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Top 10 Android File Managers (2018) That Will Save You Time!

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Top 10 Android File Managers (2017) That Will Save You Time!

We have come a long way from times when a mobile phone was used primarily for making calls. The extent of digital progress made over the years is now quite evident in smartphones and tablets. So besides chatting with near and dear ones, you now use your mobile phones for playing games, watching videos, managing work, getting busy on social media, and much more! And all this is possible because of the operating system of your smartphone, be it Android or iOS. We had tried to list out Top 10 Android File Managers (2018) That Will Save You Time!

Now, a major advantage that Android enjoys over iOS, is its feature of allowing all users to access their devices’ file system. So it becomes easy to transfer files between a PC or laptop and a smartphone or tablet. You also get to open the files in any app as per your wish.

Top 10 Android File Managers (2018) That Will Save You Time!

But the only problem with Android is that it doesn’t come with a file manager app. And file managers are necessary for browsing and managing files on the go. Without these managers, you will face a tough time moving, sharing or deleting songs, videos, photos and so on.

So naturally, you personally have to install the apps that you require. Here we will offer you a sneak peek at the best file managers for Android, and what they can do for you.

  1. ES File Explorer: Free, PRO Version $2.99

ez file

The ES File Explorer can efficiently manage documents, applications, and multimedia, and is apt for both local and networked usage. It lets you install applications, check zipped files, play videos, check images etc. It also supports multiple cloud storage platforms like Dropbox, Google Drive, SugarSync, Amazon S3 and more.

What you will love

  • With ES File Explorer, you can execute all operations that you normally perform on your laptop or desktop, such as – move, create, multiple select, cut / copy/paste, share, send, hide, delete, rename, bookmark, search and create the shortcut.
  • The application manager allows you to categorize, uninstall, create the shortcut, and backup for your apps.
  • Remote file manager helps you to manage files on your smartphone from your PC.
  • Aided by built-in ZIP and RAR support, you can compress, decompress and create such files.
  • You will also be able to access your home computer from your phone through Wi-Fi with SMB.
  • Get to manage files on FTP, SFTP, FTPS, and WebDAV servers in a similar fashion as you do on SD cards.
  • With this file manager, you can enhance your device’s memory and speed, and kill tasks with just a click.
  • Other features include Bluetooth file browser, cache cleaner, auto-start manager and root explorer.
  • ES File Explorer supports numerous languages starting from English, Spanish, French, and German to Russian, Japanese, Korean, Turkish, Catalan and many more.
  • The PRO version lets you remove the ad, and offers more options for customization and theme.

If ES File Explorer has piqued your interest, then click here to install it.

  1. Astro File Manager: Free, PRO Version $2.99

astro file manager

With Astro File Manager, you can find your files from almost anywhere – internal storage, Dropbox, Google Drive, SD card, Facebook, Mac, PC, Linux or Box & one drive. It comes with CLOUD HOPPING (TM) feature, you can conveniently move files between cloud storage spaces with single clicks.

What you will love

  • This file manager is perfect for exploring files even when the network coverage is slow or intermittent.
  • Its Task Killer, as the name suggests, can kill tasks or processes which exhaust battery life. The file manager’s Backup is expert at backing up apps if you change or lose devices.
  • Are you using Windows File Explorer already? Then Astro will hardly take any time to get used to.
  • SMB or FTP servers can be set up, by selecting the “Manage Locations” option from the action bar.
  • Files can be deleted, copied or moved when you long press on them.
  • 13 different languages are supported by Astro, which comprises of English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Hindi, Arabic, Traditional and Simplified Chinese, Korean, Russian and Portuguese.

Keen to download or purchase Astro File Manager? Get it here.

  1. File Commander: Free with In-app purchases

File Commander

A clean and intuitive interface lets File Commander behave as a complete file manager for your Android device. Developed by MobiSystems, File Commander lets you manage separate libraries of music, videos, pictures, documents and move, delete, rename, or send them conveniently.

The latest version employs Android 6 Marshmallow, where with an optional login profile; you can save your settings to different devices. The Secure Mode of the manager can enable hiding and encryption of your files from other users. With the help of a Storage Analyzer, you can gauge how much storage space is being used up and why.

What you will love

  • Irrespective of their locations, you can list your files by types. You can also sort them by location, network addresses, Cloud accounts, downloads and local files. External storage such as microSD cards and USB drives can be easily managed too.
  • With File Commander, it is possible to access Windows or Samba based local networks, FTPS or FTP servers, and remote shares for Sony Xperia devices. You can link to nearby devices via Wi-Fi Direct or Bluetooth. A wide array of sending options makes sharing easy.
  • File Commander comes with many other benefits besides the ones mentioned above. It features a fully customizable home screen with quick access tiles. Local search options can be applied for finding on-device files quickly. You get to manage your files with cut, copy, paste and compress operations. The Recent Files feature lets you pick up from where you left off. And longish file operations can be relegated to the background so that you can keep doing your work unhindered.

If File Commander is the perfect file manager for you, download it here.

  1. Solid Explorer: Free Trial with In-app purchases; Classic Version $1.99


Solid Explorer offers the free trial for 14 days and has a sleek, modern appeal. Its special aspect is the presence of 2 independent panels for a whole new file browsing experience. This fully featured file manager comes with Material Design and is better and faster than its competitors.

You can manage your files in any location with this, and avail myriad customization options like icon sets, colors, and themes. The interface can be freely adjusted to keep up with your tastes and preferences.

What you will love

  • Get to make the most out of cloud storage options such as Google Drive, Box, Dropbox, OneDrive, Owncloud and Mega. The file manager can be connected to your Windows PC and other remote servers like WebDAV, FTP, and SFTP. It has the ability to extract and create common archive formats such as RAR, ZIP, and 7ZIP.
  • Solid Explorer brings you a root explorer capable of changing system level file properties. The need to remember about mounting file systems, as read or write, is abolished. This file manager will automatically do it for you.
  • With Solid Explorer, you can conveniently organize your photos, videos, songs in one place to enable fast access. The file manager is also equipped with a built-in image viewer and music player. You also get to play any remote content on your desktop, Google Drive or OneDrive etc. Last but not the least, content can be cast on your Chromecast too.
  • To unlock the classic version of this file manager, install both the main app and the unlock key.

Click here to install Solid Explorer for a memorable experience!

  1. Root Explorer: $3.99

Root Explorer

If you are a root user, then the Root Explorer is the best you can get. You can access the entire file system along with the data folder, without any hassle. Offered by Speed Software, this file manager is equipped with multiple tabs, Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, and SMB support.

What you will love

  • Other notable features cover Text Editor, SQLite database viewer, image thumbnails, APK binary XML viewer, and “open with” facility.
  • You will get to extract and create ZIP or RAR files, multi-select, search, execute scripts, remount, bookmark, send files via Bluetooth or email, change file owner or group, and create symbolic links.
  • Root Explorer provides support for multiple Dropbox user accounts in various tabs.
  • Now resolving the problem of editing system files in rooted Marshmallow devices is a piece of cake! The SE Linux of the file manager is set to Enforcing mode.
  • In Android 5.0 Lollipop, you can write to external SD without root.
  • For Android 4.3+, SE Linux context is displayed in file or folder properties. You can also change the SE context menu option.

So, does Root Explorer interest you? Then buy it here.

  1. Total Commander: Free


Total Commander

Though this file manager is free from ads, it comes with a link called “Add plug-ins download” in the home folder. You get to benefit from all main features like move and copy of entire subdirectories, drag and drop, renaming and creation of directories, delete, extraction and creation of ZIP and RAR files, text editor and search function. Undoubtedly, Total Commander deserves to feature amongst the good android file managers of recent times.

What you will love

  • You can select or unselect groups of files, tap on file icons to select, and select range.
  • The file manager is equipped with the list of installed apps, FTP and SFTP client plug-in, WebDAV plug-in, LAN access, and plug-ins for cloud services like Google Drive, Dropbox and Microsoft Live.
  • Root support for main functions is optional. You can send files via Bluetooth.
  • Pictures are represented by thumbnails, and the file manager exhibits virtual 2-panel mode.
  • Total Commander also comes with directory history, bookmarks, media player, configurable button bar to change directories, send shell commands, and launch apps and more.
  • A commendable feature of this file manager is that optimizations for visually impaired are offered. For instance, texts are used instead of icons in such scenarios.
  • The languages supported by the main program are, English, German, Danish, Croatian, Greek, French, Hebrew, Indonesian, Polish, Romanian, Swedish, Turkish, Korean and much more.

To download Total Commander, go here.

  1. X-plore File Manager: Free with In-app purchases

X-plore File Manager

Developed by Lonely Cat Games, this file manager lets you view both the outside and inside of your Android device. It is dual paned and hence shows 2 folders simultaneously. The general operation like copying can be carried out from one pane to another. X-plore also exhibits folder hierarchy in a tree view to ensure clear orientation and quick switching from one location to another.

What you will love

  • In case you are a power user, and your device is rooted, you can alter the system data such as backup files or discard undesired applications.
  • Standard users can hide internal memory from view, so as to avoid interfering with the system.
  • You will easily get to view the contents of mass memories either on your device or on your attached USB memory stick.
  • With the aid of the simple app manager, you can view, copy, share, run or uninstall applications.
  • Get to access your files from other Android devices via Wi-Fi. You can also manage files from your computer.
  • It is also possible to configure different servers like FTP and FTPS.
  • This file manager can display shared folders on other PCs in LAN.
  • X-plore can reach out to multiple web storages, cloud servers, and obtain the files on them.
  • Other features include SSH file transfer, terminal shell emulator, music player, and SQLite database viewer.
  • Interaction is mainly done via touchscreen, clicks on files and folders, or long clicks to open the context menu. Additional interaction is enabled by a fully configurable button bar between the 2 panes.
  • The multi-selection feature allows many files to be operated upon at once.
  • ZIP, RAR and 7ZIP archives are shown as other folders.
  • Please note that certain features are paid, such as – managing of files from a computer, Wi-Fi file sharing, SSH file transfer, cloud storage access, and music player.

If you are interested, please click here to install X-plore File Manager.

  1. File Expert: Free with In-app purchases

File Expert

As a friendly file manager, File Expert helps you to manage your smartphones, tablets, PCs and also cloud storage servers. It can write to mobile phone SD card, external SD card except for KitKat, and phone internal storage. On some supported devices like Xiaomi 2S and Samsung S5, File Expert lets you access USB drive through OTG. And all basic operations are of course supported.

What you will love

  • With File Expert, you can auto-categorize files, from photos, videos, to e-books, music, documents and more.
  • Besides managing local files, this file manager can explore mainstream clouds such as Dropbox, Google Drive, Yandex, SkyDrive, SugarSync, MediaFire and more.
  • Two-way auto sync of cloud and local files is possible with File Expert. Although at present, this facility is only offered for Dropbox.
  • You get to add extra features and clouds as plug-ins, as per your need.
  • With wireless printer, you can not only print pictures on your android but also PDF, TXT and HTML files, without a USB cable.
  • Feel free to move files to the recycle bin and retrieve them whenever you wish.
  • Rooted users will be able to access all data directories and file systems.
  • Memory Manager allows customized memory settings for rooted devices.
  • File Expert also supports compression and decompression of ZIP, RAR and 7ZIP formats.
  • This file manager also brings you a new generation Safebox, which will strictly protect your privacy.
  • Transferring files on the go can be done through Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Samba, FTP, FTPS and SFTP servers.
  • You can add your favorite feature on the homepage with File Expert. Cutting edge user interface and neat layout for faster file location and operation are the other advantages.
  • Languages supported by this file manager are, English, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, French, Russian, Korean, Indonesian, Chinese and Japanese in v7.0.

Impressed by File Expert? Download it here.

  1. Gira File Manager: Free with In-app purchases

Gira File Manager

Created by Gira Mobile, this file manager comes with an intuitive interface and offers you the power of handling all your files brilliantly. With Gira File Manager, you can copy, move, delete, share, rename, explore and compress any file irrespective of its location.

What you will love

  • Gira supports cloud storage accounts such as Google Drive and Dropbox and lets you explore micro SD cards and USB OTG drives among external storage options. The latter is possible only if your device supports it.
  • Extraction and compression of files are offered for RAR, ZIP, Tbz, Tar, Tar.gz, Tgz, and Tar.bz2, formats.
  • With the aid of the Applications Manager, you will be able to manage and backup your installed apps and games, or share them with others. You will also get to uninstall old software in case you want to save on memory space.
  • The built-in image gallery of Gira File Manager allows you to browse your pictures quickly, and it includes animated GIF.
  • This file manager supports as many as 29 languages which include English, Italian, German, Spanish, French, Japanese, Chinese, Polish, Dutch and Arabic to name a few.

To install Gira File Manager, click here.

  1. Cabinet BETA: Free with In-app purchases

Cabinet Beta

Among the top android file managers, Cabinet BETA is worthy of mention owing to its minimalist nature. It is suitable for Android 4.1 and above. If you are not using a file manager round the clock, then there is no reason why you should have to bother about the settings to configure irrelevant options. Hence, Cabinet BETA brings you a user-friendly interface which requires no configuration and is a dream to work with.

What you will love

  • Built on a very clean code by Aidan Follestad, this file manager is not just stable but commendably fast too.
  • Since its user interface complies with Google’s design guidelines, you will find it to be very easy to operate.
  • Support for root access is available through access system directories and files making use of superuser permissions.
  • A slide-out navigation drawer allows you to quickly access folder shortcuts.
  • Functions such as copy, rename, cut, delete, extract, zip and others, can all be carried out without any hassle or hindrance.
  • Third-party developers can also employ a plug-in framework for integration of other services.
  • There are a number of new features included in Cabinet BETA, such as “Open As” function for APK folders, and a Compact View option with the overflow menu.
  • With a color chooser, you can pick custom colors besides the presets.
  • Bugs related to copying, renaming, and moving has been fixed. Issues related to mounting directories and inaccessible files have also been resolved.

Here is where you get to download Cabinet BETA.

A Final Word

Apart from the best android file managers mentioned above, you may come across a number of other options which catch your eye. Before installing or purchasing any file manager, please bear in mind that what works perfectly for your friend, may not be ideal for you.

So focus on your priorities. If you are looking for multitasking, then Solid Explorer or ES File Explorer maybe a good choice. Total Commander is apt for those keen on availing all advanced features. And if a clean interface is your concern, then Gira File Manager, Cabinet BETA or File Expert will be more suited for you.

Let us know which file manager from the list above, caught your attention the most. And if we have missed out on an app which you think is amazing, please share it with us. We look forward to your comments here.

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