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21 Best Unique Android Launchers (2018) that will make you Happy!

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One of the biggest reasons for popularity of Android is the power that it gives in the hands of the users to personalize their phones and make it reflect their personality and mood. Before Android people used to personalize with small things such as wallpapers but everyone was hungry to do more.

So, within no time of Android getting launched, several launchers flooded the market, each having lots of useful features and offering the tremendous number of ways to personalize Android devices such as phones and tablets.

Currently, the play store has an literally endless number of launchers with new ones getting added every day which makes it extremely difficult for anyone to find his dream launcher.

We have painstakingly gone through many popular launchers to bring you the best Android launchers of different types such as launchers for android tablets, unique android launchers, and best 3d android launcher for android for both free and paid categories.

All these launchers deserve to be the list of best android launchers 2017.


Go Android Launcher Z By Go Dev Team @ Android, Price FREE

Required Android: Varies with device

The Go Android launcher Z developed by the Go Dev Team @ Android is one of the most popular free android launcher apps. It is an upgraded version of the well-known ‘Go Launcher Ex’. It supports more than 100,000 themes and icons which mean that you will get the most stylish and most beautiful user interfaces for any of your compatible Android devices. Professional designers create these impeccable themes, and they are updated every week. So every week you can have a new style on your device. The Go Launcher Z is also slim. It neither takes too much memory nor hogs your mobiles CPU. Moreover, it also keeps a check on the running apps in your mobile and continuously keeps cleaning up redundant programs. This further helps to speed up your mobile device and makes it fast and smooth. In addition to being Slim and Stylish, it is also smart. Its independent 3D engine gives you very quick and efficient experience.


Hola Android Launcher By Holaverse, Price FREE

Required Android: 2.3.3 and above

The Hola Android launcher by Holaverse is a powerhouse of great looks and functionalities. Concerning great looks, it provides thousands of themes and wallpapers with which you can easily make your phone look and feel exactly like you every wanted it to look and feel. You can also change the look and feel to suit your mood, style and environment. For example, you can have a dull and boring theme when in office and an incredibly vibrant and rebellious theme when you are in a rock concert same day evening while on the weekend you can have a very competitive looking theme as you play some sports with your friends. Other than boosting the looks, it also boosts the performance of your phone by managing your apps and cleaning up the memory regularly for apps which aren’t running anymore and by removing unnecessary bloat-ware. This not only speeds up your phone but also gives you more memory for useful apps. It also has a power manager which automatically detects and fixes problems which are draining the battery of your phone. While it’s ‘Game Booster’ feature boosts launching of your games by minimum 30%, the ‘Omni Swipe’ feature lets you switch between different apps and tools within seconds by giving you a facility to do so without you having to back and forth the home screen when switching apps. This launcher is also one of the latest launchers for android tablets.


Solo Android Launcher By Newborntown, Price FREE

Required Android: 4.1 and above

Solo Android Launcher By Newborntown is among the first few launchers to be based on Material design 2.0 which is Androids latest look and feel design for all aspects of the user interface. It is also in the top 3 free android launcher apps and one of the most widely featured launcher on the play store. Other than being based on Material Design 2.0, people love Solo launcher because it is very light and offers an incredible number of ways to personalize several aspects about the phone. On the one hand it gives users thousands of freely downloadable themes, widgets and wallpapers to make their phone look incredible, while on the other hand it also provides much-needed functionality.  For example, it keeps track of your applications and memory used by them and keeps cleaning up the memory from redundant apps giving a lightning fast and butter smooth phone in your hands. It has a new locker plug-in which makes it easy to protect the device from unauthorized usage. The Solo Android launcher also makes using your phone super easy by giving you ways to interact with the phone merely by gestures. For example you can set starting up of some app with a gesture. So next time, you don’t have to search and click the icon to launch that app. Just make the gesture, and the Solo launcher will do the rest.


Google Now Android Launcher By Google Inc, Price FREE

Required Android: 4.1 and above

With between 50 million to 100 million downloads and an average rating of 4+ stars by nearly 800 thousand people, Google Now Android Launcher By Google Inc. is among the best free Android launchers. As with all Google products, the beauty of this launcher is its simple non-flashy design geared towards intuitive usage. It is tightly integrated with the ‘Google Now’ feature. After installing this launcher you will be able to see all your Google Now cards simply by swiping towards the right. This helps a lot in you getting the right information at the right time. Another fantastic feature that this launcher offers is search facility on every screen, which gives you access to any information from anywhere on the phone. Google understands that the more natural way of human interaction is by talking verbally; hence they have put voice recognition in this launcher. Now you can simply command your phone verbally for any action that you wish it to take such as setting up alarm, noting down a reminder, sending a text or email to someone, initiating a phone call, getting directions, playing songs, starting some application, searching the web for specific information and so on. Everything can be done by voice commands that too in a natural language like we talk to each other.


CM Android Launcher 3D By Cheetah Mobile Inc., Price FREE

Required Android: 4.0 and above

The CM Android Launcher 3D By Cheetah Mobile Inc. is the first Android launcher powered by 3D engine. With the silky smooth experience and the 3D look and feel your phone will feel not only new but it will also look unique and special like you are. CM launcher 3D takes zero system memory and slight non-system memory which can double your phone’s performance. This makes it the fastest android launcher of its type. By replacing the dull, flat user interface with the bright and exciting 3D interface, it completely changes the way you see and use your phone. Everything about your phone will be in 3D be it transitions, navigation or clock and weather widgets. The CM Launcher 3D also has best-in-class safety, security and privacy protection features. It comes bundled with AV-TEST antivirus engine to protect you from any malicious software or attack. The CM launcher is also extremely brutal on anything that drains battery. You can increase your battery life by 30% merely by making this launcher as the default launcher. It is also intelligent and automatically sorts your apps into folders giving you a neat and tidy desktop while you intuitively know where to find which app. This is also one of the best launchers for android tablets.


ZenUI Android Launcher By ZenUI, ASUS Computer Inc., Price FREE

Required Android: 4.3 and above

ZenUI Android Launcher By ZenUI, ASUS Computer Inc. offers a host of unique and exceptional features and ways to customize your phone.  It gives you access to thousands of free themes, wallpapers and widgets which you can use to personalize the overall look and feel of the phone. It also allows you to change icons and change the size of icons of any app which makes it extremely easy to identify the app. It lets you customize the transition effects, and it allows you to change font style and size and it gives you ways to organize your apps in folders. ASUS computers Inc. understands very well that giving you a good looking phone is merely half of the battle; the other half is giving you features and functionalities which you deeply desire. The ZenUI launcher helps you organize your apps and folders either in one layer mode which gives you access to all your apps and folders right on the home screen, or two layer mode which gives you shortcuts to access your apps and folders. To help you stay organized, its ‘Smart Group’ feature automatically groups all related apps preventing you a headache to organizing the apps manually.


Nova Android Launcher By TeslaCoil Software, Price FREE

Required Android: Varies with device

The Nova Android Launcher by TeslaCoil Software has been rated 4+ on an average by nearly one million people, which makes it one of the best launchers available currently. It is also one of the most professionally reviewed launchers and consistently rated positively. The Nova launcher strikes the right balance between high customizability, unbelievable performance, simplicity and ease of use. It is designed to be fast, so fast that you will be able to use your mobile as fast as you can move your fingers. You may freely call it as the fastest android launcher. If you choose to use this launcher you don’t have to rebuild your desktop because it will import all your desktop settings and apply them when you start this launcher. So your starting point will always be your current desktop from where you can make it significantly better using this launcher. With this launcher, you can intuitively control icons, positioning, colors, app drawer and widgets. You can also have much needed features such as infinite scrolling which loops through the desktop or drawer continuously helping you access your desired app quickly.


C Android Launcher By C Launcher Team, Price FREE

Required Android: Varies with device

The C Android launcher developed by the C launcher team is a futuristic launcher which is a super fast, intelligent, neat, highly customizable launcher which also saves you battery. With this launcher, you can easily find/download/install-uninstall apps, themes, wallpapers, widgets, icon packs and much more to personalize your phone to suit your personality and mood. The incredibly delicious themes include themes such as different moods, popular themes such as Galaxy, Windows 7 and iPhone look and feel. If you are still not happy with the predefined themes, you can always make your theme in just 3 simple steps. You can also share your newly created theme with other users. Like a mini personal assistant, the C launcher automatically sorts your applications based on their function. This not only helps in a neat and clean desktop but it also helps in finding what you need quickly and without having to search for it.


Smart Android Laucher 3 By Smart Launcher Team, Price FREE

Required Android: Varies with device

Smart Android Laucher 3 By Smart Launcher Team is a developed driven by its community. It is among unique android launchers because it is not based on AOSP launcher. In terms of look and feel, it is based completely on the material design which gives you the latest Android look and feel even though you may not have latest Android on your phone. It can work on almost all Android devices and for both portrait and landscape modes. The Smart launcher 3 supports tons of free themes, icons and wallpapers with which you can personalize your phone. This launcher gives you an automatically sorted list of apps. You can double tap any icon to start a second app, or by using the search bar you can quickly search for any app, contacts or look for any information on the internet.


Next Android Launcher 3D Trial By Go Dev Team, Price FREE

Required Android: Varies with device

The Next Android Launcher 3D is another blockbuster launcher developed by the Go Dev Team. It is the best 3d android launcher for android. It is the only 3D launcher which applies the real 3D visual technologies to the user interface and this is what makes it heartthrob of nearly 50 million people. In a limited term, this launcher will give you a glimpse of how amazing your phone can be and actually get you addicted to that look and feel. After using it for some time, you will automatically recognize the value for money for its premium features. Other than the incredible, dazzling, super attractive and ultra-fast 3D effects, you can manage your apps in batch with mere gestures. You can also select many apps together to do a joint operation on them in one shot on the launcher home screen. It gives you access to thousands of 3D themes, live wallpapers and 3D widgets. You will always find your favorite among them. This collection is regularly updated so that your phone can always retain new cool 3D looks.


Apex Android Launcher By Android Does, Price FREE

Required Android: 4.0.3 and above

Apex Android Launcher By Android Does is one of the most loved and supported launcher among the professional reviewing community. It is consistently ranked among the best Android launchers. It offers a tremendous number of beautiful and useful customizations possibilities. With this launcher you can customize your home screen grid size and have up to 9 home screens. It gives you the option of infinite or elastic scrolling. It also lets you hide what you want to protect applications from others or what you don’t want to be in forefront. This launcher also gives you multiple drawer styles with sorting facility and feature of hiding apps directly from the drawer. It gives you the freedom of using gestures to control your phone.  This launcher is optimized for phones as well as tablet form factors and gives you advanced theme engines to make your Android devices look the best and function exactly like you want them to be. It is among the best and latest launchers for android tablets.


LINE Android Launcher By iConnect Inc., Price FREE

Required Android: 4.0.3 and above

The LINE Android Launcher By iConnect Inc. was earlier known as dodol launcher. It was rebranded after significant changes which meets user needs and requirements of great looks and added functionality. The Line launcher brings several unique features which are not present in other launchers. With this launcher you get more than 3000 themes including LINE friends such as Brown and Sally. You also get minimum 100 new wallpapers every day. Plus you can also use several customized widgets as well as using stickers on your home screen. In short, it offers infinite possibilities to customize and personalize your phone. You can literally do literally do what you can imagine.


LaucherPro Android Launcher By Federico Carnales, Price FREE

Required Android: 2.0 and above

As the LaucherPro Android Launcher By Federico Carnales requires Android version 2.0 and above, it can work on almost all android devices including the old ones. So, even if you have an old Android device, you can still use this launcher to get the best out of it. By using this launcher you can get up to 7 loop-able home screens for easy management of your apps and widgets. This launcher will make the scrolling super fast and butter smooth and it will give you animated screen previews which are similar to HTC sense. You will be able to choose between 2D or 3D app drawer style and you will have a scrollable shortcut dock. You will also be able to hide label backgrounds for the icons present in the home screen, plus you will have access to many brand new amazing icon packs.


ADW Android Launcher 1 By AnderWeb, Price FREE

Required Android: 1.6 and above

ADW Android Launcher 1 developed by AnderWeb is another launcher which supports very old versions of Android. This makes the ADW launcher 1 an incredibly versatile launcher. By offering thousands of skins and themes, it helps you customize and personalize all aspects of your phone. With this launcher you can organize your applications, you can shape visual indicators for your desktop, you can configure how folders look and behave including previews and you can resize widgets to your comfortable size and so on. With the screen editor of the ADW launcher 1, you will also be able to add, remove, swap or resize your desktop screens. You can also use its icon editor to edit the existing shortcuts or if you are still not happy, then create your own new personalized shortcuts.


TSF Android Launcher 3D Shell By Launcher 3D Pro, Price FREE

Required Android: 2.2 and above

The TSF Android launcher 3D Shell By Launcher 3D Pro is a brand-new 3D launcher which offers never seen before ways to interact with your phone, especially your home screen. This launcher offers you ways to characterize each and every element of the home screen making it much more useful and efficient to use, as well as stunning looking. It gives you the ability to support more than 10 independent home screens which can be freewheeling and switched easily.  While other launchers offer limited dock bars, the TSF launcher gives the immense power of unlimited dock bar whose position, length and angle can be changed easily. This launcher comes with 10 exclusive widgets and brings in more than 9 gestures which is not present in other launchers.


Next Android Launcher 3D Shell By Go Dev Team @ Android, Price $16.99

Required Android: Varies with device

The Next Android Launcher 3D Shell By Go Dev Team @ Android is the full-fledged version of its free trial version. With this version you will get all the amazing features and functionalities of the free version, that too for unlimited time duration. This launcher will bring you real 3D home screen transition effects such as crystal, cloth and folding which have incredible animations during screen switching. It offers the power of theme mixing using which you will be able to mix and match best parts of different themes to create your own unique and special theme exclusively for yourself. This launcher also gives the power of batch operations for app management with gestures.


Go Android Launcher Prime By Go Dev Team @ Android, Price $5.99

Required Android: 2.2 and above

Go Android Launcher Prime by Go Dev Team @ Android is the paid version of the world famous free version Go Launcher. In addition to all the incredible features and functions of the free version, this launcher adds many more features as well as functionalities. First and foremost it removes all ads which make the interface absolutely clean. Additionally, it gives Side dock, wallpaper filters and more than 6 transition animations which help in smooth switching between tasks and amaze and impress your friends. The ‘security lock’ feature protects your privacy and/or unintentional modifications by giving you the functionality of locking any app which you desire. The paid version also has several more gestures to make interactions with your phone incredibly easy.


Nova Android Launcher Prime By TestaCoil Software, Price FREE

Required Android: 4.0 and above

The Nova Launcher Prime by TestaCoil Software unlocks several exciting features from its free counterpart. It adds support for intuitive gestures to the home screen for opening your apps easily. Plus it adds support for new scroll effects such as wipe, accordion, and throw. In terms of new features, it adds the TeslaUnread plugin, which keeps a count of all the unread messages in different messengers such as hangouts, Gmail, SMS etc., which helps you to never miss any message irrespective of whether you see notification of that messenger or not. With this launcher you can hide unimportant or private apps, you can set your own preferred action for swipes on icons and you can create new folders and tabs in the app drawer.


Smart Android Launcher Pro 3 by Smart Launcher Team, Price $4.49

Required Android: Varies with device

The Smart Android Launcher Pro 3, known as SL3 in general adds many stimulating features to its free version. With this paid version you can get up to 9 screens for placing widgets. You can interact with the phone more easily with support for double finger gestures. It adds 20 new categories for organizing the drawer each having 7 more exciting animations. The SL3 has a new layout in the form of Arch and it smartly detects flat surfaces automatically.


Action Android Launcher 2: Pro By Chris Lacy, Price $3.99

Required Android: 4.0.3 and above

The Action Launcher 2: Pro developed by Chris Lacy unlocks full feature set of the free Action launcher. This includes all the amazing features and functionalities of the free version, plus lots more exciting new features. This launcher offers several functionalities related to icons such as giving access to using icon packs, changing the size of icons, or even changing the icon itself. With this paid version of the Action launcher you can also hide apps in the QuickDrawer and use shutters in folders.  You can additionally change the backgrounds of QuickDrawer and QuickPage. You also get free access to the upcoming features such as such as display of count of unread messages. A new version called as Action launcher 3: Pro has been launched sometime back. But, still this (older version) is still more popular among the two and still many people prefer this version over its newer counterpart.


Apex Android Launcher Pro By Android Does, Price #3.99

Required Android: 4.0 and above

The Apex Launcher Pro developed by Android Does adds many thrilling features and functionalities to its free version. The paid version, allows unlimited tabs and folders in drawers, it gives the unread message count, and enables swiping the dock upwards and downwards. It adds loads of transition effects, extends support for themes to include non Apex launcher themes and gives many advanced options for widget management. On top of all this, to help you with easier interaction with the phone, it adds many new gestures such as 2 finger gestures and gives you superior control over folders such as adding folders in batch or merging different folders into one folder.


This was our line-up of best android launchers 2017.

Have you found your favorite launcher in this list? Let us know

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