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5 Interesting Wine Gadgets for Lovers of Vino

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Wine glasses, bottle stoppers and corkscrews, may be essential, but are usually not very original. And while many people that profess to have an obsession with wine may attract many different types of wine-related paraphernalia, most of these are surplus to the requirements. With Christmas just around the corner, we have gathered a list of aspirational, outrageous and practical gadgets for all those wine-lover friend and family members.

While in places that are completely unrealistic, this is a list that is similar to talking a tour through a “winter wine wonderland”, with no bottle stoppers or corkscrews (well maybe just one) in sight.

Wine Tote Bag

A wine tote bag is an excellent gift for that special person for Christmas, or any other occasion for that matter. Better again, you can now get these sorts of bags made from green material and they can be reused again and again of course. This company with friendly staff has a great selection that make the perfect gift or promotion.


The Coravin wine-access system, known as a game-changer provides a way for the user to pour their wine without having to pop the cork. It was introduced onto the UK markets earlier in the year at Harrods a luxury department-store. Backed by ten years in the actual making, Coravin technology works in the way of passing a hollow and thin needle through the cork and foil of the bottle directly into the liquid. The bottle will then be pressurized using argon gas which pushes the wine back into the needle and into your glass without any oxygen entering your bottle.

This ensures that after using the bottle, the wine can carry on evolving at its own pace, which means one bottle can be used for tasting on various occasions over the years without having to worry about oxidation. While a partnership with Harrods is goods news for Coravin, it has not always been easy for this brand. In the month of June, Coravin was forced into issuing warnings to its customers after receiving a number of reports where bottles had exploded, an issue which is now rectified.


This is the perfect solution to keep wine chilled while you recline in a sun lounger. Vinnebago has made a promise that their product will keep your chilled wine at just about the same temp for as long as 25 hours. This is due to massive break-through in “traditional” insulation technology. With a 3rd-layer of insulation, the makers have made claims that they have produced the “best-performing, and most beautiful insulated bottle ever.” Say yes to chilled glasses of your favorite Pinot Grigio while you soak up the sun, while saying goodbye to warm and flat beer. All you need to do is fill-up your Vinnebago and head out for a day of fun and sun on the beach.

Sonic Decanter

This product is advertised to improve the actual taste of your wine with the use of sound waves, may soon appear in local wine shops in your area. Following the successful Kickstarter campaign with a goal to raise $85,000, were they actually raised $135,000 with about 860 backers so far, this invention is just about to become commercialized. Invented by Charles Leonhardt and then marketed by Dionysus Technology Concepts, over and above improving flavors of the wine, the Sonic Decanter is also said to enhance the mouthfeel, finish and aroma within in minutes.

According to the Kickstarter page, this patented technology uses ultrasonic sound-wave energy which is safe to change the chemical and molecular composition of the wine, which reduces the Sulphur dioxide levels. After you have placed cold water from your tap and the wine into a decanter, all that you are required to do is either push the “White”, or “Red” button and then wait for about 15 minutes. This device can be operated through your smartphone through the Sonic Decanter app. The makers have claimed that this device is also able to work on wine bottles that are closed and will offer the very same effect. They also say it can “reinvigorate” wine when the wine has been opened for a couple of days.

Wine Suitcase

This just about indestructible “VinGardeValise” is a hard-rolling shell suitcase which is lined with a temperature regulating, high-density foam which protects your wine bottles while they are in transit which helps lovers of wine to bring home their bottles after their travels. This device weighs about 20Kg when it is packed with 12 75cl bottles, which ensures it is still under the limit for the checked bags with the airlines like Alitalia, KLM, British Airways and Air France. If you would only like to take a few bottles back home, you can remove the remaining foam out of the 45 X 30 X 66cm case so that you can make space for other types of travel essentials. Created by Barry Wax a wine-accessory designer, the VinGardeValise took about 3 years in order to develop. The ideal product for the gallivanting wine lovers that you know.

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