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30 Best Car Air Fresheners (2018) to make your Car Smell Awesome

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You use your car for long hours, spending a lot of time inside. Also, your car travels various areas with different levels of pollution and varied environmental conditions.

Can you imagine how much pollutant, dust particles, pollen, smokes from vehicles and cigarette keeping entering the closed and packed space of your car?

How is it going to affect your health, mood and energy level?

You know the answers well. Don’t worry you have the solution too. There are several great ionizers, gels, oil wicks, aerosol, perfumes, charcoal and scented cardboard that you can buy online to tackle the problem.

So here check out the list of the best car air freshener and purifier you can have in 2018.


Areon Vent 7 Car Perfume Summer Time Scent, Price:$3.99

Areon Vent 7 Car Perfume Summer Time ScentBUY NOW ON AMAZON


A reliable product from one of the popular car freshener manufacturer in the world that sells in more than 50 countries of the world. The Vent 7 is available in various fruit smell variants like Lemon, Vanilla, Bubble Gum and many others. This nature-based fragrance gives natural feeling inside your car killing away any instance of bad odors.

Best features.

  • Ample natural variants to choose from.


Apple shape strawberry fragrance perfume, Price: $4.55

Apple shape strawberry fragrance perfume



Cool and cute looking apple shaped perfume and freshener will look great in your car. It smell smells like fresh fruit in various variants. Away from any man-made chemical, the perfume is health friendly and Eco-friendly.

Best features.

  • Looks very stylish and cute.
  • Free from harmful chemicals


Ozium Smoke & Odors Eliminator Gel, Price: $6.53

Ozium Smoke & Odors Eliminator GelBUY NOW ON AMAZON

Ozium has many products like gel, scents, and sanitizers for your car. The Ozium gel works two-ways, absorbing the bad scents and producing the good scent. The compact gel container can be placed anywhere in the car and it will work fine. The small container lasts for a month. It produces a mild and sweet smell resembling that of limes.

Best features

  • Very portable.
  • Absorbs bad scent, produces good one, 2-way working .


Ozium Air Sanitizers, Price: $6.94

Ozium Air SanitizersBUY NOW ON AMAZON

Very powerful sanitizer spray that frees your car from any instance of germs and bacteria. It’s a kind of clinical product compatible and designed to be used in a car. It kills various pathogens in the air. Just spray 10 to 15 minute before you enter the car. Coming in small cylindrical bottles the spray is easy to use.

Best features

  • Sanitizes air.
  • Clinical product, good for hygiene.


Meguiar's G16402 Whole Car Air Refresher Odor Eliminator, Price: $6.99

Meguiar's G16402 Whole Car Air Refresher Odor EliminatorBUY NOW ON AMAZON

Ready to use, just spray and feel the bad odor disappear like magic. The powerful aerosol type air freshener gives a very long lasting effect. It masters every kind of bad smells to be it from cigarette smoke, pet’s smell or car effluents. The aerosol mixtures spread to every corner of your vehicle leaving a refreshing scent.

Best features

  • Easy to use.
  • Long lasting effect.


Majic Elegance Car Perfume, Aqua, Price: $7.25

Majic Elegance Car Perfume, AquaBUY NOW ON AMAZON

Fresh and sweet smelling car perfume from Aqua fits easily on the car vents. It smells very mild and soothing with the perfume from France. The smell last for long. The gadget looks very fashionable and cool in design. This is one of the best car perfume you can have.

Best features

  • Very pleasant scent.
  • Stylish look


North American NA222-6 Pure Citrus Orange Air Freshener, Price: $7.59

North American NA222-6 Pure Citrus Orange Air FreshenerBUY NOW ON AMAZON

Air freshener that fills your car with the fresh smell of citrus orange. It is fully organic product away from any use of the harmful or harsh chemical. It lasts for long making your car smell good and pleasant.

Best features

  • Eco-friendly
  • Refreshing natural citrus smell.

Air Wick Freshmatic Automatic Spray Air Freshener, Price: $7.27

Air Wick Freshmatic Automatic Spray Air FreshenerBUY NOW ON AMAZON


Air Wick brings long lasting air freshener for your car( or home). The long lasting product works up to 60 days or 2400 sprays. You can set at three intensity levels of the automatic spray as per need. The product is available in an immense number of fragrances, you name it and you will find it. These fill your car with the pleasant and soothing smell.

Best features

  • Lasts long.
  • Available in plenty of varieties


Wonder Wafers 25 CT Individually Wrapped Clean Car Air Fresheners, Price: $7.67 

Wonder Wafers 25 CT Individually Wrapped Clean Car Air FreshenersBUY NOW ON AMAZON

Scented papers and card-boards are the most simple type of car fresheners, yet they are very effective. Wonder Wafers presents cool and event scented wafers that are available in 22 aromas to choose from. You get 25 such wafers that smell mild but, lasts long. A must try product if you are a newbie in the car freshener domain.

Best features.

  • Ample smells to choose from.


TreeFrog Xtreme Fresh Under-The-Car Natural Air Freshener (Lemon Scented), Price: $7.88

TreeFrog Xtreme Fresh Under-The-Car Natural Air Freshener (Lemon Scented)BUY NOW ON AMAZON

Based on gel type freshener and purifier, TreeFrog natural air fresher smells like citrus lime fruits. It’s a Japanese product and last as long as 60 days. Just place below the car seat and it starts doing it’s chores. A cool fragrant that makes your can feel fresh and lively with calming mild smell. Remove any bad odors from your car with this simple and effective freshener.

Best features

  • Lasts up to 60 days
  • Made from Natural Extracts


Blue Magic NA225, Price: $8.36


100% natural the Blue Magic car freshener is made from apple-cinnamon extract. It relieves you from the bad effects of various artificial man-made chemical formulations. It comes in a large container the lasts long and can be stored anywhere irrespective of vehicle type. The smell is sweet, mild and soothing

Best features

  • Natural and health friendly.


Sandal-Cedar Wood Natural Air Freshener, Price: $9.00

Sandal-Cedar Wood Natural Air FreshenerBUY NOW ON AMAZON

The smell of calming sandal, one of the medicinal tree famous for its fragrance can be great inside your car. Natural, made from essential oils, it contains no chemicals. Safe on your health, the smell remains for a longer time.

Best features.

  • Natural with no added chemicals.
  • Good for health.


Moso Natural Air Purifying Bag, Price: $9.95

Moso Natural Air Purifying Bag

A similar product as that of PURGGO. Moso is basically named after Moso bamboo found in China. It is made from the charcoal out of the Moso bamboo. It comes packed in a pretty and cute fabric sack. Smaller in size it can be placed anywhere in the vehicle. It lasts for more than a year making it one of long lasting car air freshener that is a great one-time investment. The activated charcoal is very fast in absorbing various pollutant particles, odor, and allergens. It recharges naturally, just put it sunlight for an hour, once in a month and it’s all ready to be used again.

Best features

  • Natural and Eco-friendly.
  • Runs for a year.


Air Spencer CS-X3 Squash Scent Air Freshener, Price: $10.00

Air Spencer CS-X3 Squash Scent Air FreshenerBUY NOW ON AMAZON

Simple to use. You just need to insert the cartridge into the device and it is ready to use. One cartridge lasts for a month. You can place the freshener anywhere you like, no need to place on the dashboard or to any other place you don’t like, put it where you like. It smells fresh like citrus lime squash that smells mild and kills bacteria and germs in the air. The device is easy to refill , just chance the cartridge.

Best features

  • Can be placed anywhere.
  • Easily replaceable cartridge.


Febreze Car Vent-Clip Air Fresheners, Price: $11.78

Febreze Car Vent-Clip Air FreshenersBUY NOW ON AMAZON

Mild, gentle and soft in smell Febreze is a very popular car air freshener. The bottle spray fits very well in the air conditioning vent of your car. The fragrance last for a long time and leaves a soothing effect on your mind.

Each small bottle last for near around 4 weeks( can go longer or shorter depending on the air conditioner uses).It’s one of the cool car air fresheners you can have.

Best features

  • Fits readily on air vent.
  • Last for a month.


Ambi Pur Car Lavender Spa, Price: $12.40

Ambi Pur Car Lavender Spa

A great product from well known P&G group that sells in more that 80 plus countries. No man-made chemical, it is made from real and natural lavender oil essence. The product lasts for around 45 days and fits readily into your car vent. Available in several other fragrances too, like Vanilla, Sweet Citrus, Sky Breeze, and many more.

Best features

  • Lasts long up to 45 days.
  • Fits easily in the air vent.
  • Cool design.


TUPELO Car Air Purifier, Ionizer, Air Cleaner, Car Air Freshener and Odors Eliminator, Price: $13.99

Compact and small air purifying ionization device from Tupelo is a must have gadget for every car. It eliminates unwanted smell, dust and pollen from your vehicle by modern air ionization technique. Running on 12V input it fits well in the cigarette port or you can also use it indoors at the home as it comes with an adapter. A great health product in case you suffer from any respiratory problems.

Best features.

  • Fit easily into cigarette lighter port.
  • Can be used in homes and offices.


EXTRA-O Car Air Purifier Ionizer with Home 12V Adapter, Price: $14.95

EXTRA-O Car Air Purifier Ionizer with Home 12V AdapterBUY NOW ON AMAZON

Just plug it into the 12 V supply and forget. It starts doing its purification work very stealthily and steadily. The ionizer comes with an adapter so that it can be used in your home also. Breathe fresh, and breathe pure with this ready to use device. A greater saver if you suffer from any kind of breathing problem. Never feel sleepy or tired while driving.

Best features

  • Kills bacteria and germs.
  • Can be used in your room or office cabin.
  • Comes with blue LED light


M GOODEES Car And Home Purifier And Ionizer, Price: $14.99

M GOODEES Car And Home Purifier And IonizerBUY NOW ON AMAZON

An intelligent device that works on the root of the problem rather than trying to hide it. The device uses ozone to kill bacteria and other infection-causing agents present in the air. Whether it is cigarette’s smoke, odor from pets or traffic smog, the ionizer kills them all, purifying the inside oxygen.

The device is small, compacts and fits easily in the cigarette lighter port of your car. A small LED blinks to give the indication of it’s functioning. The gadget works well in a small area as your car.

Best features

  • LED light at the end.
  • Kills bacteria and germs by ionization.
  • Easily plugs into the cigarette port.


Before you move ahead to check the remaining product, brush up your basics about car fresheners. Till now, you have seen the various products.

Do you know all these can be classified in the below categories(each having some merits and demerits)? Check it out.


Scented Cardboard: These are simple scented cardboard that hangs inside your car.

Good: Simple to install and use, low-priced.

Bad: Small life, does not de-oxidise.


Ionizer: These are latest tech addition to the in-car air purifier. It works by generating negative ions that kill any harmful molecules in the air be it germs, bacteria, viruses or bad odor.

Good: Long life, benefits health, and Eco-friendly;

Bad: No aroma, expensive.



A gel is a highly dense and viscous material. It evaporates slowly to add fragrance to the surrounding.

Good: Relatively cheap in cost, available in many classes, simple and easy to use.

Bad: Do not work well at the high or low-temperature condition.


Oil Wicks:

Works like normal perfume with a porous wick inserted in the pool of liquid fragrance stored in a bottle. The liquid evaporates and spreads into the car.

Good: Lasts long, available in various flavors and fragrances

Bad: Strength varies, just adds another smell does not de-oxidizes.


Aerosol Sprays:

They come in pressurized cans(as your deodorants) and sprays droplets on pressing the knob. They are available in two types:

  1. Only with fragrance.
  2. Both fragrance and air sanitizer together.

Good: Works very quick, extremely portable.

Bad: Aerosol chemical can cause irritations and other complexities.


Bamboo Charcoal deodorizers:

Made from natural charcoal produced by burning bamboo wood in the absence of air supply. The charcoal absorbs humidity and odor-causing agents from the air.

Good: Natural,Eco-friendly, very long life around a year, cheap.

Bad: No fragrance, works very slow.

That’s all, let’s continue the list…


Little-Trees Black Ice Little Tree Air Freshener, Price: $18

Little-Trees Black Ice Little Tree Air Freshener,BUY NOW ON AMAZON

One of the oldest player in the field of car fresheners that still finds its name in every list that concerns with car fresheners. It’s long lasting effect remains for around half of the month. Available in an abundant number of flavors, you can choose from more than 40 aromas. Cheaper in cost, simple and easy to use. Whatever is your favorite flavor Chocolate, Vanilla, Black Ice, Royal Pine or clove or any other you can have it in your car.

Best features

  • Very popular product.
  • Available 40 plus varieties.
  • Simple to install and ready to use.


Healthy Car Air Purifier| Freshener | Ionizer, Price: $19.49

Healthy Car Air Purifier| Freshener | IonizerBUY NOW ON AMAZON

It’s small, portable and sleek ionizer type air purifier that makes your car interior pure and good smelling. It eradicates every footprints germ, dust, viruses, and bacteria by employing the negatively charged ions.

All you need is to just plug it into the cigarette lighter port. Approved by various health and safety agencies like CE you get a great quality assurance from Healthy Car Air Purifier.

Best features.

  • Long lasting battery.
  • Can charge from solar energy.


Eco Breeze, Price: $19.95

Eco Breeze

This car air purifier works on the latest ionization technology that removes odors and bacteria by ionization of air particles. It can remove any kind of odor. Not just it removes odors, but disinfects air, making it suitable for breathing. You should have this in your car especially if you have any kind of respiratory problem like sinus or asthma. Compact and small in size it easily fits in the cigarette port of your car.

Best features

  • Disinfects inside air.
  • Plug and use product.


Pesp® Car Auto Crystal Seat Polygons Perfume Block Octagonal Drill Diamond Air Fresheners, Price: $19.99

Pesp® Car Auto Crystal Seat Polygons Perfume Block Octagonal Drill Diamond Air FreshenersBUY NOW ON AMAZON

Add a piece of luxury jewelry to your car, not just a perfume. The diamond shaped crystal clear jar with the silver plate below looks very elegant and stunning. Available in three different colors black, blue and orange the fragrance coming out is equally astonishing. It’s a good car air freshener.

Best features

  • Elegant look.
  • Soft and sweet smell.


PURGGO Car Air Freshener, Price: $19.99


Based on natural method of air purification, Purggo air freshener uses bamboo charcoal as an active ingredient. It works many folds faster and better than a wood charcoal. The freshener comes in a fabric packed bag that lasts as long as 1 year. So, no worry of refilling or changing.

Place it anywhere or hang behind the front seat. The inner ingredient absorbs any stance of extra water molecules, humidity or smog very effectively. Put the bag in sun for a few hours to get recharged again by losing the absorbed vapors and chemical.

Best features

  • Works on natural method.
  • No complex mechanical or electrical setting.
  • Many times faster than normal charcoal.


The FRUiEQ car air purifier, Price: $19.99

The FRUiEQ car air purifierBUY NOW ON AMAZON

Instead of working to hide the cause of problem FRUiEQ air purifier holds the problem from its root. It ionizes the air particles to purify it from any odors, pollen or pollutants. Simply plug it into the lighter socket and it commences its work. There is a small LED light at the end that confirms it’s working.

Best features

  • LED light at the end.
  • Works on Ionization technology.



NexGadget 1500 mAh Rechargeable Solar USB Car Air Freshener Humidifier, Car Air Purifier, Smell Eliminator, Odor Reduction Ionizer,    Price: $21.99

NexGadget 1500 mAh Rechargeable Solar USB Car Air Freshener Humidifier, Car Air Purifier, Smell Eliminator, Odor Reduction IonizerBUY NOW ON AMAZON

A new and innovative product from NexGadget. It’s a combo product that contains freshener, humidifier, and air purifier. A great solution to your respiratory related health problem. The device is chargeable( by USB cord and solar energy). Simple in operation, there are three buttons on it, power, humidification and negative ionization. There is also a UV lamp to kill bacteria and pathogens. The device successfully removes any hint of bad odors from your car, making it smell good. Its humidification function is also very helpful to maintain a standard condition inside your car. Running on 1500 mAh high rating battery, it lasts for long.

Best features.

  • Long lasting battery.
  • Uses clean energy to charge.
  • UV lamp to kill viruses


Chemical Guys AIR10116 New Car Smell Premium Air Freshener and Odor Eliminator, Price: $24.69

Chemical Guys AIR10116 New Car Smell Premium Air Freshener and Odor EliminatorBUY NOW ON AMAZON

Everyone loves the smell inside a newly brought car, fresh and free from any odor. This freshener does exactly the same to your old car that smells not that good. It kills all the bad odor inside your car and makes it smell like new one. The freshener comes in a concentrated form that you can dilute up to 2 gallons quantity as per the strength of smell you want to have. Once settled, it’s effect lasts for around a week.

Best features

  • Can be diluted as per requirement.
  • Last for a long time.


My Shaldan 7 packs Lemon Scent Car Air Freshener, Price:           $27.95

My Shaldan 7 packs Lemon Scent Car Air FreshenerBUY NOW ON AMAZON

One of the popular name in car air freshener world. It spreads refreshing citrus lemon fragrance that frees you from any boredom and weariness revitalizing your nerve cells. No use of harsh chemicals, the perfume is made from the natural extracts from lemons and fruits.

Best features.

  • Refreshing lime smell.
  • Made from pure extracts.

Meguiar’s G16402-6PK, Price: $55.93

Meguiar’s G16402-6PKBUY NOW ON AMAZON

Meguiar brings very powerful spray for your car. Ready to use, just spray and enjoy it’s long lasting effect that fills the interior with its calming effect. It kills any bad odor that may be residing in your car be it cigarette smoke, body smell or traffic pollution.

Best features

  • Very portable.


Sonax (292241-6-6PK) Car Breeze, Price: $71.94

Sonax (292241-6-6PK) Car BreezeBUY NOW ON AMAZON

Sonax Car Breeze comes convenient spray bottle to reach every corner of your car. It works well with fabric and textiles. Spray on seats and floor fabric for long lasting smell. It neutralizes bad odors and fills the pleasant one.

Best features

  • Uses natural ingredients.
  • Can be used inside homes and offices too.


With this ends the list of 30 best car air fresheners in 2018.

Hope you liked the list and discovered the one you want to give a try.

These are some awesomely great products that can give a new meaning and dimension to your driving experiences. Breathe fresh, breathe pure to remain energetic and refreshed.

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