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A Guide to Shoes for Wide Feet

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People with wide feet need special shoes, just as people with narrow feet do. Ill fitting shoes do not give your feet the support that they need.

Wide feet are something that a lot of people are born with, but that people can also develop as they grow older or gain weight. Women often find that their feet get wider during pregnancy. Indeed, women tend to have wide feet more often than men do. Standing for a long time can even cause your feet to get wider and flatter.

If you have wide feet, then these tips will help you to look after them:

Choose shoes with removable linings and removable insoles. Make sure that your shoe is flexible enough that it is easy to put on and take off. Your feet should be comfortable. Orthotics from Orthotic Shop can help with this.

Avoid slip-on shoes. You may think that these are going to be more comfortable, but your feet will actually be more likely to slip forward and the toes will get crowded. Lace up shoes are more likely to fit properly.

Stay away from pointy shoes. Shoes for wide feet should have a wide shoe box so that your toes have room to move freely while the rest of your foot is supported.

Look for soft uppers, a wide sole and a solid base. Test your shoes by walking around in them in the shop to make sure that they are completely comfortable. You should not need to 'break a shoe in'. It should just fit and absorb shock/be comfortable for your feet immediately.

Good orthotic shoes will help with posture and balance as well as supporting your feet. Take a look at our collection of orthotic shoes to find something that is comfortable for the width of your foot and that gives good support.

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