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A Guide To Different Gifts For Pet Lovers

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Get your hands on these last minute gifts for cats, dogs, and all the owners who adore these animals.  The gifts are practical, require minimal hours of shopping (for those who hate shopping), and are suitable for every person's budget.

Is all of your vacation shopping being done for pets and their owners?  If the answer is yes, then you are likely to be in the minority of shoppers and should take the ideas for gifts away for another time.  If there are still names that you have to cross off your gift list, then it may be useful to consider these last minute gift opportunities for cats, dogs, and all the people who love them.

Gift #1:  The Gift Of Time

What person with a pet wouldn't appreciate the gift of your time?  One way to gift a pet owner time is by wrapping up a handmade, personalized coupon for walking the pet or even a stay for the pet at your homemade "doggie hotel" giving the owner a night off.

Gift #2: Custom Dog Socks

There are few things in life that you love as much as your own pet, so why not get him or her added to a pair of socks. Yes, you can get your own pet’s face added to a pair of customised socks. Socks with your dogs on them are the perfect gift for pet lovers and something completely different.

Gift #3:  A Puppy Picture

Pet owners can celebrate their love for their pet by sharing framed photographs of a family member or friend with their puppy.  If you do not have a photograph, then gift your friend with a handmade frame and state that you will have a photo shoot in the next few weeks or months.

Gift #4:  The Gift Of Doggy Insight

Two options are available here - a $19 assessment or a $79 assessment with a yearly membership to Dognition where your friend will receive 20 science-based games to play with her pet.  Insights from these professionally created games can be used to develop a 10 to 15 page report regarding a profile assessment of the dog.  The overall result is to give the dog owner a greater understanding of the dog's personality and way of thinking.  This sounds like a super gift to offer a dog-obsessed friend, family member, or even yourself and your dog.  Who doesn't want to learn more about their pet and improve the dog/owner relationship?

Gift #5:  The Bark Box

Another gift idea is to present the pet owner with a 3 or 6 month subscription to Bark Box.  Here, the dog will receive surprise boxes including selections of treats and full-size toys each month.  A person can sign up for Bark Box using online facilities adding the dog's address, and their size so the items sent are appropriate for their needs.

Gift #6:  A Personalized Pet Gift Of Your Creation

Presenting a pet owner with a gift coupon allows you to utilize your artistic abilities.  Personalized gifts can include various items, such as pet portraits, creating personalized dog blankets or towels, or even sewing quilts and hand-knitting a doggy sweater in colors you think the dog will enjoy.

Gift #7:  From The Kitchen To The Dog's Mouth

Not many people are able to resist homemade treats, particularly cookies, and this is especially true for dogs.  An ideal gift for pet owners is to bake some peanut butter dog biscuits with simple recipes using ingredients you may already have on hand.  Present them to the pet owner in a pretty wrapping, tied with bows and prepared for the animals to enjoy.

Gift #8:  The Dog Talk

Magazine subscriptions are always good gift options, and purchasing gift subscriptions to entertaining or educational dog magazines can be ideal for pet owners.  According to Woof Report, some of the favorite magazines include Whole Dog Journal, Modern Dog Magazine, and Bark Magazine.  Gift subscriptions can be ordered online, and it is also possible to print an image of the most recent cover to include with the gift card.

Gift #9:  Gift Cards For The Dog

Using Amazon.com's vast selection of pet products, beneficial prices, and helpful customer testimonials, who would not want an Amazon gift card?  Better yet, why not make the gift card personal including your own or the animal's photograph on the card.  Nowadays, it is possible to send Amazon gift cards of any amount with a customized appearance placing items on the card that the recipient may enjoy.  For example, the Woof Report store has several gift ideas available from Amazon.com alongside their new Amazon store.  You can order the gift cards online today and schedule the date of delivery for a time in the future.  Learn more about personalizing Amazon gift cards, then cross another name off your pet gift list.

Gift #10:  Treating The Dog

For this gift, you should purchase an attractive ceramic jar, Mason jar or glass canister with a clamp lid from the grocery store.  Fill the item with homemade doggy treats or biscuits, or even with some toys or pet accessories, and add a festive vacation bow.  Now you are all set and can gift the pet owner with treats for their dog.

Gift #11:  Make A Bake

Similar to the abovementioned "treats in a jar" gift, the "make a bake" gift option uses the same concept; however, it is for a dog.  All you need to do is layer some doggy treat ingredients into a glass container or mason jar, and then add a bow with baking instructions and, potentially, a cookie cutter.  Finding the recipe and baking instructions for this gift is simple, making it an inexpensive DIY approach gift.

Gift #12:  Planning A Puppy Photo Shoot

While taking and printing photographs with a digital camera or phone camera is simple for you, it may not be as simple for the pet owner you have on your gift list.  One gift that can be highly beneficial is planning a quick puppy photo shoot using the handy customized coupon.  You do not need to have expert skills, and all you have to do is take the picture, crop and edit the image, then provide the individual with a glossy print of the puppy.

Gift #13:  The Gift Is In The Mail

What happens when you discover the ideal gift for your pet owner friend, but realize it won't be available until after the necessary date.  Simple - place the order, and then print a photograph of the gift and gift it to the individual along with a bag of dog treats so they know they will be receiving some type of gift soon.

Gift #14:  The Gift That Gives Back

Pets in need, your dog, and the gift recipient will all appreciate a vacation donation or the gift of membership to a pet rescue organization or shelter.  You can donate using a phone call or via the shelter's official website, then share the news using a card with best wishes for the vacation period.  For example, when you donate an amount to the Best Friends Animal Society, a gift is doubled and you receive a gift of approximately $25 or more; as well as six bi-monthly issues of the Best Friends magazine.  Who could say no to that?

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