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10 Best 3D Printers under 500 Dollars Available to buy in 2018

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For all we know, 3D printers are a rage today, more than ever before. This can be conveniently attributed to the fact that the current generation of printers are comparatively easier to use, and moreover, are fairly cheaper. For a device whose cost would easily run into thousands of dollars, which was out of reach for most individuals, today, once can easily vouch for some good 3D printers below 500 dollars.

While a vast majority of printers are still on the costlier side, but they can be kept aside for the enthusiasts and organisations, which have that kind of money to be spent on more sophisticated 3D printers. For individuals however, it is more than sufficient to pick one of the best 3D printers for under 500 and try their hands at one of the most challenging, intriguing and for that matter capturing innovations of the recent times!

And if you’ve been wondering whether or not you should be spending on a 3D printer for desktops, well, we’ve some good reasons to have you convinced! So here they are!

  1. 3D printers make for the best family fun time. Imagine decorating a wall with some of the most liked designs of picture frames, after you’ve literally made those frames from scratch, while you bonded over the activity with your little ones! We know, you’re already loving the idea!
  2. Is consistent home improvement your idea of a more fulfilling life? Then, you’re quite right about needing a 3D printer. While you’ll almost fall in love with the very fact that you can now design are create whatever it is that your home needs, the best part is you can do so for a lot cheaper! And who doesn’t want to save on those extra bucks, every now and then! Right from small light fixture to building a kennel for your dog, your 3D printer will come in really handy for every home improvement task imaginable!
  3. Confused about what to gift to your friend on his wedding? Well, you needn’t think any further! Simply gift them a #D printer, and they can figure out and create whatever they wish to have. And not just one, they can churn out a different thing, every time they want one, and it will still remind them of you, even after a few dozens of products!
  4. Wish to make some extra bucks? Your 3D printer is what you can count on! Simply master the art of flawless printing in a minimal possible time, and we’re sure yourneighbours, colleagues and friends would come flocking over with their 3D print wishes! You can always charge them a li’l extra for the effort and before you know it, you’ll be in business!

Now that we know the ways in which a 3D printer can work wonders for you, it’s probably the right time for us to look into some of the leading printers in the market currently.

And yes, before we start with our countdown, please be reminded that all printers that have made this list are available for $500 or less!

1. Finder FlashForge 3D Printer

flashforge-finderBUY NOW ON AMAZON

This impeccable 3D printer is facilitated with a 3.5-inch color touchscreen which comes with some unique intuitive icons that helps ease its operation.  Offered with a USB and Flash Drive connectivity, this device is also enabled with Wi-Fi, which further accentuates the convenience offered by it.

A perfect devices for the novice and the hobbyists, this printer from Flash Forge comes with certain unique features such as a slide-in build plate, the assisted bed-leveling etc. which makes it a favorite among the users of printers on a regular basis. Safe and rather quiet in nature, this makes for a great device to be used around kids. Thanks to its plastic alloy construction the FlashForge Finder is rather sturdy thus helping the user with stable, more accurate prints.

With the FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling) printing technology, andthe FlashPrint software, this printer supports Windows 7/ 8 / Vista Mac OS X. Ideally made for those using English or Chinese as the primary language, this printer uses PLA as the only building material.

Offered with a roll of 600 g PLA filament, the printer offers a layer resolution of 100~500 microns. With a build volume of 140 x 140 x 140 mm, you can easily rely on this printer for moderately sized prints.


2. Monoprice Select Mini 3D Printer


with Heated Build Plate, Includes Micro SD Card and Sample PLA Filament

For the reasonable price that it is offered at, the Monoprice Select Mini will come as lovely surprise, for the simple reason, that it comes completely assembled.

Thanks to its heated build plate, this printer completely supports all types of filament, right from the basic ones such as ABS and PLA to the more advanced ones like the conductive PLA. For what it’s worth, it also works well with materials such as wood, metal composites and even dissolvable PLA. Moreover, this printer accommodates a wide range of temperatures.

With a small footprint, and an open frame design this device is rather compact and can easily fit on any desk. It comes with a sample PLA filament and even a MicroSD card with preinstalled models, thus enabling you start working with it, as soon as it arrives on your doorstep.

Compatible with both, PCs and Mac, this printer works well with various software like Cura and Repetier amongst others.

3. XYZ Printing Da Vinci 1.0 3D Printer

28-840-001-tsBUY NOW ON AMAZON

An exemplary product, the XYZ Printing Da Vinci 1.0 3D Printer was awarded as the Most Affordable 3D Printer, at the 2014 CES Editors' Choice Awards! This impeccable printer is capable of printing in two materials, namely the ABS and the PLA. Offered in a reasonable size of 7.8 x 7.8 x 7.8 inch (20x20x20cm), this device beats almost all its competitors hands down.

Offered with a complimentary filament and free access to a downloadable 3D gallery, this device offers you the luxury of printing at the earliest possible. Essential a plug-and-play 3D printer, the da Vinci 1.0is facilitated with easily installable filament cartridges that allow quick refills as well as convenient filament swaps.

Certified by the CE, this printer comes with a completely enclosed design, thus offering protection to the users from high temperatures,  which protects the users from the high temperatures required to print, and ensures that no external filament movement occurs.

4. HK Affinity A9L 3D Printer And Laser Engraver


Promising a high accuracy of print, the HK Affinity A9L 3D Printer and Laser Engraver looks rather impressive. With a reasonable printing area of 210 x 210 x 210 mm, you can conveniently print small to medium sized products in this model. Offered in an alluring design, this printer makes use of PLA, ABD, wood and rubber for offering your 3D prints of your choice.

With a special noise cancelling feature, this device functions rather seamlessly. Essentially a DIY kit, this 3D printer is rather easy to assemble given that it comes with only 4 accessory parts. With a metallic frame of aluminum alloy, you can rely on its sturdiness.

With a working voltage of just 12V, this safe to use 3D printer comes with a heating bed along with a covered nozzle.

A unique feature that helps this printer make a mark in the market is its ability to engrave through laser.

Compatible with both, PCs through OS WinXP78 and Mac via Linux, this printer works well with various software like Cura Repetier amongst others. With amenities such as a LCD control screen, a power adapter and a filament holder, this device is as convenient to use as it is affordable.

5. Geeetech I3 3D Desktop Printer


Full Kit, Transparent Color, Acrylic Frame, Reprap Pursa

Available in the form of a complete kit, the Geeetech I3 3D Desktop Printer is facilitates with a simplified structure, that aids it’s quick and hassle free assembly with easy adjustments. For all you know, just spending a few hours with this device will help you set it up efficiently. This is in fact, a great improvement over its previous model.

With a sturdy structure facilitated by 8 mm-thick acyclic plates, this printer offers enhanced stability and commendable reliability. This printer also comes with a net arrangements for all cables and wires, making it rather convenient and clutter free. Thanks to the MK8 extruder, you can rest assured of small layers and high resolution for your prints.

This one-of-its kind printers makes use of the Fused Filament Fabrication printing technology, and offers an impressive positioning precision of 0.1-0.3mm. The I3 supports ABS as well as PLA filament types.

Compatible with Windows, Mac as well as Linux, this printer works well with various software like Repetier-Host and Printrun amongst others.

6. Myriwell Rl200a 3D Desktop Printer

41xmpmxgbal-01_sl500_BUY NOW ON AMAZON


One of the first desktop printers to take the market by a storm, the Myriwell Rl200a is ideally designed to be used in homes, schools and even small to mid-sized companies. This printer is offered with a wire loading part, which adds to its expedience.

The printing head is both close as well as smooth, and thus helps in keeping the filament clean, while also ensuring that the filament doesn’t get stuck at any point. Thanks to the stable X-Y axes that it is facilitates with, you can rest assured of accurate modeling since its printing head moves rather steadily. Offered in a box designed, you will most likely experience an incredibly low level of noise with this device.

With a modelling size of up to 225 x 145 x 150 mm, you can rely on this printer for small sized 3D prints. With a power input requirement of 250W 100-120/200-240 VAC, 50-60HZ, this printer works exceptionally well, in temperatures ranging from 10 to 32.5℃ and a 20%-80% humidity level. It uses ABM as the primary printing material and works on the FDM technology.

Compatible with Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista as well as Linux, this printer works well with the FlashPrint Software.


7. HICTOP Desktop 3D Printer

41fz7crgowlBUY NOW ON AMAZON


Thanks to the minimum layer requirement of a sheer 0.06mm, the HICTOP 3DP-11  Desktop 3D Printer offers an impeccable print precision, thus meeting the requirements of most of its users. Offered with simple parameter setting, this devices is ideally designed to be used by both, beginners as well as engineers.

Owing to its convenient and user-friendly design, the assembling of this device shouldn’t take up much of your time. With a reasonable amount of stability and efficiency, this printer boasts of printing for over a hundred hours at a stretch.

With a registered success rate of 95% for general printing, accuracy is something that is innate to its design. With the noise of machine operation as low as 20 decibels, you can rest assured of working in complete peace, even for longer time durations. With a whopping print size of 10.6" x 8.3" x 7.7", you can easily expect prints of medium to large sizes with great ease.

This impeccable printer, that uses the FDM printing technology supports a wide array of materials including PLA, ABS, HIPS, Wood, PA/Nylon, Flexible, PC and PETG, however PLA is the most recommended filament material for this device.

This printer works exceptionally well, in temperatures ranging from 10 to 30℃ and a 20%-50% humidity level. Compatible with Windows 7, Windows XP, MacOS as well as Linux, this printer works well with the Cura Printing Software.


8. Senhai MeCreator2 3D Printer


Another one from the fully assembled segment, the Senhai MeCreator2 3D Printer, is one of the safest devices around. Highly space efficient, this device can actually be used, right out of the box.

With the GT2560B 3D printer control board, that it is facilitated with it, you can rest assured of a high-performance. The excellent MK8 extruder that it comes with ensure small layers and high resolution for your prints. This printer offers a comparatively improved adherence with the heat bed.Using the FDM print technology, it supports a host of filaments including,ABS, PLA, flexible PLA as well as wood-polymer.With a built-in LED light, this printer offers a supporting stand-alone printing with SD card. With a considerable print size of 160x160x160mm, you can easily expect prints of medium to large sizes with great ease!

This printer works exceptionally well, in temperatures ranging from 10 to 30℃ and a 20%-50% humidity level. Compatible with Windows 7, Windows XP, MacOS as well as Linux, this printer works well with various printing software including Repetier Host, Printrun, Cura and 3D Simplify.

With an aluminum alloy plate as well as heated as its build platform, sturdiness is something you need not worry about with this device. One of the most important USPs of this product is its XYZ rods, which are made of stainless steel and are hence wear-resistant. As a matter of fact, the Z axis of this printer is facilitated with a lead screw!


9.Mytrix Dreamweaver M11A Plus 3D Printer

mytrix-dreamweaver-m11a-plus-3d-printer-with-full-color-touch-panel-59-x-59-x-51-build-area-white-0-0BUY NOW ON AMAZON

Boasting of one of the beat price-to-performance ratios in the arena of 3D printers, the Mytrix Dreamweaver M11A Plus 3D Printer is a DIY device. Offered in an enticing white color, this printer is facilitated with a full color touch panel for added élan.

The heated bed in this printer helps I the prevention of uneven cooling which may at times lead to warping of printed parts. The automatic calibration as well as the bed levelling enabled in this devices ensures the most precise prints.

One of the many USPs of this product is the fact that it is seamlessly integrated with the Ecosytem of MakerBot 3D hardware, software, accessories, and solutions. With a printing size of 8 x8 x 12 inches, this device will definitely come in handy even when you’re looking for something upwards of a moderate sized print. This device supports a wide array of printing materials including, PLA,ABS,PV/NYLON,PC,HIPS, PVA, and uses the Weistek DoraWare as its primary printing software. It works with great efficiency in conducive atmospheric conditions, i.e. in temperatures ranging from 5 to 35℃ and a 30%-90% humidity level


10. Monoprice Maker Select 3D Printer


Another one to make this list from the Monoprice series, the Maker Select comes to you almost fully assembled. All you need to do is to secure the 4 screws to complete the frame, and other 2 for attaching the filament holder. Fairly compatible with Mac OS X, Linux and Windows, this printer works well with various software including the likes of Cure, Repeater, and the Simplify 3D.Thanks to its large printing size of 8" x 8" x 7", you can expect some great moderate to large sized prints.

The heated build plate that the device is facilitate with aids in printing with slower cooling materials, such as ABS and modified ABS, along with the PLA and PLA blends. This one-of-its-kind printer comes with a 2GB micro SD card, which is preloaded with 3D models for your convenience.

You’ll also get a sample PLA filament with this device, so that you can start with your printing experiments at the earliest possible!

At Last

Now that you’ve access to our list of the top selling 3d printers under 500, do let us know, which one do you think makes for a great buy!

And if you know of any other amazing 3d printers below $500, don’t forget to tell us about them in the comments below!

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