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Best Camping Hammocks For 2020

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Best Camping Hammocks

Camping is one of the popular outdoor activities that most people enjoy doing, either alone or with friends and family. It requires good, durable equipment and tools to ensure campers comfort on the go. When you are just beginning to camp, knowing which tools to bring can be a bit difficult and intimidating: camping coolers, sleeping bags, mess kits, and the list goes on.

One thing, however, is certain: campers need something to sleep on during the night. Camping can be dangerous and difficult for starters especially when it is night. That is why a good, durable and comfortable camping hammock can help you on the way.A camping hammock does not just fit for fishing and hiking activities but also great for longer hikes. Having this will provide you more comfort during your camping journey.

There is a lot of camping hammock you can see available in the market, and even online. There are expensive ones that might look nice and sturdy but will turn out to be not durable, while there are also cheap ones that are good for its prize. The real technique is to find the one that suits your preference and need.

The following are the best camping Hammock for 2020

Warbonnet Blackbird Camping Hammock

For 2020, one of the most popular and most comfortable camping hammocks available in the shops is the Warbonnet Blackbird. It has two different versions: the first is single-layered and the second is double-layered. The double-layered version of this camping hammock adds to the weight of the hammock and creates a compartment for a sleeping pad. The product also offers two different thicknesses of its fabric. The thicker fabric is expectedly heavier and durable than the lightweight, although both versions of this product are (basically) light and durable compared to other cheap brands. The single-layered version can hold weight up to 250 pounds, while the double-layered version can hold up to 400 pounds of weight.

If you are looking for comfort and ease for different kinds of terrain, Warbonnet Blackbird camping hammock also fits these criteria. It is made with an asymmetrical shape designed for comfortability in sleeping and comes with a storage shelf, bug net, and foot box.

This product does not have tarp and carabiners so you need to purchase them differently.

The colors available include gray, royal blue, orange and the most popular, the olive green.

Wise Owl Outfitters Camping Hammock

The products from Wise Owl Outfitters are cheap, durable, and comfortable, thus it can be an ideal hammock for both beginner campers, who are still starting to be familiar with camping gears, or more experienced campers.

The reason why this product is among the list of the top camping hammock in 2020 is that it is known for its durability. The materials include a heavy-duty 210T parachute nylon that makes the hammock robust and durable, and the nylon does not make the product less comfortable.

Another reason is it is easy and quick to set up the hammock, and it comes with three straps that are longer than other hammocks from other brands provide. It is easy to pack and folds into a compact. The SingleOwl one-person hammock is nine-feet in height and 4.5 feet in width, while the doubleowl is 10-feet in height and 6.5 feet in width.

This hammock weighs 16 ounces for singleOwl or 26 ounces for doubleOwl. It can carry one (singleOwl) to two (DoubleOwl) people.

Lawson Hammock Blue Ridge Comping Hammock

Lawson Hammock Blue Ridge is the combination of a hammock and a tent; perfect for any camping activities. It is basically a hammock but provides you protection to mosquito bites from other insects through its protective net cover. This two-in-one option is one of the expensive products here on the list, but also one of the best quality and most durable.

Inside the tent is spacious since it has a pair of aluminum arch poles that serve as the frame with a dome top. It also has a spreader bar system to make the hammock stable. The rood is made of mosquito netting and a waterproof rainfly that can be conveniently detached whenever it is needed.

The straps are separately sold but te rain fly and the tent poles are already included in the purchase. Setting up this hammock is easy and it weighs 4.25 pounds, good only for one person accommodation.

ENO Doublenest Camping Hammock

This brand is one of the most reliable brands in the market. This hammock is made of quick-dry nylon that weighs 19 ounces and has a great ENO doublenest hammock stand. Its design (19 ounces) is also light but durable, making it easier to set up and harder to break. The materials are also made breathable to make your body at a good temperature while you are lying on it. It is spacious and can hold two persons with 9’4 x 6’2 room in the hammock.

The materials also include carabiners and nautical grade line with stainless-steel snap links.

When you want to do a purchase, consider the type of color you want as this product comes in different colors.

Hennessy Hammock Hyperlite

Hennessy is a reliable brand and is expensive. However, its price is justified by its durability and high quality. This hammock is comfortable, light, minimal, and comfortable. It also has an asymmetrical shape that allows its sleepers to lie comfortably flat. It comes with a complete rain tarp, bug net, and interior mesh gear pocket. It comes with a mosquito net that protects you from insects bite.

When it comes to setting up this hammock, beginners might have a difficult time as it has a bottom entry feature. It is made of 40d nylon, weighs up to 1 pound (the lighter the material, the more expensive it is, and can carry one person up to 250 pounds.

Aside from the Hyperlite, there are other types of Hennessy hammock but one common feature of these kinds is that they all work best for 5 feet tall and under. Royalhammockheadquarters review on the Hennessy Hammocks should help you with the one you should go for.


We just gave you the top brands for camping hammock this year 2020. Whichever you prefer, each of the brands mentioned above offers the best quality hammock that you can enjoy in your camping activity.

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