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Top 10 Bikes under 50k Rs. in India (2018) with Complete Review

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Honda Bike In India

In India, most of the population is dependent on bikes for their daily commute to work, or studies. The people, who were using cycles earlier for their daily tasks are now totally dependent on the low budget, hi performance bikes. These people include our newspaper vendors, washermen, milkmen, electricians, carpenters, vendors who sell daily use plastic items etc., they all are now relying on bikes now.

Plus the young students, who have to go to their school, college or coaching centres, want a bike now to cover the huge urban distances in less time. Plus, it is always a dire need of any youngster to have a bike which won’t cost much and will give a great mileage to move around with his friends. For this reason, every year, thousands of bikes are sold, yet there is always a demand for more. To exploit this demand of such bikes in the market, new models of bikes are launched all the time and are purchased by users in large numbers.

Out of these there are a few models which become hit because of their superior specifications and good performance. Also, price plays a major role in decision making as a bike has to be used daily, but it needs to be cost effective. For this purpose, all the big players in the market launch cheap, compact, but highly functional bikes all the time. In such a competitive atmosphere, it becomes tough to choose the best from good bikes below 50k in India.

To help you with this task of choosing the best bike for yourself, we bring you the list of best bikes under INR 50,000, along with their chief specifications and evaluation on the scale of 1 to 5.

Honda Navi

Honda Navi is the newest launch of Honda which is not exactly a full-fledged bike, but it is nothing like the scooter. It is simply a more masculine replacement for Activa using guys. It gives a lot in the same value of money as active does and doesn’t look like a scooter. A little low in its height, it is perfect for young boys and short heighted males.

For a bike, its mileage might seem a little less, but it is not less when compared toActiva. With its impressive 110 cc displacement and 55 mm stroke, it does wonders and can be taken out for a simple joy-ride in the city, on highway and even on adventurous trips. And the joy doubles when the price is so low, even lower than an Activa.

Characteristic features Value Points out of 5
Mileage 60 kmpl 4
Power 7.72 bhp 4
Price (ex-showroom) ` 42,850 5
Displacement 109.19 cc 5
Ignition Independent Spark Control Ignition 4
Stroke 55 mm 5
Design New and fresh 4


Hero Splendor Pro

With a history of being the best bike ever since it came out, Splendor has seen innumerable modifications in its engine, features, design and price. With each new modification, it becomes a better version of itself and remains unbeatable by its competitors. The latest in this series of glory is the Splendor Pro.

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Its amazing mileage and 100 cc displacement in affordable price makes it the winner every time. Plus, its comfortable seat design makes it fit for the family use. That is how it has become the most trusted name in the crowd of bikes, and will continue to be so in coming years.

Characteristic features Value Points out of 5
Mileage 90 kmpl 5
Power 8.20 bhp 5
Price (ex-showroom) ` 46,537 4.5
Displacement 97.3 cc 5
Ignition DC - Digital CDI 5
Stroke 49 mm 4.5
Design Classic 4


Bajaj CT 100

One of the oldest models of bikes, it has been in the market for a very long time and it doesn’t need any evidence to prove its competence. With similar mileage, power and displacement, Bajaj CT 100 has always been the next in line to splendor, but with price approximately 10,000 less than Splendor, it has always been the first choice of people who do not pay much attention to the design part.

Its design is a little retro, and doesn’t look cool enough for the youngsters to use. But for the people who want full functionality in affordable prices, Bajaj CT 100 is one of the top choices among this range of bikes.

Characteristic features Value Points out of 5
Mileage 89 kmpl 5
Power 8.10 bhp 5
Price (on road) ` 36,979 5
Displacement 99.27 cc 5
Ignition CDI 4
Stroke 45 mm 4
Design Retro 3


 Bajaj PlatinaComfortec

With all the goodness from Bajaj Platina and an infusion of modern bike features like self-start and alloy wheels, PlatinaComfortec is a huge upgrade from older Platina versions. It has all the cool features and high mileage at a very reasonable price. PlatinaComfortec also has more comfortable seat and powerful shockers to give a more comfortable ride.

Although the design has much improved in this model, but it is still not up to the mark to compete with the newer models in the market. But if an average design works for you, then this bike is the best buy in this series.

Characteristic features Value Points out of 5
Mileage 104kmpl 5
Power 8.08bhp 4.5
Price (on road) `48,429 5
Displacement 102 cc 5
Ignition Digital Twin Spark Ignition 5
Stroke 58.8 mm 5
Design Classic average 4


Bajaj Discover 125

A perfect bike with 125 cc displacement, Bajaj Discover is usually compared with more pricy models available in the market. In the range ofunder 50 K, it’s not exactly easy to get a 125 cc bike, so, Discover 125 rules on this category with a great value of money. Its powerful 11 bhp engine gives it an edge and even after being such a powerful bike, it gives an average mileage of 82 kmpl, which is impressive. It is loaded with modern features like bigger rear tyre, 5 gears, self-start, good disc brake  and good pick-up, which make the daily commute a piece of cake .

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Characteristic features Value Points out of 5
Mileage 82 kmpl 4.5
Power 10.90 bhp 5
Price (ex-showroom) INR 49,096 5
Displacement 124.60 cc 5
Ignotion DTS-i with ExhausTEC 5
Stroke 48.8mm 4
Design Average 3.5


Mahindra Centuro

Mahindra is a big name among the users of big vehicles and it does make sturdy and stable vehicles, but when it comes to making a small 2-wheeler, Mahindra just missed on a very important pint, mileage. At 60 kmpl, it is not too bad, but it is not too good either, when comparing the bikes in the same range.

Apart from this, it is a great bike fully loaded with all the modern features like self-start, front disc-brakes, digital speedometer, tachometer, trip meter and fuel gauge. Also, it sports a nice ground clearance and above average design, which makes it a good choice for the riders.

Characteristic features Value Points out of 5
Mileage 60 kmpl 3
Power 8.40 bhp 4
Price (on road) INR 49,992 4
Displacement 106.70 cc 5
Ignition Intake Ignition System 4.5
Stroke 49.5 mm 4
Design Above average 4


Hero Passion Pro

Hero is the undefeated king of the bike manufacturers in the whole world, and all its bikes are functionally great, comfortable to ride, give great mileage and are pocket-friendly. This Hero Passion Pro comes with all the privileges that come with the brand-name Hero, and has more to offer its users.

These include the features like self-start, variety of colors, stylish design all of them available in the new Hero Passion Pro.

Characteristic features Value Points out of 5
Mileage 84kmpl 4.5
Power 8.20bhp 4.5
Price (ex-showroom) INR 49,412 4.5
Displacement 97.20 cc 5
Ignition Full Transisterised Ignition System 5
Stroke 55 mm 5
Design Classic Stylish 4.5


TVS Sport

A 100 cc bike with an impressive mileage of 95 kmpl, TVS sport is nothing short of a perfect bike for all the bike-loving users. Its impressive 95 kmpl mileage is just shy of touching the 100 mark, but still pretty fabulous. 7.40 bhp looks a little low power for the bike of this much features, but it doesn’t let the user feel it is any less.

Its 100 cc displacement and 48mm stroke gives it an added advantage over its competitors, which is very well incorporated by TVS, not every brand can do that. TVS is known for its high-performance 2-wheelers which have a lot of contemporary specs in a budget-friendly price.

Continuing this ever-giving treat for its users, TVS launched TVS Sport which covers all the most desirable features.Very conveniently priced at around 41 k on road, TVS Sport is the top pick among the bikes of its range.

Characteristic features Value Points out of 5
Mileage 95 kmpl 5
Power 7.40 bhp 4
Price (on road) INR 41,628 5
Displacement 100 cc 5
Ignition Digital CDI 4.5
Stroke 48 mm 4.5
Design Fresh and sporty 5


Hero HF Deluxe

Another affordable bike from the most loved brand of all time, Hero HF deluxe is a good option for anyone who is seeking a good bike in affordable price. While most of the bikes in this range are offering up to 10 bph power, its 7.7 is a little let down, but its performance is not affected much by this minor flaw.

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With a respectable mileage of 83 kmpl, and displacement of 100 cc, Hero HF Deluxe is still a very good choice of daily commuters. Look-wise designer with sporty print, it really stands out as a bike made to flaunt daily. It is a head-turner wherever it goes.

Characteristic features Value Points out of 10
Mileage 83 kmpl 4.5
Power 7.70 bhp 4
Price (on road) INR 47,725 4.5
Displacement 97 cc 5
Ignition DC - Digital CDI 5
Stroke 49 mm 5
Design Supportive and designer 4.5


Honda Dream Neo

Honda is a big and trusted name ever since it was in collaboration with Hero, and hasn’t lost its shine when it separated. If anything, it has established itself as a brand which is most trusted in terms of durability, features, and affordable prices in all its vehicles, which include both 2-wheelers and 4-wheelers. In fact, it is the only brand which has proved to be successful in both 2 and 4 wheeler market, while other brands struggle to excel in just one market.

A new presentation from Honda is its bike, Honda Dream Neo, which is the most desirable bike of this range, for the reason that it offers both, the looks and functional utility. Not only this it also has a lot of new features which make it a dreamy bike to choose under the range of 50 k.

Characteristic features Value Points out of 5
Mileage 84 kmpl 4.5
Power 8.25 bhp 4.5
Price (ex-showroom) INR 49,844 5
Displacement 110 cc 5
Ignition Fully Transisterised 5
Stroke 55 mm 5
Design New stylish design 5


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These bikes not only make the commute of its users easier, but it also helps them reach effectively from one place to another at a very low cost. Highly affordable for lower middle class families, who cannot afford higher versions of bikes, and quite handy for the families where each member needs a personal vehicle daily to go his separate way. No matter what the family needs, these bikes are there for them, in all circumstances, especially where public transport is too slow, crowded, or infrequent.

These bikes have to be powered by the best mileage, best-in class engine to keep it running for many-many years and horizontal, least angled seats for comfortable ride. This is exactly what makes them the best bikes between 40000 to 50000 rupees.For a vehicle, 50,000 is a very low price to pay, and all these bikes justify their pricing by including all the favorite specs of a common working class.

For all the local transportation needs of a middle class man, these bikes under 50 k come as a blessing.

So, which one are you going to buy from this range?

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