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Top 10 Bikes Under 1 Lakh In India (2018), Your First Premium Ride!

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How does it feel to hold your first love for the very first time? Dreamy, like there is no ground, like you are flying in the air, like there is nothing that can stop you. This is the feeling you get when you take your first premium bike for a ride for the very first time. This is the feeling to be treasured, cherished and remembered the rest of your life.

What makes these bikes so special? The first answer of an amateur rider would be “the looks”, which is mostly true, but what experienced riders and enthusiasts seek is more than just looks. They seek power, speed, control and balance in these bikes along with the big size and classy good looks. The first look at these bikes and you can imagine how well the rider is treated everywhere he goes.

But brands like Harley Davidson and Royal Enfield are too expensive to buy; especially it is for your very first premium ride. The cheap budget for a premium bike is around 1 lakh, under which you can get the bikes worthy of your first premium ride. Be it a sports bike or a luxury bike, you want to get the same power, classy looks and feel of first love in that first moment of riding a premium bike,under this budget.

You want to live that moment to the fullest, without the guilt pang of spending too much on your first luxury bike. So, here we bring you the list of best bikes under 1 lakh in India, out of which you can choose your first premium ride.

These bikes are ruling the market by being the most safe & awesome bikes under 1,00,000 rupees.

TVS Apache RTR 200 4 V

TVS Apache RTR 200 4 V

For the people who love to ride a sporty and sharp bike, TVS Apache RTR 200 4 V is the best choice. The only let down is its mileage, but otherwise, it scores high when it comes to power, displacement or engine capacity and torque. Its double disc-brakes provide extra powerful speed-breaking capacity, which means, a safer ride, even in the most crowded streets.

Not only it is good by its features, it is also a great bike by its looks. The shiny sporty look with innumerable colors is impressive for any bike to have. Also, its dimensions are optimum for a rider of any height to have a comfortable ride. For features like this in a 200 cc bike, it is worthy to pay around 99 k on road.

Characteristic featuresValuePoints out of 10
Mileage35 kmpl3
Power20.23 bhp4
Price (on road)INR 98,8944
Displacement197.7 cc4.5
DesignSporty and sharp5
Length x width x height2050x790x10154
Other special featuresDouble disc brakes4

Bajaj Pulsar AS 200

Bajaj Pulsar AS 200

Bajaj Pulsar AS 200 is the most loved bike ever since it was launched, it has continuously been in demand even when the supply was a little short. What makes it so desirable is its extra powerful engine. For a 200 cc bike, over 23 bhp power is impressive. With a fairly good mileage of 42 kmpl, Pulsar 200 is nothing short of a great premium bike with good fuel efficiency. Its powerful engine makes it a great bike to ride even for great distances; it doesn’t let the rider get tired.

It sports a sexy masculine look with leopard shaped headlight with black visor glass which gives it even more macho looks. Although its chassis is great and length and width dimensions are good, its height doesn’t do justice with the riders who are a little short in height. It seems that it has been made more for the well-built males to stand tall and flaunt their tall bikes. But, if the rider has a good command over driving and balance, then it is not a tough one to hop on and ride.

Characteristic featuresValuePoints out of 10
Mileage42 kmpl4.5
Power23.20 bhp5
Price (ex-showroom)INR 94,7805
Displacement199.50 cc4.5
DesignSporty stylish masculine5
Length x breadth x height2070x804x12054
Other special featuresStylish headlight with black visor glass4.5


HeroKarizma ZMR

HeroKarizma ZMR

One of the most fuel efficient bikes in its segment, Hero Karizma ZMR gets buyers by its name. Everyone who has ever wanted a premium sports bike in life, dreams of a Karizma first, and then move on to search options available in the market. It has been one of the oldest models and has successfully kept itself t number one over the years. Along with the modification and upgradation of technology, Karizma has improved itself in each upcoming version.

ZMR is the latest model in this series. With an impressive mileage of 48 kmph and 223 displacement engine, it surely makes the best pick of the sports bike lovers. High pick-up, god performance and sporty looks make Karisma ZMR the first choice of youngsters.

Characteristic featuresValuePoints out of 10
Mileage48 kmpl5
Power20 bhp4.5
Price (ex-showroom)INR 1,05,0004.5
Displacement223 cc5
DesignSporty and stylish5
Length x breadth x height2100x805x11905
Other special featuresReaches 60kmph in just 3.6 seconds5

Bajaj Pulsar 200 NS

Bajaj Pulsar 200 NS

Right after the launch of Bajaj Pulsar, people stopped loking at other sports bikes and jumped up to buy this sports-cum-daily use bike. But that was nt the end of it. Bajaj made sure that everyone has a pulsar for his daily needs as well as hobby. Continuing this quest to make everyonehappy, this high class Pulsar model came out. Counted as a premium naked sports bike, Bajaj Pulsar 200 NS made its mark as the most loved bike for the youth with bike-riding as a hobby.

Its super powerful engine and good looks justify its price very well and the rider gets the satisfaction of riding a full-fledged sports bike. Understandably, it is a little low on fuel efficiency, which could be a turn off for the regular bike users, but it is a great pick if this is considered as a non-issue by the financial state of the buyer.

Characteristic featuresValuePoints out of 10
Mileage35 kmpl3.5
Power23.17 bhp5
Price (ex-showroom)INR 91,5005
Displacement199.5 cc4.5
DesignNaked sporty and raw5
Length x breadth x height2017x804x10755
Other special featuresVery powerful engine5


Suzuki Gixxer SF Pro

Suzuki Gixxer SF Pro

Suzuki Gixxer SF Pro is an attempt of Suzuki to make bikes in this range, with a regular amount of ROI. Although the more efficient and more expensive high-end sports bikes are sold more by Suzuki, it is also not a bad pick for the riders who have a hobby to ride a bike with a nice name.

Its looks do complete justice to its price and so does its fuel efficiency, but for a 155 cc bike, its power is a little low as compared to the competitor bikes of the big brands in the game. For a 155 cc sports bike, its dimensions are quite nice. Also, it is fully faired, which means it provides maximum wind protection to its riders, which takes all the points for buying this bike.

Characteristic featuresValuePoints out of 10
Mileage40 kmpl4
Power14.6 bhp3
Price (ex-showroom)INR 83,4394
Displacement154.9 cc4
DesignSporty and attractive4
Length x breadth x height2050x785x10854.5
Other special featuresExcellent wind protection by fairing5


Bajaj Avenger Cruise 220

Bajaj Avenger Cruise 220

Bajaj Avenger Cruise 220 is a great 220 cc bike which is easily recognizable even from a great distance. Its amazing features and design of a luxury bike adds to its desirability, along with its amazing specs and affordable price (from a point of view of a premium luxury bike).

It is highly fuel efficient and sports nearly 20 bhp power of engine. It has good dimensions and great luxurious appearance. What adds to its classy chariot like looks is the long transparent visor glass, which makes its look like a true cruiser bike. This makes it a hot pick for the first premium luxury bike.

Characteristic featuresValuePoints out of 10
Mileage45 kmpl4.5
Power19.03 bhp4
Price (ex-showroom)INR 87,3314
Displacement220 cc5
DesignClassic chariot luxurious5
Length x breadth x height2177x806x11424.5
Other special featuresLong and stylish visor glass4.5


Honda CB Hornet 160R

Honda CB Hornet 160R

Like in all other categories, Honda has excelled in the category of sports bikes too; and to prove this, we have the example of one of the best premium sports bikes in the market, Honda CB Hornet 160R. This bike has an amazing mileage of 60 kmpl which is comparable to regular bikes and its power also complements well to its 163 cc engine.

Its dual petal disc brakes are the best in its range for effective braking and its on-road price is amazingly less for a bike of this range. It is indeed a true value your money can buy.

Characteristic featuresValuePoints out of 10
Mileage60 kmpl5
Power15.66 bhp4.5
Price (on road)INR 85,8245
Displacement162.7 cc4.5
DesignSporty Raw Muscular4.5
Length x breadth x height2041 x 783 x 10675
Other special featuresDual Petal Disc Brakes5


Yamaha FZ S V 2.0

Yamaha FZ S V 2.0

Can anyone ever imagine a premium sports bike with comfortable seat? No. But Yamaha FZ S V 2.0 has successfully proved this general idea wrong. This bike is so comfortable that a person can ride it to long distances without getting tired. The most comfortable seating in the class of sports bikes is sported by Yamaha bikes and this model is the best example of that.

The power of bike is quite low as compared to other 150 cc bikes, but it is compensated by good mileage and masculine and sporty looks.

Characteristic featuresValuePoints out of 10
Mileage45 kmpl4.5
Power13 bhp3
Price (ex-showroom)INR 92,6443
Displacement149 cc4
DesignMasculine and sporty4
Length x breadth x height1990x770x10305
Other special featuresComfortable seating5


Royal Enfield Bullet 350

Royal Enfield Bullet 350

Royal Enfield Bullet 350 is royal by its name and by its game. Royal Enfield has been the dream-bike of a lot of young-men and whoever has it, feels proud to own it. It is from anther class of bikes which range in lakhs of rupees. Although this one also crosses the mark of 1 L a little bit, but it is still a great pick if someone really wants to buy it and has a little extra cash in his pocket.

Its impressive mileage, classic handsome looks and enormous 346 cc displacement engine capacity wins the heart of everyone at a single glance. There is no substitute for Royal Enfield, and this is the most cost-effective bike from the range of real and true luxury bikes.

Characteristic featuresValuePoints out of 10
Mileage40 kmpl4
Power19.8 bhp4
Price (ex-showroom)INR 1,09,3934
Displacement346 cc5
DesignClassic luxurious5
Length x breadth x height2140x800x10305
Other special featuresRoyal thumping sound5


Yamaha Fazer FI V 2.0

Yamaha Fazer FI V 2.0

Last, but not the least in the list is Yamaha Fazer FI V 2.0. An amazing bike by looks and comfort point of views, this model is a little sleazy when it comes to power. Like all Yamaha bikes, it also gets average power, but great sporty style.

Its dimensions are god for the bike of this range and it gives a decent mileage. Over-all this 150 cc bike is a good buy for the riders who want to commute daily on their favorite sports bike.

Characteristic featuresValuePoints out of 10
Mileage45 kmpl4.5
Power13 bhp3
Price (or road)INR 98,3153.5
Displacement149 cc4
DesignSporty masculine5
Length x breadth x height1990x760x11154.5
Other special featuresStylish looks and comfortable seating5

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These good bikes under 1 lakhs in India are the heart-throb of youngsters who don’t want to spend too much on their first premium bike, yet want to experience all of it in their first ride. They are amazing in their performance, can be used daily and are not too hard on the pocket.

Love these? Flaunt one of these in front of your friends and colleagues, and get the royal treatment, courtesy of your premium ride.

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