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Top 10 Android Racing Games in 2018 - The Hottest Games on the Block!

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Since its inception, Android has been the fastest growing operating system and has become a favorite platform for developers around the world. Known all over the world for its flexibility and customizing capacity, Android is definitely one of the priority platforms for games, popular with gamers and game makers alike. This holds true for racing games on Android as well.We are up with an article on Top 10 Android Racing Games in 2018 - The hottest games on the block!

These are extremely popular because there is no single soul who does not love an adrenalin rush. To make your choice from a wide array of options easier, here we have put together a list of sizzling hot games that are worth downloading on your Android platform. If you're a regular gamer, you can play free online driving games at smartdrivinggames.com

Top 10 Android Racing Games in 2017 - The Hottest Games on the Block!

These are the top 10 Android racing games that are likely to scorch your screens this year. So, enjoy!

#10. Hill Climb Racing – Sheer Entertaining Physics Mechanics, Addictive

Hill Climb Racing Android Game - Top 10 Android Racing Games in 2017

This is one of the most addictive games found on the Andriod platform. Unlike other car racing games for Andriod, it might not have the speed quotient, but it is based on entertaining physics. Driving with Newton Bill across the hills, you really have to apply physics to cross the hurdles. As the level of the game progresses, the stages of difficulty increase, and unless you master them all, you do not want to leave the game.

If you do not like cars, you can also use other vehicles like truck, bike, jeep, tank etc. The gamers also earn coins with each level and they can use the coins to buy new cars or upgrade the old vehicles.


  • Smooth graphics
  • Exciting physics mechanics
  • Addictive gameplay
  • Cool animation

What you should note:

The entire point of the game is to drive quickly without flipping the car over and killing the driver. You can use the brake and gas lever to move fast on some terrains or flip over the hills quickly.

#9. Zombie Squad – Exciting Themes, Great Graphics

Zombie Squad - Top 10 Android Racing Games in 2017

In this one, gaming is taken to a different level because you have to race through a zombie apocalypse without letting the zombies kill you. This game is not for the faint-hearted because you need speed and acumen to run past every zombie who is lurking around the corner.

Plus, in this game, you simply cannot afford to be slow. In the process of running your car and killing the zombies, you will also need to be careful about avoiding any clashes with other cars.

In this game, you can choose your own car; upgrade it with latest armors and ammunition, and shoot monsters that will come your way.


  • Amazing stylized graphics
  • Variety of cars to choose from
  • Simple controls
  • Engaging gameplay
  • Interesting themes and missions

What you should note

The aim is to stay alive and finish the game; if you miss any zombies, they will ride your cars until you bump them off in any obstacles. You must drive fast, and at the same time, think of ways to bump off the zombies.

#8. Traffic Racer – Different Environments, Customizes Vehicles

Traffic Racer

Those who love the feel of driving on the highway will surely love Traffic Racer. The entire concept of facing raging traffic and overtaking others in high speed is what every adrenalin junkie would love. Traffic Racer is considered as a significant milestone in non-stop arcade driving and is quite addictive.


  • Amazing 3D graphics
  • Five different game-play modes like Two Way, Police Chase, Time Trial
  • Thirty different chic vehicles like trucks, buses, cars
  • Customization of vehicles
  • Online leaderboard, along with special achievement support
  • Controls based on touch and tilt
  • Four different and detailed environments like the city night, suburb, desert and snowy atmosphere

What you should note

You really need to move fast to score maximum points. If you are driving above 100 km/h, you can overtake the other cars to have bonus and extra cash.

#7. Moto Racer 3D – Great Almost-Real Engine Sounds, Interesting Camera Angles

Moto Racer 3D

This 3D racing game is quite a favorite among gaming enthusiasts. It is an amazing experience to drive fast motorbikes, race in busy traffic, and unlock other vehicles as well. No wonder, this game has been downloaded 2,50,000 times since its release in the market.

Because of its 3D impact, the game becomes as real as it can get. Once you choose the bike and stylize it as per your choice, all you need to do is start the engine and reach the finishing line. There are three gameplay options for the new career, quick race, or career.

In a quick race, you will need to participate with seven other racers. As part of the game, you can also earn the bonus when you knock other racers or take a jump. This game is all about speed, and all you need to do is go around the tracks and try to be the first to finish the crossing line.

And smartphone users will be glad to know that you can download this game easily as Moto Racer 3D is one of the free racing games on Android.


  • Super high definition graphics
  • Steering controls to match the fast pace of the bike
  • Fire effects in the engine with close-to-reality engine sounds
  • Huge number of tracks to play on and different bikes to choose from
  • Impressive camera angles
  • Different levels to choose from
  • Presence of leaderboards

What you should note

If you have a thing for speed, tackling this game should be easy for you. You can do steep turns, face obstacles, but you should be aware of the fences so that you do not crush in them.

As you win rewards, it is better to improve the bike, so that is easier to win new races. Your ultimate goal is to win the race, so choose your bike carefully, and do not let your opponents kick you off the vehicle.

#6. Asphalt 8: Airborne – Separate Drift Mode, Upgraded Tenerife Island, Amazing Music Beats

Asphalt 8: Airborne

Asphalt 8: Airborne is considered as one of the best racing games on Android. This is indeed a worthy successor to Asphalt 7. The best thing about this game is that it can be played either in solo mode or in a multiplayer mode, where you are pitted against other players.

According to many players, the game has a smooth finish. You can either race through the deserts of Dubai or Nevada with high-profile cars like Ferrari, Lamborghini, Bugatti, or Audi. Those who are simply in love with racing games and have a good smartphone with a proper RAM will find this game extremely exciting. The new upgraded version includes exclusive decals and rewards.

New tracks are introduced to make the game more interesting and now you can compete against 12 players simultaneously.


  • 180 different events across different categories
  • For driving in the sideways, there is a separate drift mode
  • The base game is available for free, but for additions and custom kits, you can purchase in-apps
  • The new upgraded version has a new location called the island of Tenerife, which includes scintillating beaches, tropical forests, and four new tracks
  • New cars like Audi R8 LMS Ultra, Lamborghini Aventador, and other exclusive cars are introduced
  • Amazing graphics
  • The music beats adding to the excitement
  • Modes of infected mode and drift game mode are available

What you should note

You should try to win as many stars as possible because with every star it will reveal a one-time money bonus which will be given after completing the race. While playing the game, each and every map should be explored to the core, because maps include important keys for hidden passages, shortcuts, and alternative routes.

It is better to memorize the tracks to save your car from any impending danger. If you already know the track layouts, you can keep away from any sort of hazardous situation.

#5. Real Racing 3 – TSM, Expanded Car Grid, Officially Licensed Racing Tracks

Real Racing 3

Those who love a realistic racing scenario will be extremely pleased with Real Racing 3. It is probably one of the best racing games in Andriod because players have a host of cars to choose from, which they can unlock as they proceed in the game and purchase to make the advance.

Like many other games in Andriod, you can either opt for a solo mode or challenge others. Because of its real racing locations and excellent graphics, this game has also won an award. The fast multiplayer option allows the racer to play against opponents from all over the world.


  • Officially licensed racing tracks
  • An expanded car grid, which can seamlessly accommodate 22 cars
  • Fifty different classy cars to choose from the leading car manufacturers in the world like Porsche, Audi, Lamborghini, Bugatti, and Dodge
  • New Time Shifted Multiplayer Technology or TSM, which gives you a close real-time feel, while you are in a multi-player mode
  • Redesigning of the interface, making the progressive levels more interesting
  • A new angle to damage and servicing: previously you had to pay $8 to pay for the damages while racing. Now, if you can finish the race without any damage, you will be given rewards

What you should note

While selecting a car, you should opt for the best car that you can afford. You should be well-versed with the layouts and circuits. It is always better to consider your track before the race starts because this also affects your choice of car. Always think of the strategy to maneuver your car.

If hitting the grass will destroy your momentum, sliding around the corners will also affect the speed. It is better to have a wide run in the track. You should use the bonuses carefully.

#4. Riptide GP2 – New VR Challenge Mode, Realistic Shadows, and Jet Ski Racing

Riptide GP2

Those who prefer water to land for racing will find Riptide GP2 to their liking. The racers will race on jet skis instead of speed boats so that they have enough points to boost their scores.

Those who are looking for a bit of competition can opt for the multiplayer mode instead of the career mode. Before starting the game, you can collect nine watercrafts and customize them, as per your requirements. There are 25 different stunts, which can surprise the crowd.

In a career mode alone, you will have 30 different races and different game modes to select from.


  • Original themes like new tracks, new game modes, and exclusive hydro jets to choose from
  • New VR challenge mode, which allows you to race against the best timings of your friends, which are recorded.
  • New upgrades, along with customization facilities, which allows the racers to collect the hydro jets and customize features
  • Amazing graphics, dynamic lights, and realistic shadows to create a new level of gaming

What you should note

The game includes default tilt controls, but to avoid distraction, it is better to switch to touchscreen controls. It is best to avoid your tricks, as this can affect the possibility of refilling the boost meter. Unless you are a pro in the game, it is best to avoid boost buttons while running through turns.

It is always best to boost on the straightaways. When you are unsure of your maneuver, you can always pause the game and take a note of all the stunts that you can perform. The cash that you earn can be spent to upgrade the vehicle, like going for top speed, acceleration, boost, or handling.

#3. Asphalt Overdrive – 80s Southern California Feel, Portrait Layout, And Handy Controls

 Asphalt Overdrive

When you consider the top 10 Andriod racing games of 2016, you simply cannot miss Asphalt Overdrive, because this is a little different from other games by Gameloft. It is more like an on-rails game and does not have the flexibility of free controls.

The format of the game is more along the lines of Subway Surfers and Temple Run as thematically all these games are similar, for the entire game is played on a single rail.

The setting of the games is also a little different, as the player gets the feel of Southern California in the 1980s. Like most of the racing games in the Asphalt series, this game also includes cars which have automatic acceleration, but the movement of the cars are fixed to an endless three-lane path. Stunts or ramming civilian vehicles will help to build your nitrous meter, which helps to avoid police vehicles.


  • High-definition graphics
  • Handy controls, which make for easy maneuver
  • Seven different tasks to choose from
  • There are 30 different cars for selection.
  • Portrait layout, which helps the players to avoid cops, smash other vehicles, do stunts, and gain control
  • Realistic themes to provide an 80s strain of Southern California

What you should note:

This is probably one of the best racing games in Andriod, so you really need to be careful about your moves if you are planning to win. Before you buy the car, always check its statistics. You should be careful about big buses because although the tutorial mentions that by slamming cars you can knock them down, you cannot apply the same tactics for buses, because you may lose speed.

You can combine the different stunts in order to have big scores. At each level, it becomes imperative that you earn three stars because this will ultimately lead to big scores.

#2. Racer Underground - Roaming with OpenWorld Design, Police Escape Mode

Racer Underground

Another exciting racing game for the gaming enthusiasts comes in the form of Racer Underground. This entertaining game, which has been deemed as one best car racing games for Android, has a full package.

You get to chase criminals, avoid the police, reach the target, and also finished first among the competitors. Moreover, you also need to take care of your time, which is crucial here.


  • Roaming in one map with OpenWorld design, a feature distinctively different from other racing games
  • Realistic themes including close-to-reality engine sounds
  • New modifications in different parts of the car like engine, brake discs, suspension, tires, and nitro
  • Police escape mode
  • Graphics that give you a realistic feel

What you should note

If you want to move fast to the next levels, you need to finish the assigned task at one level. To have an edge over your competitor, it is best not to put too much pressure on the gas pedal in the bend turns. For drifting, you can also use the hand brakes bends.

#1. Need for Speed: No limits – Exciting Features, Realistic, And Short Games

Need for Speed: No limits

The first good thing about Need for Speed: No Limits is that it is one of the free racing games in Andriod. This is one of the top-notch games with amazing stylized graphics. This is pure adrenalin rush because this game is all about innovation; you can actually ignore all the rules to reach the top.

Everyone can dig, draft or simply roll to gain supremacy in the game. You can be one of those racers who can simply break all the rules, drive recklessly and be a model for others who take no qualms in racing first to the finishing line.


  • Amazing graphics to simply blow your mind
  • Thirty different cars with provisions to upgrade and customize
  • Exciting layouts and includes features like reflections, smoke, and different aspects of car racing making the game quite realistic
  • Simple controls and the car is in full acceleration mode, making it simple to navigate through rough terrain
  • Short games spanning over 30 seconds, making it easier for people, who do not have much time on hand, to play

What you should note

This is probably one of the simplest games in the racing circuit, but you cannot easily move from one level to the other, which means, you need to wait for a stipulated timeframe before you race again.

So if you are planning a day-long rendezvous with Need for Speed: No Limits, you need to calculate your time! And if you want a refill, you will have to buy gold with real money to fill up the tank!

For a gaming enthusiast, it is not just about the game. The combination of graphics, layout, and most importantly, content gives you a kick. Even the simplest of games can be addictive, but you really need to have good content. So, when you think of choosing any of the games in Andriod, you need to understand what really triggers off your imagination.


Even a simple game like Hill Climb Racing can be quite interesting! This list is prepared on the feedback of Google play store users and some of the reviews mentioned about Andriod racing games. Most of them might not work well in low-configured Andriod media, which means before downloading the game, you should also look at the device on which you are planning to play the game.

Hope our list is helpful to you in choosing your preferred Android Racing Game!

We gave you our insight into the top games, and now, we would like to know about the choice you finally make!

Let us know how much use our list was and also if you think that we may have missed a good game on the list.

Get in touch with us in the Comments section below, we would appreciate your suggestions!

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