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How To Make Your Android Smartphone Battery Last Longer

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Android phone comes with tons of amazing features and customization options but unfortunately, they don't come with an endless battery life. Moreover, there is nothing annoying than receiving low battery alerts on your screen, especially when you’re middle of something important. There are various reasons that can be responsible for draining your battery. You can use android battery saver apps to be able to use your device bit longer than usual.

So, we’re going to share some of the tips and tricks that you can use to make your Android smartphone battery last longer.

Dim your screen brightness

Dim your screen brightness

Working on a large and colorful display is a delight but not when you need to continuously charge your smartphone. Display of your phone often takes up most of the power. Either you can use the automatic brightness feature or you can manually dim the screen brightness to use your device bit longer than usual. Moreover, adjusting your devices screen display according to the lighting level is another great way to extend your smartphone’s battery life.

Get rid of unwanted applications

When you run multiple programs at the same time then your device might take some extra time to perform all the commands. Moreover, when you have too many apps running in the background then you need to carry your charger everywhere you go. Deleting unwanted apps from your smartphone will not only help you to get some extra storage but also enhance the performance of your device.

Keep your screen timeout short

Keep your screen timeout short

Leaving your device display on is another major battery killer that drains out your battery power. You need to use screen timeout to lock your screen after a period of time to the shortest available time. However, you can set the timeout if you want to leave your device active as well as you want to save the power.

To set the screen timeout on your device, all you need to do is, Setting > Display > Screen timeout and select the desired timeout session you’re your smartphone.

Kill unused connections

It is highly recommended to turn off your GPS, Wi-Fi, and cellular data once you done monitoring your locations. As it is the most effective power consuming way that drains your battery for no good. Moreover, granting too many permissions at the same time might affect the performance of your device for a while.

Turn off Bluetooth

Turn off Bluetooth

We use Bluetooth for so many reasons, be it with a hands-free headset, wireless and portable speakers. But, due to excessive use of it, we tend to leave Bluetooth turn on even when we’re not even using it. If you want to add some more life to your battery, make sure to turn off the Bluetooth when it is not being used. It is the perfect way to save your battery for the better use.

Turn off notifications

Real time updates help you to know about all the available updates on your screen without opening the specific apps like an email from your boss or friend request on Facebook. However, using the handy feature of notifications hogs the maximum battery. Moreover, it activates your screen every time when you receive any notification. You can make the changes in the Settings and get only the specific notifications from selected apps which are of high importance to you.

If you want to deactivate the notifications on your Android then go to Settings > Apps and choose the apps you do not need instant notifications from. Now, uncheck the “Show notification”.

Use Airplane Mode when the signal is low

Use Airplane Mode when the signal is low

Your phone utilizes more power when you go to a remote place and it tries to connect even though there’s low signal density. Whenever the signal is poor, you can turn on Airplane Mode by just swiping down the tray. You can restart your cellular connection to get the better trouble-free connection.

So, these are some of the tips and tricks that can help you to make your Android smartphone battery last longer.

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