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30 Best Car Accessories (2018) to Make your Car look More Fabulous

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Cars are be considered as our second home, indeed we spend significant amount of time inside them in our lifetime. Just as you add various useful equipment and accessories to make your home safer, smarter and luxurious, why not with your car? Every day new technological advances are bringing smart, safer and futuristic gadgets and devices.

They can make your journey a lot more secure and entertaining. Whether you want to customize as per your personality or make the interior more fun or give it a funky outlook, you can easily do it all with new car interior decorations.

Here, checkout the list of 30 best car accessories that you should not miss.

ResQ 71-063-021 Pro+ Tire Repair Air Compressor Kit. Price Rs. 7,605

ResQ 71-063-021 Pro+ Tire Repair Air Compressor Kit

Pro+ Tire Repair gives a complete solution of your tire repair and maintenance job. Whether you have a flat tire or an unexpected puncture you need not to worry when you have ResQ Pro+ in your car.

Stay ahead of any uncertainty that may come in your way with this high quality German engineered sealant and compressor integrated product. Cut your extra fuel burning and save money as it’s pressure monitoring feature maintains optimum pressure in tires.


The sturdy, compact and ergonomic product easily runs from your 12-Volt car outlet so no need of any extra connection just plug into your car and operate.

The key features

  • German design and engineering.
  • Sturdy and compact built.
  • Operational on 12-Volt car battery.


Cobra Electronics CDR 900 Professional Grade Dash Camera. Price Rs. 20,249

Cobra Electronics CDR 900 Professional Grade Dash Camera

This small, compact and cool electronic Dash Camera records high definition video as you park or drive your car. Record any great scenery, theft attempts or road mishap video. Easy in installation, it runs with normal 12V power outlet of your car and houses a 8GB MicroSD card(expandable).

It come with a screen size of 2” and can also be connected directly to other screens (HD TV, laptop or ipods) through cables.


Don’t want to get entangled in cables? Okay, use it’s Wi-Fi feature in that case and watch out live stream or recorded videos directly on your Andriod or iOS devices.

The key features

  • HD video recording.
  • Wireless Wi-Fi connection to Andriod and iOS devices.


Kärcher Chassis Cleaner. Price £79.95

Kärcher Chassis Cleaner


Awesome product from the well known high pressure washing products manufacturer. Often the underside mud residue in your car remains for much longer time as it is not easily accessible.

These mud are laden with salt and corrosion agents that eat away metals and spread corrosion to other parts like brakes and exhaust pipes. With this useful Chassis cleaner get your car undersides cleaned up in just three easy steps.

The first round goes for shampoo application, the second one for cleaning with high pressure rotating head and at last, the third step is to apply the protection fluid. The adjustable height makes it a kind of universal product for various vehicle types.

The key features

  • Universal product due to adjustable height
  • Three step easy cleaning.
  • Reliability of Kärcher.


Little Tree Air Freshener. Price $15.51 

Little Tree Air Freshener


No one is going to enter your car if it smells bad. Don’t believe it? Try out with your friends to see their reaction. Get soothing and mind refreshing fragrance with long lasting little tree air freshener.

A cheap yet powerful and inevitable stuff for every car. Easy to install and ready to use.

The key features

  • Easy to install and use.
  • Cheap and affordable.

NorthONE(tm) Digital Tire Pressure Gauge. Price $11.99 

NorthONE(tm) Digital Tire Pressure Gauge

Tire’s pressure is very important from various points, be it safety, vehicle handling, fuel economy, wear and tears or maintenance. NorthONE Digital Tire Gauge is all ready to save you from the above mentioned shortcomings and give you a peace of mind.

It is designed to make it convenient to use even at dark nights with it’s LED powered nozzle.


So, no more need of flashing your dim cellphone’s screen light ? Just insert the illuminated nozzle in the valve stem, press the trigger and the pressure gets displayed on the screen.

The key features

  • User friendly design.
  • Easy to operate at night.

HDE 2x Neon Blue 15 LED Sound Activated Interior Car Dash Accent Light Strips. Price $12.95

HDE 2x Neon Blue 15 LED Sound Activated Interior Car Dash Accent Light Strips

Turn your car interior into rock concert with high energy LED light strips that beats in sync with the music being played. It comes in a set of 15 flaring lights that can give all new look to your car interior.


Easy to install as powered by cigarette lighter so, no more playing with complex and irritating wiring system. Turn your car a great place to hang-out and fun with friend. Add thrills to your weekend’s long car drives.

The key features

  • Easy to plug and glow.
  • No issue of wiring.
  • Sound activated.


EJ 7 Color LED Car Interior Lighting Kit. Price $23.99

EJ 7 Color LED Car Interior Lighting Kit


Easy to install, customize and add colours to your car’s interior. This flashy LED light strips comes with a remote control to easily change colours, flashing style and speed at your wish. Glow pink, green, blue, red or white as per your mood and never get bored with same colour for longer time.

No hassle of plugging as it runs readily from the 12 V cigarette lighter socket. Turn you car into music concert with this cool and cheap car accessories.

The key features

  • Remote controllable
  • Ready to fit into cigarette lighter socket.


JOJOO 4pcs 9 LED Multi-color Remote Control Car LED Interior Lights Price $16.99

Sound Music Beat Activated Car Stickers


Dress up your car into a new avatar with JOJOO multi-colour LED lights to give it’s interior a dashing and rocking change. Make the boring nights more happening and interesting with JOJOO interior lighting kit.

You get a set of 4 tubes, each with 9 LED lights in them, totaling to 36. Easy to operate by remote control, you can change it’s color and brightness.

These bright flashing lights that beat in sync with the music playing on your car’s music player makes your journey more thrilling.

The key features

  • Sound activated.
  • Wireless remote controllable.
  • Bright lights.


Sound Music Beat Activated Car Stickers Equalizer Glow Colorful LED Light Audio Voice Rhythm Lamp. Price $32.99.

Sound Music Beat Activated Car Stickers Equalizer Glow Colorful LED Light Audio Voice Rhythm Lamp


You just checked out some fabulous interior car LED decors. How about exterior makeover to make your presence felt from a distance? Glow up your side window and rear windshield with sound activated smart equalizer stickers.

It’s just 0.35mm in thickness and 90 cm by 25 cm in dimensions. Give your car a new ravishing look with these energy efficient decoration that take only 1mW per square centimeter. Easy to install and use, just stick, connect and glow.

Let’s rule the highways with these lovely glowing light decors.

The key features

  • Energy efficient.
  • Ample size to cover complete windshield.
  • Thin and transparent.

2x Night Cold Blue bat batman Black Wireless car door LED projection. Price 1,590

2x Night Cold Blue bat batman Black Wireless car door LED projection

Batman, everyone’s favorite, isn't it? Your first role model who inspired you to fight against the evils. Install cool batman LED projection light on the side of gates and make a stylist entry or exit every time you open your car’s door. It runs on AAA battery( three in numbers) and is easy to install on the side of door.


The shiny batman symbol gets projected clear and clean on the floor automatically as the door opens. These two LED projection lights are the ultimate cool car accessories for guys. Give your childhood here a new place in your life.

The key features

  • Easy to install.
  • No need of any wiring.


Zhol 7 Color LED Under Car Glow Underbody System Neon Lights Kit. Price $25.41

Zhol 7 Color LED Under Car Glow Underbody System Neon Lights Kit


With Zhol under-body neon light system lit up the car exterior completely. The complete set comes with 180 LED lights, that can glow seven different colours, yellow, blue, green, purple, red, white, and teal.

The lights are sound activated and beat with the music being played. You also get a compact and wireless remote control key chain with four buttons to change colour, mode and brightness.

Let the floor groove with your favorite music playing in car.

The key features

  • Stylist wireless remote.
  • Option to change various colours.


BOSS AUDIO BV90BA 9 inch Widescreen Flipdown & Swivel Monitor. Price $105.36

BOSS AUDIO BV90BA 9 inch Widescreen Flipdown & Swivel Monitor

When it comes to audio, BOSS is simply unbeatable with it’s crystal clear loud sound quality. Sleek, powerful and sturdy 9” flipdown screen monitor system would be a great addition to your car functionality both for work and entertainment. The system comes with inbuilt speakers, FM transmitter, DVD, IR transmitter and dome light. Controlled with remote, you can play any movie, video song, documentary or presentations on it.


It supports various formats and runs via DVD, USB,CD and microSD card. It runs on 12V supply and comes with 3 years warranty.

Be like a boss with BOSS!

The key features

  • Reliability of BOSS.
  • Awesome sound quality.


Tview T2207IR-BK 22-Inch Car Flip Down Monitor. Price $200.21

Tview T2207IR-BK 22-Inch Car Flip Down Monitor


The bigger, the better goes for screen sizes. Tview’s 22 inch screen is all set to make your car ride a lot more fun and exciting. The flip down screen comes with high quality display resolution of 1440 X 900 and TFT LCD screen.

It work flawlessly with wireless headphone as it has built in IR transmitter. Enjoy your night-halts at adventurous trips with friends and watch some scary movies or make use of time to rehearse your office presentations.

The wide 22 inch screen is never going to make your time a boring endeavor.

The key features

  • Large screen size of 22”.
  • Sleek and slim design.


BOSS AUDIO BV9986BI Single-DIN 7 inch Motorized Touchscreen DVD Player. Price $129.61

BOSS AUDIO BV9986BI Single-DIN 7 inch Motorized Touchscreen DVD Player

If you are looking for something more affordable yet, no compromise with quality, then this product from BOSS is a must-have one.

It comes with 7 inch TFT touchscreen. Play your favorite music through various medium DVD, CD or connect with your MP3 player, mobile phone, iPod or pen drive. Bluetooth enabled it can easily make hand free phone calls or play music directly from your phone’s music collection.


It’s one of the most useful accessories for car something not to miss out if you still don’t have it in your beast.

The key features

  • Seamless tough(screen).
  • Bluetooth enabled


AUKEY CC-T6 36W 2 Port USB Car Charger. Price $14.99

AUKEY CC-T6 36W 2 Port USB Car Charger

Going on a long drive and worried about your cellphone’s back up? Don’t worry this not-to-miss product from AUKEY is going to give you a great peace of mind. Engineered on the latest Quick Charge 2.0 Technology it charges your device at 75% faster rate.

Plug and charge your any device be it Andriod, iOS or Windows gadgets. There are two USB port outlets.


The inbuilt protection feature safeguards your device from any overheating or excessive power supply. It’s a good value for your money.

The key features

  • 1. 75% faster charging with latest Quick Charge 2.0 Technology.
  • Errant power supply protection.


iClever® 5W Enhanced BASS+ High Def Mini Portable Bluetooth 4.0 Speaker. Price 3,646

iClever® 5W Enhanced BASS+ High Def Mini Portable Bluetooth 4.0 Speaker

A cool device that is sturdy, fashionable and compact with shinning metallic Zinc alloy casing. Not just perfect in looks, the sound quality is also crystal clear and awesome. It’s smaller but a lot more powerful for its size.

Connect wireless with inbuilt Bluetooth to make hand free calls, searches, video calls or stream music directly from phone.


It’s not limited to inside of your car, take it outside to play music and do fun with friends. This is simply amazing, a popular contestant among fun car accessories from iClever.


  • Shinny zinc alloy casing.
  • Crystal clear sound.
  • Compact and sturdy.


Car Mount, TechMatte® MagGrip Vent Magnetic Universal Car Mount Holder (Black). Price Rs. 1,215

Car Mount, TechMatte® MagGrip Vent Magnetic Universal Car Mount Holder (Black)

This simple yet, very useful gadget is something every car should have. No more falling of your smartphone on curvy turns or bumpy speed breakers. Grab the view of your phone without any effort and distraction as it mounts on the dashboard.


Compatible with most of device it works fine with Apple iPhone 4, 5S, 5C, 5, 6, 6 Plus, Samsung Galaxy S3, S5, S4 and Nexus 4 and 5. Effortless and simple in installation, it’s a attractive yet sturdy holding device, one of the essential cheap car accessories.

The key features

  • Low cost.
  • Easy to install and use.


Black Vue DR-650GW-32GB 2-Channel Front and Rear Dash Cameras. Price $369.00

Black Vue DR-650GW-32GB 2-Channel Front and Rear Dash Cameras


Black Vue dash camera comes with both rear and front recording ability. It stands on 360 degree movable mount to reach every hard to detect corner. The camera system comes with a dedicated BlackVue iOS and Android app to control camera settings.

You can tune to three different modes normal, event, and parking.

The gadget comes with an inbuilt GPS to locate your location no matter where you are. The recording video quality is also very clean and clear.

The key features

  • 360 degree movement.
  • Easy control with mobile app( Andriod/iOS)


Cobra Tag bluetooth tracking system. Price £6.95

Cobra Tag bluetooth tracking system

The moment you start searching for your lost keys(or other stuffs) it become harder and harder to find them out. By the time you get tired and give up, they suddenly pop up. Well, no more game of hide and seek.

The Cobra Tag locator uses Bluetooth Wireless Technology and can be easily accessed through mobile app, available for Android and the Blackberry.


The misplaced items start ringing on accessing through app and can be mapped on phone. The CobraTag looks compact, sleek and stylist as a key ring.

The key features

  • Easily affordable.
  • Sleek and stylist.

myLupo Bluetooth Finder & Tracker. Price £20.00

myLupo Bluetooth Finder & Tracker


Want a better Bluetooth locator? Check out myLupo, though comes at somewhat higher price but, there is a good reason for it. Unlike other chargeable locators, you get 1 year battery life. Isn’t that a great peace of mind?

So, attach this cool looking smart gadget to your car’s key. Whenever you misplace your key, access the LUPO app from your iOS & Android phone to check it’s location on a map. One of the cute and latest car gadgets to have.

The key features

  • Long(1 year) battery life.
  • Very cool looking.


ZUS USB Car Charger & Smart Car Locaton. Price $30

ZUS USB Car Charger & Smart Car Locaton

You have searched for USB car charger to charge your smartphones/tablets and reliable car locator. How about having both the two benefits in a single device? Wise idea! The all new ZUS made from high grade material from German giant Bayer gives you flexibility of both quick charger and smart locator.

Just Plug into the cigarette lighter port and install the dedicated ZUS App, connect, and it’s all done. It automatically starts counting where you've parked. Then, automatically gives information of your GPS location, time elapsed and direction of movement on the ZUS app.


No more headache of unreachable phone network in the basement parking lot, it works even without cell phone signal.

The key features

  • charges 2X faster
  • Work even without cell phone signal


Cotton Design Backup Camera & Rear View Monitor Reversing Parking Mirror Reverse System Price £37.69

Cotton Design Backup Camera & Rear View Monitor Reversing Parking Mirror Reverse System

J.Cotton brings you 4.3” reverse monitor night vision camera system. Be safe and secure when you drive in reverse gear avoiding any chance of mishap to pedestrians, children, or pets. It comes with 7 infrared night vision LED pieces to give clear view even in darkest nights.

It’s quite easy to install and operate.


The backup camera is all well waterproofed, so no harm in rains. Also, the LCD display comes inbuilt with the mirror assembly for easy viewing.

The key features

  • Night vision.
  • Waterproof camera.


iPad and Tablet Holder With Seat Organizer by AutoMuko. Price $ 13.99

iPad and Tablet Holder With Seat Organizer by AutoMuko

Having your sunglasses, pendrive, papers and various other things at sixes and sevens inside your car? Doesn't it look irritating and haphazard? You wished everything was just placed at its place, a place for everything.

This cool seat organizer brings to you a wise storage solution. Not just that, you get double benefits of tablet mount and seat back organizer at the single price.


No need for purchasing two different set of equipment. Apart from the IPad pocket, you get some other useful pockets like two bottle holder pockets and the three little mesh pockets for your personal items. Organize everything inside your car give it a clean look with this useful accessory.

The key features

  • Low cost.
  • Dual benefit product.


Automatic Connected Car Adapter

automatic connected car adapter

The Automatic car adapter is a futuristic device that will find a place in future cars.  You just need to connect it to OBD-II port, that’s all. From there it tracks your driving style, speeding patterns, fuel storing and braking habits.

Based on all these parameters, it gives you score over some given time period. Not just that, it intuitive system can alert you about various troubles and problems in engine or other parts through mobile app. Improve your driving style, be safer and save more fuel.


Note: It works only in the US with any gasoline engine(not with diesel, electric or CNG engine)

The key features

  • It proves to be very helpful in any emergency as it detects collision and inform authority about your GPS position automatically.


TomTom Go 600. Price $199.99

TomTom Go 600

Day by day new technologies are making auto navigation systems much smarter and quicker. The Go 600 by TomTom is a great navigation tool offering live traffic status and 3-D maps. It has a screen size of 6-inch.

The easy to perceive 3D map gives clear and advanced guidance so that you never get confused no matter how tricky the lanes are.


Be first to get warning of any prevailing traffic jams due to road mishaps or any other reasons and save your valuable time everyday.

The key features

  • 3D map for easy reading.
  • Quick update feature.
  • Screen size is also good.

LED Solar Tire Wheel Light Vehicle Decoration Warning Lamp. Price $12.90

LED Solar Tire Wheel Light Vehicle Decoration Warning Lamp

Another great gadget to make give your car a super car feel. The energy efficient lightening system comes in a set of 12 LED solar flash light.

It gets charged up with solar energy in daytime and glows up at night.


The elegant and cool wheel light lamp will give your car a new look to storm the dark nights.

Key Features:

  1. Uses clear energy( Solar powered.)
  2. Low cost.3.
  3. No wiring required.

Viper 5806V 2-way Security System w/Remote. Price $199

Security System w/Remote

No matter where you live, whether in a high security urban area or in some infamous locality, it’s always better to secure your car. Let that small creaky sound from your garage don’t steal away your night’s sleep.

Check out this two-way security system product from Viper, one of the popular aftermarket car alarm manufacturers. The two-way security system has increased it’s operating range up to 1 mile.


Also, the remote-start setup looks great especially it’s remote control looks so sturdy and well designed as if coming from the original car manufacturer itself. Be secure with Viper.

Key Features:

  • Long range of 1 mile.
  • Reliability of Viper.


Parrot Asteroid Mini. Price $410

Parrot Asteroid Mini

This fashionable, cool and stylist looking device is a must have for every car. It’s a hand-free multimedia system with driving assistance application that connects your mobile phone and car audio system.

Several studies have confirmed mobile phones as main culprits behind various road accidents. Be fully focused on your driving, reply to call hand freely, get voice alerts, navigation updates or access radio and mobile apps hand freely with Asteroid Mini.


The device comes with a 3.2-inch screen attached on the top of your dashboard and a wireless remote attached on the steering wheel.

Key Features:

  • Fashionable look.
  • Easy to access controls on steering wheel.


Cobra JumPack CPP 8000. Price - £60.18

Cobra JumPack CPP 8000

Many time a low car battery deceives you on your journey. You are left with no other option than to call a mechanic to get help. Not now, with this useful gadget, Cobra JumPack, you can yourself solve out this problem without anyone’s help. It can start your car battery in no time, a great saver in time of emergency. It’s runs on Lithium-Cobalt battery of 6,000mAh ratings.


Key Features:

  • High rating good quality battery.
  • Emergency device.


Handpresso Wild Espresso Maker. Price - £75.48

Handpresso Wild Espresso Maker

Want to grab a cup of coffee or your long drive? Or may be feeling sleepy and tired? Hold on, turn off the ignition and park your car at some suitable location. Take out your Handpresso Wild Espresso Maker and stimulate yourself with energetic and refreshing espresso coffee anytime. Say bye bye to any tiredness with this simple yet very useful piece of gadget.


Key Features:

  • High quality material.
  • Simple to use.


With this ends up the list

Congratulations!, you just finished the top 30 list of best car accessories. Ready to give your car a new enhancement with these inevitable accessories? Chalk out your budget and needs accordingly, otherwise you may end up spending beyond limits.

On a serious note, start with safety and security gadgets first, safety must be your number one priority. What’s your view? Then, you can move to interior and exterior decors, organizers and other add-on.

Do leave your comments or any suggestions.

Share what’s your favorite car accessory with other readers too.

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