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Best Android Board Games that You Must Play in 2018

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Snakes & Ladders King Android Game

You might be indulging yourselves in a lot of Call of Duty these days to satisfy the thrill seeker inside you, or the age old FIFA because you can’t get enough of football, or the most popular name in the gaming world – Angry Birds, but you will always come back to board games. All of us want to drive down nostalgia lane time and time again and revisit our precious childhood days.Check out the Best Android Board Games.

When we get that urge, board games is what we turn to. This is why gaming and app developers keep on innovating with modern renditions of some of the most legendary classic board games of old. I’m sure you would agree when you take a quick sneak peek at some of the best board games for android.

When you read or hear ‘board games’, you will automatically think about sitting comfortably on your sofa near the huge centre table with all your friends and family gathered around, having drinks and chips over a nice game. But, there’s a myriad of options for board games on android that will be just as fun and authentic.

As they say, ‘Old is gold’. Board games are evergreen in nature without one shadow of a doubt. Apart from the classic like Chess and Scrabble, developers have broadened their horizons with new cutting edge ideas successfully taking a unique spin on the genre of board games in general.

There’s good news for all the gaming aficionados out there, if you’re looking for a real challenge that will tighten your brows and set alive the wrinkles on your forehead, look no further than the mobile versions of these modern board games which will use every ounce of the mastermind elixir inside you.

Currently, there’s something for everybody in the android gaming world. With new and improved games being released every other day now, one will often feel spoilt for choice. Whether you’re a sucker for simplicity or complex games, paid or free games, single player or multiplayer, you’ll find a lot of board game options that will satiate your senses.

Best Android Board Games

  1. Coup: Free

An extremely popular and strategic deduction game, Coup is certainly one of the unique cardboard games out there. It usually sees in battle two to four players who face off against one another in an attempt to out-smart and in some ways out-bluff one another. This brings about a lethal melee of assassinations and cheat. If you’re one with a soft heart, then this game is not for you.

At the beginning of the game, each player is dealt two character cards face down in a completely random manner. The entire deck contains over fifteen cards which surpass five different characters included in the game. Once the game begins, it revolves around in a traditional clockwise manner. Once you take the plunge, you will need to collect some precious money which is used to essentially kill your opponents. Just like in real life per se, money is critical here! Using the money, you can also snatch the special abilities of one of your face down cards [As an example, you can get yourself some additional money using the Duke].

The catch is: Any player can possibly lie about possessing an ability which they don’t have in truth, and then claim that. Of course, there’s a flip side to it as well. If you’re caught in the web of lies, this will essentially ‘kill’ one of your multiple cards and you will need to show its face to your opponents. The fact that this gaming app is free for both iOS and Android platforms is just the icing on the cherry. The only down side may be the fact that you will need to patiently wait for your online opponents to make their choices and take their turns.

  1. Snakes & Ladders King: Free

 Snakes & Ladders King


Well, this one’s a no brainer! No good android board games list will be complete without a classic Snakes & Ladders game. This is one of those board games which just lights up participants across the world and has been so, for many decades now. Of course, it has been subjected to a multitude of changes and tweaks over the years but the innate gist remains essentially the same. That being said, the original authenticity and fun factor still breathes live. So, no need to worry!

Also, this is one game which parents and kids can play together. Nothing can possibly top this off! Even parents who are not that tech savvy and gaming oriented would find something to root for here. The graphics are certainly aesthetically pleasing and eye catching making sure you stay hooked for hours at a stretch. The colours used aren’t that bright to not let you play for long and they aren’t that dim either.

The ‘family factor’ makes it ideal for road trips and vacations. Moreover, the complexity levels of the game aren’t too high which fares well with nascent gamers and old timers as well. Ergo, there’s something for the kids and the adults as well. Also, this one’s a free gaming option so you can get back some of those priceless childhood memories without spending even a single penny.

  1. Ticket To Ride Pocket: Price $1.99

 Ticket to Ride

Ticket To Ride might not seem like an enticing prospect at first, but once you get accustomed with the syntax and the look and feel, you’ll keep coming back for more. That being said, it is not as if there are a lot of levels and complexities to unravel, but still the sheer simplicity can also take you over. No wonder it gained widespread fame back in the U.S. after it was released. What is worth mentioning is the fact that it was one of the premier European style board games which garnered those high levels of popularity.

The game essentially revolves around monopolist railway tycoons from the West who battle it out for utter train domination at the end. In an overall sense, the board game reeks simplicity in every sense. During every single turn, you either play or collect coloured cards in order to create or build preset railway routes across the fiery lands of the United States of America and some area bits of Canada too. It goes without saying that you will gain much more points if you end up building longer routes which is where the difficulty lies in a way. You also get more points when you end up connecting cities. At the end of the game, the railway aficionado holding the maximum points wins. Surprise surprise!

Even though this gaming app was released over four years ago, it is definitely a must try. Thanks to the ever so challenging AI, this game will never truly seem old or mundane.

  1. Carcassonne: Price $4.99



Carcassonne is like the new kid on the block which everyone wants to check out and get their hands on. It has come as a breath of fresh air in a segment where we’ve seen bucket loads of new additions on a daily basis. And not all of them are fun! This one breaks the streak though by taking board gaming on Android to a whole new level. It would come as no surprise that it has gotten a positive rating from almost all legit reviewers out there.

This is one of those medieval strategy games which will leave you hooked and on the edge of your seats. It follows a classic trademark tile suit. Of the mould of the great ‘Age of Empires’, you need to gain control of all the land that you can. As far as playing mediums are concerned, you can play online or against four others locally.

Carcassonne is an award winning game which lives up to its billing. The ease of use and the UI are one of its biggest USPs.

  1. Galaxy Trucker Pocket: Price $4.99

 Galaxy Trucker

This Galaxy Trucker board game is unique in its own way. Out of all the games that I am going to cite in this list, this one was arguably the toughest when it comes to translating it for the mobile platform. Why you ask? Here’s why: The overall first half of this particular board game revolves around a strategic, tactile and hands on scramble that takes place between you and up to three other opponents. It includes a race where you need to go and physically grab face down tiles from amongst a shared pile and use those tiles to seamlessly assemble your 16 wheeler intergalactic. Because of the fact that physical dexterity was mandatory here, the gaming and app developers have done a fine job when it comes to its smooth translation.

It goes without saying that the original essence of the game hasn’t been lost one bit. Even if you’re using a smaller screened smartphone or a big screen tablet, the experience will be as smooth and wholesome as ever. Well, this was the dirty side!

The second half of this board game however, oversees the activities of you flying your assembled ship through a wide array of obstacles, riches and enemies alike. Inevitably, more often than not you will watch your assembled ship be crumbled to tiny little pieces. Known to be engrossing, it is definitely worth every penny.

If you’re taking the board game plunge on your mobile phone, you can’t afford to miss this one.

  1. Scrabble: Price $7.99



A list of exemplary classic board games just can’t be complete without this one! For all wordsmiths out there, Scrabble is the real deal! If you think you have a good hold of the universal language and you possess literary skills like no other, Scrabble will prove to be a good litmus test for you. Of course, you’ll need to compete with worthy adversaries to prove a point.

We were born to believe that Scrabble can only be played as a physical board game over a cup of coffee in the evenings. All that has changed now! The gaming juggernaut and perhaps the most recognizable gaming brand on the planet – EA has taken its own modern spin on the game. EA or Electronic Arts have brought great things to the gaming table since time immemorial. Right from fantasy games to sports games and board games, their gaming repertoire is immense.

What’s best about this modern rendition is the fact that the natural essence of the game is still intact. Ideal for road trips, vacations and long journeys, it is best played with friends and family. Make those long flights and sleepless nights a little less mundane thanks to this board game which will only be a click away now on your Android phone. Simply pass and play and you’re golden! The only downside is that EA has loaded this game with multiple ads but then this didn’t come as a surprise, did it? This is also a testament to its rising popularity, the fact that EA has served ads with it.

Overall, it is a wholesome game and does a great job of delivering the age old Scrabble magic on your tablets and Android smartphones.

  1. Pandemic: Price $6.99

 Pandemic: The Board Game

As the name suggests, there is pandemonium on the streets and a lot more! Save the world and live to tell about it or just wither away in the darkness so no one remembers you. A board game thriller, Pandemic provides edge-of-the-seat entertainment which will make you want more and more. You can either go solo or form a team and decide the fate of the world. Just for notice, the game is actually as dramatic as it sounds. No two ways about it!

You’re give control of a highly intelligent and sophisticated crack team of CDC officers who traverse the world wanting to stem the outbreak of no less than four deadly and lethal diseases. Of course, you would want to cure them as well but its not all sunshine and rainbows. A total of four players can be a part of this via the classic pass and play move. This gaming app possesses a highly gripping and beautiful UI with graphics to die for. A sight for sore eyes, as they say.

This is a digital rendition of arguably the most cooperative board game on the planet [we should thank Will Wheaton for that]. However, on the flip side that app doesn’t have an AI. That being said, even solely for the solo escapade the app is totally worth it and will satiate your thrill seeking senses in a wholesome manner. The pass and play aspect might get a tad lame and tiring towards the end.

  1. Splendor: Price $6.99


Splendor was released back in the year 2014 as a board game and it hasn’t looked back ever since. It hit the Billboard charts instantly and stayed there for long at the top of the podium if you talk in music lingo. Hence, I couldn’t be more excited when I heard the news that it was being ported to mobile phones and tablets for both Android and iOS platforms.

The sound of you living the life of a priceless stone magnate right from the Elizabethan era is nice isn’t it? Hasn’t this always been your fantasy? Well, if you think Angry Birds is addictive, then wait till you get hooked on to this one. It is a highly strategic game and is not meant for amateurs who like simplicity. You will need to use your brains sharply or risk staying on the losing side time and time again. It follows a deck builder format.

Once the game starts, all you need to do is purchase and abstract as many gems and points as possible which will take you an inch towards winning the overall game. How will you make gems and points?

This is possible by purchasing and reserving jewellers, prospectors and secrets from exotic locals in the form of cards. It is not the most complex game out there, and it is not an easy thing to crack either. The UI and the graphics are impeccable.

Visually, this gaming app is majestic! The AI quotient of the app is spot on as well which will make you want it more and more.

  1. Carcassone: Price $4.99


Carcassone is one of the most innovative board games breathing in the market as of today. No wonder it won the industry’s highest honour possible. A fan’s favourite, it was ported successfully for the Android and iOS platforms suited to smartphones and tablets, and we couldn’t be happier!

It was because of this particular board game that ‘meeple’ became ever so famous. In a board game where direct competition is beyond simple, your precious friends might still find cool ways to act like total jerks. This is what the game has taught us!

The App version of the game has laid down the gauntlet against computers, proving that even these innovative gadgets can make you entirely irritated to the point that you would want to totally murder them.

You and max four other opponents will take turns playing for tiles in order to manifest a city full of fields and castles, by laying down sets of meeples along the way. This will enable you to collect points as and when you are successful in building those castles and fields. The power packed game with a credible AI is definitely a must have.

  1. Monopoly: Price $1.99


M-O-N-O-P-O-L-Y!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes, these syllables send chills down your spine, don’t they! This was total justice done right. Monopoly is the last but not the least in our impeccable list of 10. One game we can all relate to ever since our childhood days.

Even if you’re not a gaming aficionado, you ought to have played this one in one form or the other. A simple game of Monopoly, as they say is a mode of expression. That simplicity, the fun factor, the cohesion – you can never get bored of this. And the Android version effectively does justice to the classic board game version. Barring a few minor tweaks, the most essential fun factor has not been tampered with.

Ability to play with three other friends, you can bask in the glory of Monopoly with the simple click of a button now. An evergreen name in the history of board games, this should definitely be on your bucket list if you haven’t tried it before.


Well, here was my take on the best android board games floating in the market today. Always remember – No game is perfect! Everything has its pros and cons, but you just got to keep experimenting and trying out new things. Only then can you call yourself a true gaming aficionado.

And the fact that you have countless games to choose from as a fellow Android user, this only works in your favour.

Apart from a few classics which will stay in this list for time immemorial, it will make good sense to try out some new ones as well, as they will definitely live up to their billing.

Is your game face on, yet?

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