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Amazon.com Coupon Codes for Discounts in 2018 [Updated]

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About the company

Amazon is a brand which needs no introduction. It is the largest online retailer in the United States, and is a household name in so many other countries of the world.

The idea and creation of world renowned Jeff Bezos, Amazon is an example of what a business can look like if done right.

Their logo consists of an arrow which goes from the letter “A” to “Z” meaning that you can find anything on Amazon, and they do literally deal in everything.

Started in July 1995 under the name “Cadabra”, Jeff Bezos renamed his company Amazon because Amazon is the largest river in the world, and he intended to make his company the largest in the world too.

And what can we say, here we are! Be it electronic items or daily items, you can find it all on Amazon.

Headquartered in Seattle, Washington, Amazon has presence in 15 counties internationally, and ship to several other countries too.

Their platform enables buyers to choose and select the best items they need, by browsing through the largest collection of everything.

With so many choices and an option of choosing from the best prices provided by various sellers, Amazon has empowered the consumers of today, and has paved the way for so many others following suit.

Their business model has been replicated time and again and has found success many times over, but as Jeff Bezos says, “It is the brand that matters”.

Amazon has successfully created a legion of followers and loyal customers who have been touched by the change Amazon has brought into the online retail industry.


Product categories

When a company includes the logic of having everything in their logo, they must abide by that principle every place they go and every customer they serve. And such is the vast collection of Amazon.

By aggregating locals sellers they ensure that you find anything online, and they can keep their costs at a minimum.

Amazon started off with selling books, and went forward by selling CD, DVDs and other computer accessories and parts.

They still do that today and you can find the devices with the latest technology available at the best prices only on Amazon.

But Amazon has moved much beyond that and today they deal with everything ranging from clothes, daily needs, gifts, toys to electronics, automobile accessories and music.

There is so much stuff that if Amazon was a physical store, there is no way one would have found a way out of it!

Amazon makes sure that the customer gets the best price, by comparing the price for the same product between multiple sellers, leading to transparency and increased prize competition.

This surely benefits the consumer and helps you get the best value for your money. And with easy shipping on all the products, you get the best of what you want right at your doorstep without wasting your time commuting.

Be it the latest laptop, or a garden sprinkler, you are always assured that the quality of the product will be right. They also launched their brand AmazonBasics, under which they sell items like USB cables, headphones, carry cases and other essentials.

But Amazon has become so much more than just a platform where the sellers meet buyers. Amazon recently launched their own line of devices under the Kindle brand name.

This consists of their Kindle e-reader, which was a revolutionary gadget for book lovers and publishers alike. With its innovative e-ink, long battery life and internet connectivity the world of reading was changed forever.

Just select your favourite title from the millions available on Amazon, download it and read it. It’s that simple. They also upgraded the Kindle brand to include their Android based Kindle Fire tablets with their own OS.

These Kindle Fires were specially designed to access the vast audio and visual content on Amazon.

Thousands of movie titles and TV episodes can be streamed right to your Kindle tablet, all at the click of a few buttons. And the same is possible for your favourite music too.

Songs from all generations are present on the Amazon store, and can be rented or bought at very low prices compared to buying complete discs. Just connect to the internet and tune into Amazon to listen to any song you wish to.


Coupons and deals

To show its commitment towards its customers, Amazon regularly offers products with various deals and discounts. These deals shave off chunks off already attractive prices and make a lot of products really irresistible.

Their deals can be accessed from the “Today’s Deals” tab on their site, and shows the top deals for the day. These deals keep changing, so that everyone can get a chance to purchase what they need at the best prices.

Amazon also offers git cards and coupon codes of varying values which can be easily used while completing your transaction.


Customer reviews

One of the attractive features on Amazon is that, customers can rate the products they have received and the overall experience of buying from Amazon. These reviews almost always appreciate the quick service and delivery by Amazon, and the quality of the products.

Sometimes the shipments get damaged or the seller ships damaged goods, and under these circumstances Amazon truly helps the customers by arranging for easy returns and fast refund processes.

Their 30 day return guarantee on some products is much more than what physical stores can offer, and shows the level of commitment Amazon has towards its customers.

Reviews about Amazon on other customer review sites are usually extremely positive, with customers appreciating a consistent, simple and satisfying experience every time they shop on Amazon.

This experience, coupled with Amazon’s amazing collection of products and an unbeatable return, exchange and refund policy explain why Amazon has grown to be the largest online retailer today.

And with the launch of their new services like same day delivery and 1-hour delivery, you can get your stuff faster than you ever thought. So what are waiting for? Click it, Buy it and get it on Amazon.

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