatever that is, which comes with the name of Mercedes Benz, BMW and Audi.

Slightly less than luxury cars in terms of power and price, Corolla is also a big hit among its users for daily use, be it an senior leadership level person in a MNC, or the prestigious people working on high positions in the public sectors, they prefer it over the classic named luxury cars.


Characteristic featuresValuePoints out of 5
Mileage10-21 kmpl5
Power87.2 bhp @3800 rpm3.5
Price on roadINR 21 L approx4
Maintenance cost (per service)INR 9000 approx4.5
DesignClassic long sedan5
Boot space475 litre4.5
Other special featuresAdded comfort and convenience in the cabin5


Hyundai Elantra

Flashing a brilliant outgoing cardesign, Elantra looks like the super-modelof sedan cars with same flawless figure, beauty and elegance. The powerful engine gives this stylish car an edge for high performance.

The interiors are equally noteworthy with their memory front seats which can also be heated and ventilated as per requirement.

Apart from that, other elements of interior of Elantra cabin are luxuriously chosen and installed.

Characteristic featuresValuePoints out of 5
Mileage14 to 22 kmpl5
Power147.45 bhp @ 4700 rpm5
Price on roadINR 19 L approx5
Maintenance cost (per service)INR 6000 approx5
DesignBrilliant outgoing design5
Boot space420 litre4
Other special featuresHeated, ventilated, memory front seats4.5


Upper range (Above 25.1 L)

Mercedez Benz E series

The biggest and the oldest name in the world of Luxury cars, Mercedez Benz maintains a class that no other class can maintain for such a long period of time.

Characteristic featuresValuePoints out of 5
Mileage8 to 13 kmpl3.5
Power395 bhp5
Price on roadINR 80 L approx4.5
Maintenance cost (per service)Package of INR 85000 for 3 years5
Design“sensual Purity” design5
Boot space540 litre5
Other special featuresTouch sensitive control pads on steering wheel5


Audi A8

A higher version in A series of Audi sedan, it is mostly classic in its look, but hints of a sports lovingluxury assemble. Its headlights and taillights are extra-ordinarily glamorous and are recognized even from a great distance.

Characteristic featuresValuePoints out of 5
Mileage10 to 16 kmpl5
Power345 bhp4.5
Price on roadINR 1.5 cr approx4
Maintenance cost (per service)On request-
DesignSporty sleek flashy design5
Boot space520 litre5
Other special features--


BMW 7 series

The first choice of high class businessmen, BMW 7 series is the latest in its range. With an attractive mileage, and lumpsum-paid hassle-free servicing, it becomes the most desirable car of all time.

Characteristic featuresValuePoints out of 5
Mileage10 to 16 kmpl5
Price on roadINR 1.9 cr4
Maintenance cost (per service)INR 1.68 L per 3 years4
DesignStylish classic luxury design5
Boot space515 litre5
Other special features--


Land Rover Range Rover Evoque

A handsome looking SUV, range rover Evoque offers a high ground clearance and unique 20” five split-spoke 'Style 527' alloy wheels. It comes with the maintenance package, thus ensuring one doesn’t have to pay too much for the service.


Characteristic featuresValuePoints out of 5
Mileage10-12 kmpl4.5
Power187.7 bhp3
Price on roadINR 80 L approx4.5
Maintenance cost (per year)INR 30000 approx4.5
DesignStylish compact luxury SUV5
Boot space420 litre, can be expanded to 1445 litre by folding rear seats4.5
Other special featuresUnique 20” five split-spoke 'Style 527' alloy wheels5

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All these cars are the best according to their range and offer a lot to their users than what they pay for. There are other cars in the market which are quite good and can be bought by people, but these are a few hand-picked models in each category that never fail their users.

These models get the stamp of ‘the best cars’ for daily use in India.

So, which one are you going to choose?

Reply in comments below and find out which is the most loved car among these.


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