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Top 10 Android Shooting Games that you Must Play in 2018

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Top 10 Android Shooting Games

Shooting games have captivated audience and gaming aficionados since day and age. Nothing will ever give us that thrill, that sense of goosebumps, the adrenaline pumping, the swash-buckling essence of making that headshot, as an hour of Counter-Strike. Today we are presenting Top 10 Android Shooting Games that you Must Play in 2018

Traditionally, one would expect shooting games to be played on big time desktops, PCs and LEDs even. However, all those conventional norms are now subject to change. Just like mobile has conquered every other possible domain, this tiny little gadget has captured and successfully took over the gaming world as well. In a world where ‘small’ is always better, playing shooting games on Android smartphones and tablets is no longer a herculean task. Whether it is your 5-inch mobile or your highly-functional big screened tablet, you can go mano y mano against real-time entities or the default gaming bots.

Now, you might be surprised to know that while you were indulging in your BYOC [Bring your own computer] gaming parties against multiple clans, avid game, and app developers were working brick and mortar to let you enjoy the pleasures of your favorite shooting games on the move.

Top 10 Android Shooting Games that you Must Play in 2018

Shooting games come in various shapes and size like the casual floating around gun games or the more arcade style shooting games or gory and bloody action games or first-person shooter games laden with high intensity. Thanks to full powered core processors and huge HD displays, this console-Android transition has proven to be a success.

In a nutshell, there are thousands of brilliant and comprehensive options when it comes to good android shooting games. Given the huge number of options, it is often a tough spectacle to decide which ones are actually worth it. For all those headshot seekers, here’s the collection of 10 best shooting games for Android.

  1. Modern Combat 5: Blackout – Price Free

 Modern Combat 5: Blackout

As the name suggests, this is the fifth installment of one of the most favorite shooting games in the world – Modern Combat. Traditionally, it has been observed that if gaming companies are coming up with sequels for a particular edition, it directly portrays the sense of the popularity of the game. In its fifth version, not only has the original aura of the game been restored, but there have been plenty minor tweaks and changes which have made it flawless.

Moreover, this is the first update which has been made available to the general folk for free. Featuring some of the best graphics ever seen on a mobile screen, coupled with majestic gameplay and jam-packed hardcore action, Modern Combat is rightfully in the top of the pecking order when it comes to top android shooting games around.

Watch the world explode as it gets closer and closer to total anarchy. The speed of the game is lightning quick and you can bask in the glory of a smooth multiplayer mode wherein you can muster your own squad of skilled killers with five unique levels of power up to.

What sets this apart is that it feels real! The gameplay and the storyline only complement this fact. The actor voices used and the comprehensive Spec-Ops missions are just some of the striking features of this Android game. Clearly, this one’s a no-brainer and a must have for all gaming lovers.

Price: Free

PlatformModern Combat 5: Blackout for Android

  1. Dead Trigger 2 – Price Free


Dead Trigger 2 is amongst the top 5 Android first-person shooting games ever made and rightly so! The gameplay is riveting and addictive, the quality of graphics is unparalleled, and become even better when paired with NVIDIA enabled devices. The extensive detailing in the game is commendable with almost lifelike physics and direct lighting.

The plot revolves around the fact that zombies are walking the face of the earth with no more than 40 million people remaining in the world. This is not just another one of those zombie killing games though. You’ll see that this has taken the art of zombie killing to a whole new level. You’ll have access to a massive arsenal of high powered killer weapons to fight off the half-dead. Moreover, you can unlock more weapons like a Gatling gun or a chainsaw or you can buy weapons using your real money if you’re struggling to find the rhythm in the game.

If you want longevity in an Android shooting game, then Dead Trigger 2 is tailor-made to suit your needs. ‘Longevity’ in the sense that you need something you can enjoy over a longer period of time, a game which takes you through a story and binds you to an exciting plot. The storyline of this game is constantly evolving and updated with enriched content.

Enjoy the essence of a classic shooting game coupled with stellar graphics and an enticing plot. Be wary of the addiction levels once you set out on your zombie killing spree. These developers have definitely come up with a marvel in every sense.

Price: Free

PlatformDead Trigger 2 for Android

  1. NOVA 3: Freedom Edition – Price Free

 N.O.V.A. 3: Freedom Edition

If you’re a gaming aficionado, you would’ve definitely come across the brand label ‘Gameloft’ at least once in your entire gaming life. Well, Gameloft is so much more! It is a French video game developer which has taken the world by a storm ever since its inception nearly 2 decades ago. Time and time again it has captivated gamers across the world with its highly unique and crystal clear gaming renditions across a variety of genres. And Nova 3: Freedom edition is clearly no exception! If Modern Combat was more like COD [Call Of Duty], then this Nova 3 is synonymous to a blend of the ever so popular Halo and the effervescent desktop game Crysis.

The story brings forth a classic case of saving the world by fighting off advanced and kill enemies using state of the art weaponry and new gen combat suits. Even though Nova 3 is several years old, this current Freedom edition has been released with no additional in-app purchases, making it an entirely free version barring the occasional ad or two.

With stunning graphics and a gripping plot, further complemented by some serious shooter actions and a myriad of classic weapons, Nova 3 makes for one perfect getaway for all the gamers out there. Furthermore, it also comes equipped with no less than 7 multiplayer modes with the capacity for over twelve players. Taking gaming a different dimension, this one’s definitely recommended for everybody.

Price: Free

PlatformNOVA 3: Freedom Edition for Android

  1. Unkilled – Price Free


Unkilled is a winner by all means! A game which just had to show up in this list, Unkilled is a third person shooting game which is the best in its category. The gaming developers and brains behind this one proudly claimed upon its release that this one’s their best work yet. And that counts for something!

The exemplary graphics and crystal clear gaming experience makes it one of the best ‘looking’ zombie shooting games for Android, especially when paired with NVIDIA Tegra enabled devices whether it is your smartphone or your tablet. As they say, ‘the devil lies in the details’. In the same way, Unkilled brings forth intricate detailing wherein right from shadows to reflections to explosions and more, everything has been seamlessly carved out like a piece of art, so much so that you’ll feel right in middle of the heat of the action.

Moreover, don’t be worried about the action fading out anytime soon as it plays host to over 300 missions which will keep your senses satiated for a substantial time. The game has also been further improved and modified to give the users access to optimized controls and a smoother UI.

Easy to use on mobile devices, this is one game you wouldn’t want to miss, not for the world. The gaming developers formed a coalition with Nvidia for this one aiming for better and more lifelike graphics and they clearly hit the bullseye with this one. Ergo, if you want to enjoy the essence of a hardcore shooting game at your fingertips quite literally, Unkilled is the choice for you.

Price: Free

PlatformUnkilled for Android

  1. Deer Hunter 2016 – Price Free


This is not one of those conventional shooting games where you need to stroll through the world killing enemies or zombies trying to save mankind. The original essence of the game revolves around a new and unique storyline and plot wherein you will be on the lookout of an Elk or a massive 8-10 point buck. Instead of the conventional city driven killing spree, you will be wandering through the beauty of mother nature, setting up hunting stations here and there, always on the prowl with your eyes wide open.

Hence, don’t expect zombies to climb your back and bite, or aliens who will destroy an entire city with a laser. This is what makes it a new concept and an exciting edition to the Android shooting games repertoire carrying on from its highly popular desktop series.

While hunting some of the most rare and exotic animals, you will be revelling in high powered HD graphics coupled with an enticing gameplay and not-so-easy difficulty levels. The best part – You will get first hand access to rich weaponry including rare bows and rifles.

This nascent Deer Hunter 2016 version is now better than ever. I, myself was hooked on to it right from the minute I first tried it. Not so heavy on the head, it can be played as an escape from the mundane daily routines we run by.

Price: Free

PlatformDeer Hunter 2016 for Android

  1. Call of Duty: Strike Team – Price $6.99

 Call of Duty®: Strike Team

Call of Duty occupies the Mecca of the gaming world has garnered a wide popularity base over years and years across different countries and continents with a fan base of millions. The name of the game is enough for you to place your trust in this one with your eyes closed.

Come to the end of the year 2013, the gaming juggernaut Activision finally conjured the idea to adopt the classic aura of the COD games across the Android platform. And this was made possible with a pinch of panache and a bucket full of sophistication. It might not occupy the shooting prowess of Modern Combat, but still, it is one first-person shooting game that should definitely be up your alley.

Walk or run your way through majestic looking landscapes and black battlefields killing your way through your enemies. The game is action packed right up to its cellular level. You will need to be on your toes if you want to keep up with this game as the game flies by quick and fast. Leading a ‘Joint Special Ops’ team, you will be given the job of saving the world from the war in the future year 2020. The campaign mode is a long hard ordeal whereas the survival mode will bring forth edge-of-the-seat stuff with no margins for error. Call of Duty: Strike Team brings about both first and third person gaming genres.

Coming at a shy price of $6.99 and a few in-app purchases, don’t be finicky about the numbers involved and go for this one today.

Price: $6.99

PlatformCall of Duty: Strike Team for Android

  1. Zombie Gunship – Price $0.99

 Zombie Gunship

We’re back to killing zombies and all of us are going, ‘Not again!!!!!!!’

But hold on to your thoughts as this will turn out to be your new best friend amongst all those monotonous hours of daily work give days a week. If ever you needed an escape from the drudgery of your daily life, then Zombie Gunship is your best bet.

The concept might not be original, but the gameplay and the essence of the game is anything but conventional. It comes in an entirely different approach when compared with its various counterparts in the market today.

This Android rendition of Zombie Gunship will drive you sky high rightfully away from the pack of zombies. So your only way of taking them out and getting the world clean is via heavy artillery dropping from the sky in the form of bombs and missiles which will perish the undead and save millions and millions of civilians.

You will be equipped with a heavily armed ground attack aircraft (AC-130), using modern age weaponry like the 25 mm Gatling gun or a powerful 105 mm Howitzer cannon or a 40 mm Bofors auto cannon with well equipped 3D night vision.

After all that has been said and done, this one’s a pretty exciting and adrenaline pumping action packed game which drives fast, and really really fast. Coming at a real shy price of $0.99, this one’s a must have for all the action seekers out there.

Price: $0.99

Platform: Zombie Gunship for Android

  1. Fields of Battle – Price Free

 Fields of Battle

The title might suggest that you will need to fight against terrorists or dissipate aliens with the touch of a button, in turn, saving the civilians from war, but that is not the whole truth! Fields of Battle is like no other, with a totally unique concept which is why it has been included in this list of top 10 shooting games for Android.

Extremely fun and addictive in nature, the game basically runs around a paintball match. Ever heard of a boring game of paintball? Me neither! You will need to use all your wit-muscles and cleverness to get on top of this one. Use your tactical skills to finish your missions successfully and get to rejoice in the glory of victory.

Just like actual paintball, this is an afast paced game with a knockout scheme – you get hit and you go out. Power packed with effective gesture-based controls like diving, leaning out from cover, sliding, throwing grenades and more. Moreover, this game comes equipped with groundbreaking motion. With a unique approach to FPS shooters, the game comes as a breath of fresh air in a category which is all blood and murder.

Price: Free

Platform: Fields of Battle for Android

  1. Into The Dead - Price Free

 Into the Dead

Into the Dead, the Android game which brings forth the perfect amalgamation of two gaming worlds – one where you’re running endlessly throughout the entirety of the city just to finish your mission, and the other world where you’re disseminating zombies all over the place in a first person shooting spree.

The game is very much fast paced which makes it all the more challenging and dynamic. You would need to think on your feet as the margins for error are too less here.

The motto of the game is – Never stop moving! Just keep on walking and strolling and running through large fields fighting off millions of the undead whilst getting power-ups and collecting health as you move across a variety of obstacles, fences and a lot more. The farther you run, the harder it gets! What separates this one from the rest of the pack is the presence of highly intense visuals and ultra real sound effects.

Price: Free

PlatformInto The Dead for Android

  1. Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour - Price - $ 6.99

 Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour

Modern Combat 4? Wait a minute... Didn’t we just cover Modern Combat 5 on the top of this list? Yes, we did. Well, that’s how internationally loved this ‘Modern Combat’ series is across the world. Last but not the least, there ought to be another game from the giant Gameloft and this is where Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour enters the fray.

Honestly, this was the first game I laid my hands on when I started opting for Android games. This was console quality in its actual sense of the word.

You will see a lot of the ‘Call of Duty’ magic in this game, so much so that it might seem like a rip-off but this game has its own identity. An extremely fun game which is high on action and excitement, this is ideal for all avid gamers. Moreover, the impeccable graphics and the presence of a multitude of high-end weapons makes it all the more worthwhile.

Get your hands on hours and hours of unadulterated entertainment with this Modern Combat 4. The dramatic and enticing plot will take you on one memorable crazy cum solo ride with the mission to save the world from the brink of warfare. The controls have been specifically designed for mobiles and smartphones, and tablets as well. The multiplayer mode is one to watch out for as well. Go ahead with this game and let the action begin.

Price: $ 6.99

PlatformModern Combat 4: Zero Hour for Android


Well, we hope you had a feast strolling through our list of the best android shooting games out there. The options will definitely make you feel spoilt for choice, but then there is something for everybody. If you’re light-hearted and not much into the gory world of action games, you have softer shooting game editions as well. And there’s always more for people who seek uncensored action and unlimited fun.

Even though it might not be a console or a TV or a PC, these comprehensive renditions of shooting games for Android do pack a punch and keep the original aura of these games intact.

In today’s frantic world, it does make good sense to have all this gaming fun at the tip of your fingers.

Pun intended! Which one will you go for then?

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