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Top 24 Android Multiplayer Games of 2018 You should Play Once!

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Top 24 Android Multiplayer Games of 2017

Can you resist the temptation of playing these Top 24 Android Multiplayer Games of 2018?

Playing Android Multiplayer Games can be really exciting as you don’t need to invest in a high-end console or PC, but simply download them on your Android mobile phone to play on platforms or devices. These exciting games take you to another level where you can play with your friends or team up with them to challenge others.

Love playing Android multiplayer games on your smartphones and tablets?

You can play the best Android multiplayer games with people in any part of the globe or your friends and even play these from across platforms.

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Top 24 Android Multiplayer Games of 2018 You want to Play Today

We bring to you some of the top android multiplayer games that are a must for all gaming lovers.

#24) Asphalt 8: Airborne-Free


Asphalt 8: Airborne-Free

We will commence our list of android multiplayer games with Asphalt 8: Airborne. This is one of the most exciting multiplayer games, which racing online. You can compete with your friends and at a time 8 participants can play the game together. In this game, you will face racing challenges from your friends when you are online.

You can play or download this game from this link.

#23) Clash of Clans-Free

Clash of Clans has been on the top of the list of best Android multiplayer games since 2013. It is one of the best games for Android and requires you to plan a massive strategy. The game is an ideal multiplayer game and requires you to create a village, build an army and make massive attacks on your foes.

This game can be played only in multiplayer mode and you will be able to join your clans with your friends to protect each other in case of being attacked by foes or other people. This game is the cross-platform game so you will be able to face competitors from other Android OS platforms as well.

You can easily play or download this game on this link.

#22) CSR Racing-Free


CSR Racing is one of the best android car racing games. Till now more than 10 million android users have downloaded this game. In this game you will get involved in drag racing just opposite to the AL and other players in a quarter or half mile drag race.

The developers have added much more stuff since the date of its release in the market. It is meant to be played by multi players, where you have to race with other online players and earn highest rewards to win.

You will find many players in the game, so you will be able to compete with other players as well.

This game can be easily downloaded or played on this link.

#21) Dr.Driving-Free

Dr. Driving is a one of kind multi-player game that is playable on an Android user interface. Here you have to drive well to earn maximum points. You have to avoid racing and auto style driving due to which you can meet with a road mishap.

To avoid losing points, you have to make sure that you don’t have any accidents. In this game, you can choose a four-wheeler to drive on highways on the outskirts of the city. The real challenge in this game is to beat other players while driving online. It is a fun game and you will enjoy it.

You can easily download or play this game on this link.

#20) Dungeon Hunter 4-Free


Dungeon Hunter 4

The game named Dungeon Hunter 4 has a player background that is similar to that of another game Diablo. This game has a pretty long story, amazing graphics, and advanced play mechanics. The online play mode in this game has a co-operation feature which allows you to play along with your friends.

You can fight with other online people in the PVP mode. You can even create your own online team and play deathmatches. Though there are some loopholes in this game still you will experience a unique fun while playing it with your friends.

This game can be easily downloaded or played on this link.

#19) Eternity Warriors 2-Free

Eternity Warriors 2 is another game that has amazing play mechanics. It has cooperative multi-playing and PVP mode. You will be able to fight your foes online by teaming up with your friends. You can even get against other people to play a death-dealing combat.

The graphics in this game are of average level and its game playing mechanics are very advanced. This game is available for free and can be downloaded as a mobile app on your android phone.

You can easily download or play this game on this link.

#18.Hellfire: The Summoning-Free


HellFire: The Summoning

Hellfire: The Summoning is a card game that is a mixture of graphical magic and Yu-Gi-Oh. In this game you will have to make use of cards to call diverse creatures. The power of these creatures can be upgraded and they can be made to battle against other creatures that are dominated by other players.

The most amazing playing component is that you will have to play with cards though you will be fighting a battle with your opponents.

The developers of this game have made it more interesting by adding glimpses of live events to make it spicier. This game has become very popular. You will be able to search as well as battle with an online opponent in this Android game. To download Hellfire you can go to play store and download directly.

#17) Ice Age Village-Free

In the multiplayer android game of Ice Age Village you will have to unlock a sim and create a living habitat for the characters of Ice Age. This is a very easy game suitable for kids as well as fun to play. You can get connected to it through your Facebook account and take a tour of the villages created by your friends.

By connecting via Facebook you will earn extra points that could be used in favor of upgrading your village. This game is slightly slow paced game and meant for young players.

To download the game click here.

#16) Ingress-Free



Ingress is a multiplayer game that requires employing some strategies. In this game, you will find some playing background or landmarks that have taken over or defended by players. In the game, you will be able to play with other Ingress fanatics.

This game is a lot of fun, and you will be involved in scavenger hunts that are interesting to play in multi-player form. The game has been in among the list of top Android games since 2014 and its developers have added some new features to it from that time.

This game can be easily downloaded or played on this link.

#15) Minecraft-Pocket Edition-$6.99

Everyone loves to play Minecraft and you can also invite your friends to become players in this game. The game was launched in 2014 and has gained immense popularity since then. You can easily download Minecraft-Pocket Edition from here.  The Minecraft Pocket Edition game has some in-app purchases as well.

#14) Modern Combat5: Blackout-$6.99


Modern Combat 5 Blackout

Modern Combat 5 is an action packed multiplayer game, which offers an advanced version of the highly popular Modern Combat series. This game has been loaded with new combat campaigns, latest weapons and advanced multiplayer modes.

It resembles the Halo series and FPS fans will enjoy having this great online gaming experience. While playing online you can reach on top of leader boards.

This game can be downloaded or played on this link and includes some in-app purchases as well.

#13) NBA Jam-$4.99

NBA Jam is very popular Android game; it is based on a basket-ball playable by two teams each comprising of two players. You will find both local as well as international multi players online and play it with your friends and family as well.

The playing mechanics of this game are very simple to understand and you can easily play it on a gamepad that supports android operating system. You can even play it on an Android TV and experience memorable fun.

To download the game click here.

#12) Order & Chaos Online-Free


order & chaos online

Order & Chaos Online involves a lot of gaming tasks. This multiplayer game also has a solo player mode if you prefer to play alone. You see numerous characters, five races and 1200 quests to win. You can spend hours playing this game and really enjoy yourself.

The game comes with some in-app purchases and can be easily downloaded or played via this link.

#11) Osmos HD-$2.99

Osmos HD is a game that has topped the list of good Android games since 2013. In fact, it has been considered to have the best playing graphics. You can play this game with your friends and other online guys in multiplayer mode. Any one can simply relax and experience unique fun while playing this game.

You can download or play Osmos HD via this link.

 #10) Pool Break Pro-$1.99


Pool Break Pro

Pool Break Pro is also on the top list of best games for Android. This is a unique multiplayer game with surprisingly good features.

As the name conveys its background this game involves playing pool with an opponent to win maximum points. You can also play it easily with your friends by signing in with your Facebook account.

You can spare a few minutes playing this game daily with your near ones or an online opponent.

This game can be downloaded or played at this link.

#9) Real Boxing-Free

As the name implies Real Boxing involves doing boxing in online mode. It has amazing and superfast graphics. You can easily play this game in online multiplayer mode. You will find many opponents to choose and fight on this game. Just customize your gaming characters and fight weekly tournaments.

You can also increase your online social interactions while playing it. Fans of boxing will really enjoy this game because they can experience the fun of real gaming with it.

Real Boxing includes some in-app purchases and you can download or play this game via this link. 

#8) Riptide GP2-$2.99


Riptide GP2

Riptide GP2 is one of the most favorite games of many guys and has also been called an aquatic racing game. Here you will have to race with your opponents by using a water jet ski. You can employ multiple sailing tricks while playing it. Here you can race with four opponents while being in multiplayer mode.

The graphics of this game are really awesome. It will provide you with a unique racing experience amidst sea waters.

Riptide comes with in-app purchases and can be downloaded or played via this link.

#7) Sea Battle-Free

Sea Battle is a spin-off from the game Battle Ship2. This is one the classic board games that can be played in multiplayer mode. Here you will have to battle with other online opponents with the help of a battleship. It will be fine to invite your friends to play this game with you in the form of opponents.

The game mechanics and play graphics of this multiplayer android game are classy. You can share this game on the phone of your friends through Bluetooth feature. You can also play this game in solo mode with a computerized opponent. This is a multiplayer game that has topped the list of android entertainers.

You can download or play this game at this link.

 #6) Shadowgun: Dead Zone-Free



Shadowgun: Dead Zone is a multiplayer shooting game that has been created by the developers of Dead Trigger and Dead Trigger 2. This is an amazing shooting game and you can play it well with 12 players or opponents in multiplayer mode.

These are virtual death matches that will make you feel the experience of fighting and combating with guns. If you are seeking a free FPS then this one has been made for you.

This game can be downloaded and played on this link.

 #5) Sim City Buildlt -Free

If you liked the game of Ice Age Village and want to play it in an adult or matured mode then Sim City Built is the best choice. This is a fully fledged multiplayer android game with classic graphics. Here you will need to build or create your city and will get the power to bring natural disasters and epidemics.

One social aspect of this game is that you can buy or exchange resources with other players. If you are fond of Sim City games then this one can bring unique gaming fun to you.

You can download or play this game at this link.

#4) Spaceteam-Free

space team android

Spaceteam is a unique multiplayer game, which has seen immense demand from players and users. It’s a party game and you will have the ability to instruct other players about what to do, as well as follow commands given by other players while in multiplayer mode.

This game can be downloaded or played at this link.

#3) Words with Friends-Free

'Words with Friends' is a highly recommended multiplayer game, where you will be playing scrabble with other online players. You and your friends have to play this game in consecutive turns. You have to wait for your turn slowly and simply relax while playing it during your entire play session.

The Words with Friends game comes with some in-app purchases and can be downloaded via this link.

#2) Mortal Kombat X-Free



You can achieve real and exciting victory over your opponent in Mortal Kombat X. This is one of those top android games that involve dangerous and brutal mortal combats. You will have to fight with other powerful opponents in the game. This is one of the largest console fighting entertainment games that you will be playing on your android phone or tablet.

Just choose a fighting character from the player list and march against other opponents of this world. Just break their bones and destroy them with your death dealing blows and kicks.

The Mortal Kombat X Android game can be downloaded from here.

#1) NOVA 3 Freedom Edition

This game Nova 3 resembles to Halo series, it is an action packed multiplayer game. It explodes the best action based pranks that you will perform on your android based smart phone.

You feel hooked by its amazing graphics and unique action situations. You can engage 12 other players in this game to join you while being in multiplayer mode.

Experience the unique fun of playing multiplayer games on Android Devices

If you are having an android smart phone or an android tablets then you can enjoy a pleasant time by downloading top android games on them. Thanks to android OS devices that are entertaining its users with action packed and strategy based multiplayer games. You can have a memorable experience while playing some most popular multiplayer games on your android devices like phone or tablets.

These games are not restricted to national or international boundaries thus you can play with local as well as international players. Multiplayer games have one big advantage you can increase your online social circle while playing them. Many such games give you with the facility of playing on your Facebook account.

You can also invite your Facebook friends to join you while playing these android based games. You can also share these multiplayer games with your friends via the Bluetooth feature.

If you think that we have missed any android game in this list that you simply love, please let us know in the comments section below.

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