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2018's Best Car Waxes to Get Super Glossy & Shiny Look on your Car

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Waxing your car regularly is one of the very essential steps to keep it shine and glow as always. With just some little effort, your car will look as recent as newly brought with mirror like finish, even after years of use. It removes and covers various old surface defects, contamination, oxidation, and scratches.

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Not merely that you get protection from any new deformities, be it from water, acid rains, radiation or exposure to the sun(UV radiation) for the longer period of duration. Cheer up! You don’t need to worry while your car keeps scorching in the sun in the open parking lot outside your office or home.

You all loves your car and would never want to see it go dull and blunt.

Here check out the top 30 car waxes and polishes that can work as magic to your car.


Nu Finish Car Polish, Price: $6.37

Nu Finish Car Polish


One of the very old yet powerful polish for your car. Nu Finish guarantees a very long protection of around a year, unlike other waxes that work just for a few weeks or months.

Such a long durability can be attributed to the crosslinking of Zinc in its mixture.

Available in both liquid and paste form, you can choose according to your ease and comfort. It works fine on various surfaces like boats, fiberglass, motorcycles and airplanes.

Best Features.

  • Fully synthetic.
  • Easy to apply, no need of buffing machine.
  • Contains no wax.
  • Can be easily used on other household stuff


Armor All 17449 Premium Wash and Wax + Protect, Price: $8.49


Not just a wax, a great cleaner to wipe away any contaminants from the surface for ultimate result. Made from natural wax, it serves its purpose very safely without any harm. It give very fine and sparkling finish to your car body, making it shine like a newly bought one.

Best Features

  • Pure carnuba wax.
  • Two in one product.
  • Pearlscent polymer protection


Turtle Wax Super Hard, Price: $9.99

Turtle Wax Super Hard


The Super Hard Turtle Wax comes in the form of green colored thick gel. It’s application process is little slow and tiresome. First, you have to apply the gel on your clean car’s surface, wait for drying.

After the gel dries, you have to buff with a micro-granular cloth. Once done your car gleams a new aura of sparkles.

Best feature

  • It lasts very long, up to 1 year.
  • Removes various scratch.
  • Super Hard Shell


Simoniz V7 Vista Liquid Wax, Price: $9.99


Simple and easy to use, this wax does not need any buffing. It comes in a unique mix of polymers and waxes. You get a very long persistence and protection of around 1 year. Working to the deep level it gives a high gloss and wet look to your car.

Best features

  • Easy to apply.
  • No buffing required.


Meguiar's G7014J Gold Class Carnauba Plus Paste Wax, Price: $10.97

Meguiar's G7014J Gold Class Carnauba Plus Paste Wax


Another great product from Meguiar’s, the Gold class Carnauba plus paste wax works as a magic to your car. It is quick and easy to use, unlike most of the other wax you do not need to wait for the whole day to dry out. When your car is treated with Meguiar’s, it is well shielded from various attacks be it water, acid rain, UV rays or scratches in just a few hours. The wax gives a gold like shining to the car.

Best features

  • special formula to reduce color damage.
  • A quick drying span.
  • Soft foam applicator comes with the pack.


Surf City Garage Speed Demon Wax Detailer Spray, Price: $10.97

Surf City Garage Speed Demon Wax Detailer Spray


Get the brand new showroom like glossy shine on your old car with the Speed Demon made from natural carnauba wax from Brazil. It uses advanced Particle Suspension Technology that rejects any dust particle falling on it. It comes in convenient spray package for easy application on your car.

Best features

  • Adjustable spray tip.
  • Prevents surface oxidation.
  • Performs well on both glass and chrome.


Zymol Z503A Cleaner Wax, Price: $10.33


It’s a two-in-one product, giving the benefit of both cleaner and wax to your car. It gives a uniform clean surface that shines perfectly. Based on natural ingredients Zymol is safe and mild to use.

It’s great formulation, economical cost and quick response make Z503A one of the world famous car waxes.

Best Features

  • Based on German formulation.
  • Mixture of Carnauba and Beeswax


Mothers California Gold Pure Brazilian Carnauba Liquid Wax, Price: $11.99


Produced from pure and high quality Carnauba, it is quite safe to be used. The wax gives a durable and long-lasting service to your car. It can be easily applied without any complex procedure. Though a little costly but, its performance against the sun, dust and water justify the cost very well. You are going to appreciate it’s performance.

Best features.

  • Heat resistant wax
  • Cleans any older residue marks or wax.


Meguiar’s G17516 Ultimate Quik Wax, Price $12.39


Another popular product from Meguiar’s. The good thing about most of the Meguiar product is that they are easy to be applied even in the direct sun. The Ultimate Quik Wax gives result in a few minutes protecting your car from water and scratches. As it comes in a spray bottle, just mist on the surface and wipes off with a soft cloth. It’s effect lasts for many weeks.

Best feature

  • Hydrophobic Polymer Technology.
  • No issue on applying in direct sunlight.


Turtle Wax T-3KT Black Box Kit, Price: $13.99


T-3KT is a very popular wax for black cars. It cleans, details and waxes the car. It works well to remove any surface contamination and give a mirror-finish and shiny polish to your car in a few hours of application. Use it periodically to get the best result and protection from this best wax for black cars

Best Features

  • Special formula to last long.
  • Comes with a conditioner.
  • Very effective against water.


Meguiar’s G12718 NXT Generation Tech Wax, Price: $14.24

Meguiar’s G12718 NXT Generation Tech Wax


This next generation wax from Meguiar’s works of the hydrophobic polymer technology to give a great protection to your car from water and salt. It gives an impressive wet-look to your car making it look all newly bought from the showroom. Protecting your car from the scorching UV ray and brutal scratches it imparts a wet, deep, and high gloss finish with the latest technology wax formulation.

Best Features.

  • Efficient water beading.
  • Glossy shine.

OPT Optimum Car Wax, Price: $16.49


A great durable car wax that lasts up to six months on your car, protecting it from corrosion, water, dust and harmful effluents. Very easy and convenient to apply, it works as good as paste. The product takes care of safety and health as it do not contain any harmful chemicals. You get a long lasting protection up to five months.

Best feature

  • Comes in spray bottle.
  • Good for various exterior surfaces chrome, glass or plastic.
  • Available in spray form.


Meguiar’s Ultimate Liquid Wax, Price: $17.19

Meguiar’s Ultimate Liquid Wax


A great shining and durability product from Meguiar. Apply the wax and then, remove with a microfiber towel to get through shining surface. It boosts the light falling on it and makes a protective layer over your car. The polymer cross-linking property makes it a great protection barrier. One bottle is enough for complete service and you can stay at peace of mind for the next six months.

Best Feature

  • Thin Film technology.
  • Hydrophobic Polymer technology.


Meguiar’s G18216 Ultimate Liquid Wax, Price: $17.19

Meguiar’s G18216 Ultimate Liquid Wax


Meguiar’s products have worldwide popularity in the domain of car waxes. The pure synthetic formulation provides a long lasting glossy finish to your car. G18216 is suitable for almost all the car paint coating. It gives a great protection from UV rays, scratches and water.

Best Features 

  • Works on Hydrophobic Polymer Technology.
  • Comes with a microfiber towel applicator pad


Chemical Guys WAC20116 Butter wax, Price: $18.01

Chemical Guys WAC20116 Butter wax


Fully carnauba based WAC20116 wax from Chemical Guys is a great contestant among the popular car waxes. Its deep depth penetration gives a great wet and metallic look. The wax gives such a clean, clear and easy service that you would be amazed in spite of its simple application process. It's one single bottle last for more than 25 coating sessions of your car.

Best features.

  • Fully carnauba based wax
  • the highest level of protection
  • excellent shine
  • Protects from harmful UVB and UVA rays from the sun.


Collinite 476s Super Doublecoat Wax, Price: $19.75

Collinite 476s Super Doublecoat Wax


A durable and good performing wax yet at quite an economical price. The wax spreads well in small quantities to cover more areas. Being very durable it protects your car from various bad weather condition. It does not require any buffing or hard rubbing or any kind of special applicator.

Just apply and wipe, that’s all you need to do. Due to it’s super long performance it is also known as permanent auto wax.

Best feature

  • Simple to apply.
  • Impressive gloss and shine.
  • Detergent Proof
  • Lasts for a year.


Sonax Hybrid NPT Liquid Wax, Price: $19.95


Sonax brings a very handy and easy to use good car wax for your car. See you car wearing a shiny look in just few minutes like a magic. It protects well from attack of corrosion and extreme environment conditions. Get a glossy and shiny surface with Sonax. For the best result use Sonax application sponge that comes at an extra price of around nine dollars.

Best Features

  • long lasting protection up to 3 months.
  • Easy to apply.
  • Hybrid Polymer Net Technology.


3M car care combo, Price: $19.95

3M car care combo


Easy and fast to use 3M wax presents to you polymer based wax to lit up your car’s shine. It works on almost all surfaces, those on the dashboard, door, glass and other trims parts of the car body. It’s non sticky ingredients do not let the dust settle on the body while protecting from sun, rain and other exposure.

Best Features:

  • Non-oily formulation
  • last longer for months.
  • Comes with large microfiber cloth


Liquid Glass Lg-100 Liquid Polish, Price: $22.65


Get high-quality glass-like finish from LG-100 Liquid polish. You can apply it even in the sunlight without any issue, in fact, it works better if the surface is  hot. There is no issues of fading, cracking or peeling and protects well from UV rays and other contamination. The finish is so glossy and clean that you can see the reflection of trees and surroundings in it, making it the best car wax polish.

Best features

  • synthetic sealants.
  • High viscosity for quicker application.
  • Works on all color.


Meguiar’s G18211 Ultimate Paste Wax, Price: $22.99


G18211 from Meguiar’s gives glossy shine in just a few drops, that makes it to last long. It performs very well like other top performing waxes comparatively at slightly lower price. The polymer crosslinks to form a shield against UV radiation, dust, and scratches. Do not let water stick on the surface as it readily beads water drops. It forms a thin film that helps in easy application of wax.

Best feature

  • Thin Film technology.
  • Uses synthetic polymers.
  • Mirror-like shine.
  • Hydrophobic Polymer technology.


Words of wisdom..

So far you discovered so many powerful and famous car waxes.

Do you know each of them can be classified in just four categories? Yes, there are basically spray, liquid, solid and paste waxes with their own pros and cons.

Check it out below.


Spray wax

These are applied in the form of mist or spray. They are quick in application and be wiped off instantly.

  • Pros: Easy and convenient to use, good for spot waxing.
  • Cons: Very low durability, not well in cleaning.

 Liquid Wax

They come is liquid form, packed in bottles. Their liquid form makes them easy to apply and can reach intricate corners very conveniently.

  • Pros: Fast and quick action, cleans well.
  • Cons: Storage and spilling issue, not even in distribution.

Solid Wax

If you don’t mind taking a bit of extra time to get better results, solid wax is a must try wax for you. While it may not be as easy as using a spray bottle, you’ll be able (and required) to pay more attention to every little details.

  • Pros: Very durable, great shine.
  • Cons: Takes lot of time and patience, difficult to apply.


Property of paste comes in between the hard wax and flowing liquid. It sits in between the two, not to stiff and not too sloppy.

  • Pros: Easy to apply and wipe.
  • Cons: Tough to remove wax, does nor reaches intricate corners.


Collinite Marque D'Elegance Carnauba Paste Wax #915, Price: $36.95


Crafted from original carnauba wax Collinite Marque works like magic to your car. The wax works well on varieties of surfaces and metals. Whether you apply on chrome, aluminum, stainless steel or brass, it makes deep and fine shining. Just make sure you don’t rub it on rubber and plastic trims.

Best features

  • Employs rare carnauba.


Griot’s Garage 11029 Premium Carnauba Paste Wax, Price: $39.99


Use this paste car wax to administer your car section by section. It uses 100% natural and pure carnauba, mixed up with the various ingredients to give clear shine and protection to your car. Easy to apply, either by hand or machine, it buffs well with microfiber pads. Protect your car well from dusts and corrosion with Griot.

Best Features.

  • Uses Hydrophobic Technology.
  • Long lasting

Sonax (211200) Premium Class Carnauba Wax, Price: $47.29

Sonax (211200) Premium Class Carnauba Wax


Convenient to apply the Sonax car wax is made from natural Brazilian carnauba wax. Its natural nature makes it very safe and user-friendly. The wax works to a deep level producing wet and shiny look. You get clean and clear reflecting surfaces and protection from external environment.

Best features

  • You get a microfiber cloth and sponge included.


Zymol Hand-Crafted Waxes - Creme Wax, Price: $49.00

Zymol Hand-Crafted Waxes - Creme Wax


This ultra fine wax from Zymol can add brilliant shine to your car making it shine like brand new. You should remove old tar, wax, and stains before putting on this wax. For better results, you should use Zymol wax applicator which comes from the same brand.

Best features

  • Great for light-colored surfaces.
  • Contains premium Yellow Brazilian Carnauba.


Autoglym HD Wax, Price: $55.62


Made from Carnuba Wax and blended polymers the wax operates well on various colors and car surfaces. Whether white, black, red, blue or any other colors, the  Autoglym wax will work fine. It provides deep depth and wet look to bring glossy luster to your car. The wax works well to protect your car from UV radiations, salt and water attacks.

Best feature

  • Comes with complete set of wax applicators and a microfiber towel.
  • Easy and convenient in application.


P21S Concours Carnauba Car Wax, Price: $59.95


Made from 100% carnauba, P21S wax is a hot contestant in the list of car waxes for black cars. It gives week long protection and shine to your car. It lets your black car shine boldly. The wax does not leave any residue on trims in case you accidentally apply it on such parts.

It is very simple and easy to use, just apply, wait for a few minutes and then wipe off, and you are ready to go.

Best Feature

  • Safe to use
  • Free from perfume additives or dye.


Mothers Reflections 10016, Price: $72.68

Mothers Reflections 10016


It covers the waxing need of your car very effectively and easily leaving a deep wet shine to your car. It easily protects the car from corrosion and water attack. Its price is somewhat higher, but again you would be amazed by seeing the shine it brings to your car.

For better result buy Mother’s ultra soft microfiber pad in a combo pack which comes with additional four dollars.

Best Features

  • Polymer Based Formula.
  • Easy to apply.
  • safe paint care technology

Chemical Guys WAC-307-1-Black Luminous Glow Infusion, Price: $74.00

Black shows your class, elegance, and style very naturally. Keeping the very fact in core, CHEMICAL GUYS has developed this super protective polymer based wax. It effortlessly repels dust, UV radiations, and water from your car.

It works deep to the surface to give clean, wet and reflecting surface. Get a perfect black with WAC_307 from Chemical Guys

Best feature.

  • Uses patented Color Enhancing Technology.
  • Durable shield.

Pinnacle Natural Brilliance Souveran Paste Wax, Price: $95.00

Pinnacle Natural Brilliance Souveran Paste Wax


Sovran brings to you high-quality premium wax made from Brazilian carnauba and other essential oils that make it a natural product.

The wax works better on dark colored cars like black or red. It gives great protection from sun and water, giving a brilliant radiance to your car.

Best Features.

  • 3-dimensional depth
  • Crystal clarity

Dodo Juice Supernatural wax, Price: $119.99


Dudo is a famous care producer with its various ranges of products. Imported from Brazil, Dudo Juice wax offer you very natural ingredients away from any harsh chemical additives. It effortlessly brings new light to your old car with a prolonged enduring effect. The wax comes with a fresh aroma of lavender unlike, normal waxes that smell bad.

Best Feature

  • Contains high-grade carnauba.
  • free from colors or other additives
  • Great for dark color vehicles

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With this ends up the list of 30 best car wax in 2017

Hope you find it useful and informative. These are the hand-picked and well-researched waxes having good consumer ratings on various e-commerce websites.

These top rated car waxes are very effectively lit up your car’s glossy look and appearance, as well as the paint gets good protection from sun, heat, and water.

Do share below if you got to discover any better and effective car waxes for your car, that would be great for fellow readers.

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