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Top 10 Android Fighting Games (2018) to should Play!

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Fighting Games

When was the last time you played a game which was so adrenaline pumping that it felt real? When was the last time you felt in sync with your virtual self connecting with the pangs and toils your character was suffering on a daily basis? When was the last time you felt an avid sense of responsibility towards your virtual role? Well, this is what indulging in fighting games brings to the table. Fighting games are all about jam packed hardcore action and more of it!

You just can’t seem to get enough of them. They’re so real and gripping, so much so that you might get addicted in no time whatsoever. But this addiction is not like anything else! Its adrenaline pumping in a good way. In such a frantic world where everyone is busy with their lives opting for a million chores every week, one should definitely opt for a timeout every once in a while. That timeout should be filled with an activity you love. Getting hooked on to fighting games will give you that much needed release; an outlet per se. They can become your go-to escape for when you need one.

Fighting games are fundamentally an extension of popular action games in which two on screen characters engage in head-to-head combat. Often this essence is captured best through rapid joystick movements and button presses. However, the advent of technology has enabled us to enjoy these pleasures at our fingertips. Pun intended! You can now get to play these good android fighting games from your smartphones and tablets as well.

The thing with fighting games is that the options are just too many. You won’t be able to filter the games you want because the list is too huge. Apart from the obvious classics like Street Figher or Mortal Kombat, there are plenty other names revolving in the gaming market which will make sure you feel satisfied.

Fret not! We’ve compiled a list of top android fighting games just for you.


Marvel Contest of Champions: Price - Free

 MARVEL Contest of Champions

Well, the name of the game is enough to garner your attention. Ever since our childhood days, we’ve been drooling over Marvel characters whether it is the ever so reliable Thor, or the friendly neighbourhood Captain America, or the cocky and clever Iron Man, or the juggernaut they call Hulk, the list is endless. Featuring many such legendary characters, Marvel Contest of Champions is the Android thrill that you’ve needed for so long.

The victory dance won’t come easy though! You will have to valiantly battle your way through a myriad of levels whilst unlocking new and improved characters in this adrenaline pumping journey.

Want to know what sets this game apart? It is the game’s efficient control precision that makes it one of the best fighting games for android in the market. The game’s UI and UX is impeccable. The game feels immensely fluid to touch and use further complemented by its highly responsive nature. Further good news is the fact that there won’t be any pestering on-screen controls anymore. All you need to do is just swipe softly with your thumbs and you’ll get to enjoy a wide range of lethal and hardcore attacks.

Do remember that you will need a high configuration device to run it smoothly. Of course, you can use average devices as well but you’re sure to experience some lags. But if you’re a Marvel or a superhero fanatic like I am, you’ll be a fool to miss out on this game. What more? The game is absolutely free as if we needed further reasons to go for this.


WWE Immortals: Price - Free

 WWE Immortals

Haven’t we always wanted to ‘Chokeslam’ our opponents just because we have chosen ‘The Undertaker’ as our virtual namesake? Me personally, I’ve been a fan of the ‘Sweet chin music’ Shawn Michaels delivers to his opponents with a never-say-die attitude day in day out. This is what you get with WWE Immortals with the click of a button on your Android phones.

The label ‘WWE’ is an internationally recognized label which has won the attention of millions across teh globe since its inception. Even now, after decades and decades of unparalleled entertainment it continues to sway the attention of the general folk towards swashbuckling piledrivers and sounds of thuds all across. Even though you might not have envisaged playing the game through other than joysticks, but it is well and truly is possible now through your Android smartphone.

The biggest USP of this particular WWE rendition is the perfect amalgamation of the epic cast of Injustice: Gods Among Us with the age old crowd favourite pro wrestlers of our time. This classic mix of pseudo reality and fantasy is one to savour.

The graphics and UX are as always top notch and you’ll feel the crystal clarity oozing through thick and fast. The characters will seem as real as ever, just like on your desktops, PCs, or television sets. Moreover, you can also include as many as three characters concurrently to feast on some riveting 3-on-3 match ups. Brace yourselves and get ready to rumble with your favourite WWE superstars.


SOULCALIBUR: Price - $13.99


If you’re thinking that we’ve mistyped by writing all capital letters, you’re wrong! This is how the game developers intended it to be and we can’t go against them, can we?

SOULCALIBUR is one of those arcade classics which just never goes out fashion. The fact that this arcade game hasn’t changed an inch since its release back in 1998 is a testament to its definition. A people pleaser and one of those good addictions which come by very rare, SOULCALIBUR will definitely satiate your thrill seeking senses to a cellular level. Even the developers of the game have shown utter faith in their product by keeping the essence of the game intact even after over 18 years.

You might call this one predictable or mundane, but it just works! There might not be many surprises on the cards like other modern fighting games in the market today, but this SOULCALIBUR formula is definitely tried and tested. Get your hands on some of the most enjoyable and fun matchups in this genre.

The best part is – you don’t need to memorize a whole lot of button and combo moves just to strike fear in your opponent’s drive; the simplest of hand flicks can unleash a lethal combo. That being said, experienced gamers will definitely have an edge over their opponents in combat.

The absence of a multiplayer support is compensated by the presence of a wide array of fighters, each with unique moves and weapons. One of the most expensive games on the Play Store, SOULCALIBUR’s fluidity makes it good value for money.


Spider-Man Unlimited: Price - Free

 Spider-Man Unlimited

Spiderman, Spiderman, does whatever a spider can! Come on, we’ve all sung to these tunes or at least dreamt of this playing in the background as Spiderman comes and rescues us and the world from evil. Now, you can get all this and much more at the tip of your fingertips on your tablet or your Android smartphone.
Combining the antics of Spiderman with the endless running of a horse seems like a match made in heaven, doesn’t it?

All Marvel aficionados and Spiderman fanatics in general will drool over this game. Time and time again, users have complained about feasting on this label only through joysticks and consoles. Since everything miniature is in these days, big time games have followed suit as well and Spider-Man unlimited is no different.

Swing through the avid and busy streets of New York, climb skyscrapers like there’s no tomorrow, and fight riveting and nasty battles against the age old nemesis – The Green Goblin, Doc Ock, and a whole lot of others who just want to inflict pain. Gameloft has efficiently come up with another stunner just like always. Given the brand’s widespread universal rapport, you wouldn’t be surprised if you hear this name after 2 decades as well.

The look and feel of the game has been duly borrowed from the age old comics with excellent precision and shaded graphics only complemented by a 3D level design. There might not be an extensive plot and it might turn out to be anti-climatic at the end, but it will surely get you hooked right till the last mission. Furthermore, this is best played with tablets.


Shadow Fight 2: Price - Free

 Shadow Fight 2

Shadow Fight 2 is not just another kid on the block. It is a fighting game like no other. This is because it lacks any kind of actual character graphics. However, to compensate for that, you are given access to a colourful and vibrant fighting style in a majestic 2D environment.

Another good thing is the flexibility i.e. you will play host to a multitude of kickass moves against your opponents. Some of them include the likes of running up walls at godspeed, flipping off your enemies resulting in the epitome of embarrassment, and a lot more. Moreover, the fact that you can get this game for free is just the icing on the cherry one needs.

Also, you can play this particular game in multiple gameplay modes. There’s an exciting ‘story’ mode where you will need to get through a wide array of tough opponents on your way to the ultimate arch nemesis – the demon boss. Apart from that, there is a do-or-die sudden death style mode where you would need to be on your toes every second and breeze past enemies consecutively. Furthermore, there’s a tournament mode and a duel mode as well, none of which can be cleared easily.

I would definitely recommend this game to all adrenaline seekers out there. You would be happy to know that it won’t cost you even a single penny.

Injustice: Gods among Us – Price Free

 Injustice: Gods Among Us

Ever heard of Justice League? Ever heard of DC Comics? Well, you would know what I’m talking about if you’re a cartoon series fanatic or a superhero fanatic per se. As Marvel and DC Comics are often put in the ring against each other while their superheroes collide in the fantasy world, and have been doing so for years and years now.

On one side you have the mighty Superman, and the ever so mysterious Batman, the man they call ‘The Dark Knight’. Along with the vivacious and sultry Wonder Woman, the lighting quick ‘Flash’, you can only imagine the godliness of the characters belonging to the Justice League.

As the name suggests, they want to bring about justice in the world, whether big or small. Now you can get this superhero magic at your fingertips in the form of this credible fighting game available on Android. The game consists of almost the entire cast of the Justice League and you can choose whoever you like against other DC Comic heroes.

Once you begin, you will need to take part in a 3 vs 3 tussle where you will get the default rooster. Consecutive wins will ensure that you can get access to the entire superhero brigade. What’s great about this game is the fact that every single superhero comes with his/her unique moves, star manoeuvres, and stats. As and when you keep on progressing, you can move up a lot of levels and unlock super abilities progressively. You can also log on to the multiplayer mode which allow you to lock horns with real opponents.

The game follows a simple format and it involves no rocket science. With normal swipes and clicks and taps, you can perform various attacks at once.

Also, you can get this for free as well. Sounds great, doesn’t it?


Marvel Future Fight: Price - Free

 MARVEL Future Fight

And this is the second Marvel edition on this list! It is safe to say that this brand label knows what its doing and it is widely loved across the world, at least the characters are. Most of the superheroes you’ve dreamt of emulating or getting saved by are associated with the ‘Marvel’ label.

Marvel Future Fight is one the most addictive games out there which will leave you hooked on to the last level, increasing your yearning to get more day by day. It is a very sophisticated and enticing addition to the already huge Marvel gaming repertoire.

One the game beings, you will start off as the smart mouthed Iron Man, the seductive and cunning Black Widow and the ever so reliable Captain America. All of them are sent on a mysterious quest with the sole aim of gathering an army of heroes with the age old common aim – Saving the world! The opposition in this case is alien like always, trans-dimensional beings from the future.

A striking feature about this game is the fact that you can choose your control style, from the likes of Pad or 1-touch. You need to stroll and kill your way through a wide array of levels, hammering away evil men along the way until you reach the ultimate nemesis. As you keep moving forward, you’ll get the power to unlock more and more characters. You can swap them for your trio at will.

The difficulty levels of this game are higher than the average. So as things start heating up, and getting to newer levels is becoming more and more difficult, you might be tempted to opt for the various in-app purchases. That being said, you will have plenty to be excited about till you reach that part in your gaming life.

Real Steel World Robot Boxing: Price

 Real Steel World Robot Boxing

Now that we have your attention, Real Steel World Robot Boxing is tailor made for all boxing fanatics out there. It is a riveting Android game which sets itself apart from other counterparts floating in the market today. Ever since the movie came out, we’ve all become fans of robot boxing thanks to Real Steel, starring the Wolverine Hugh Jackman and the adorable kid.

Have you always loved the sci-fi world? Do creatures from the future always give you goosebumps? If yes, then this Android game is definitely going to satiate your fiction seeking senses. In this particular Android rendition, you will be playing the part of a robot fighting mano-y-mano against other robots.

There are a multiple robots you can choose from which include the likes of some crowd favourites known as Zeus, Atom and Twin Cities. Since every character possesses a unique set of skills, special moves and advantages, one will often feel spoilt for choice. Ergo, you can pick and choose the robot which fits your battle and fighting style. As you keep progressing ahead i.e. fighting and winning, you will be able to earn real coins and real gold, which will give you the capability to buy, upgrade and customize the colour schemes of your multiple robots.

You will never feel bored in this fantasy world thanks to the many different and equally unique playing modes such as Time Attack, Free Sparring and Championship all where Real Gold acts as a proper incentive.

How much money do you need to spend to bag this, you ask? You can get this game for F-R-E-E.


The King Of Fighters-A 2012: Price - $2.99


If you’re a sucker for classic fighting games, then the King of Fighters 2012 need to be on your priority list for sure. Also, the price tag doesn’t seem too high either which makes this game totally worth it. Acting as the latest instalment of the age old game, The King of Fighters-A 2012 comes packed with a bunch of new features which will leave you wanting for more.

There’s a reason why this series has released upgraded versions time and time again since its release many years back. It has been widely loved and accepted by avid gamers across the world.

Laden with vintage old school graphics, this will let you drive down nostalgia lane to your childhood playing days with a modern tinge of fun and brawl. Also, the game comes with a 2D style fighting system which just can’t get old.

There are a lot of characters you can pick and choose from, 32 overall choices to be precise. Moreover, you can also go ahead and play with or against your friends using a Bluetooth multiplayer.


Punch Hero: Price - Free

 Punch Hero

If you’re into boxing and adrenaline pumping games, Punch Hero is the game for you and your Android smartphone. Featuring 3D cartoon style graphics, you will get to see what entertained you as a child amongst all those game addiction days, weeks, months and years. One of the biggest USPs of the game is the fact that you will be able to use actual faces as characters. Hence, if you’ve ever wanted to punch your best friend or your brother like there’s no tomorrow, your wait is now over.

You just need a photo of the person you need to punch and a strong will to see the act through. Pun intended!

Also, you can also customize your faces using accessories like facial hair, sun glasses, and a lot more. You can also get your hands on three different modes to test your skills in real time. One of the best free fighting games on Android, Punch Hero is a must have if you’re looking for a credible time-pass activity.



So here was our list of some of the best Android fighting games in the market currently. Rather than staying loyal to one label, you can toggle your way through the entire list and you won’t regret it, not even for one second.

Even though you might need an accomplice or a like minded person with you to enjoy to the fullest, still playing against the CPU is not far from easy.

The difficulty levels will keep you hooked till you beat everybody. Even though most of these games follow the same pattern, still the sheer rawness, the characters, the special powers and the essence of victory is what will take you over.

Are you ready to wear your fighting gloves yet?

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